History & Marketing Strategies of Swift Dzire Brand

Company name: Suzuki Swift
Produced by: Maruti Suzuki 

Maruti Suzuki is one of the leading car manufacturers among the car brands. It has been one of the favourites amongst the customers. In February 1981 Maruti was established. They started production in 1983 with the most famous Maruti 800, exclusively based on the Suzuki Alto Kei car. Today, Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) is one of the most favourite four-wheeler manufacturing companies in India.


On 16th November 1970, a private company named Surya Ram Technical Services Private Limited was launched. The initial purpose of the company was to provide technical designs, manufacture and assemble the other parts of the car. In June 1971, a company called Maruti Limited took over the company through various constitutional acts. With the efforts of V.Krishnamurthy, Maruti Udyog came into existence in the year 1977.

  In 1982 a joint venture was signed between Maruti Udyog limited and Suzuki, Japan. Maruti was then the major importer of the cars. In 2006, another joint venture of Suzuki and Maruti were to be set up. “Maruti Suzuki Automobiles India”, to form two exclusively new manufacturing plants, one was exclusively for vehicles and the other one was for engines. In February 2012, ten million vehicles of Maruti Suzuki were sold in India.


Maruti Swift Dzire was launched in 2008. It gained attention immediately as it was the compact of SEDAN – a much smaller size. Dzire has renewed its design thrice. First generation was on roads between the years 2008-2012. Second generation Dzire was launched between the years 2012-2018. The third generation is currently used by the customers, and was launched in the year 2017.



Maruti Dzire has become a household name since its launch. A great achievement, Dzire has made an immense impact in the automobile industry. The marketing strategy is unique and highly appreciated.


The marketing strategy is as follows: 

-Maruti Swift Dzire is a brand name: Dzire has become the desire of many millions of people. Creating the brand name in the automobile market, and having competitors like Tata Motors, Toyota, Ford, and Hyundai Maruti -Swift Dzire has made its position strong in the automobile industry. Since its launch 2008 Dzire has been the favourite of the customers due to the uniqueness and of course the brand value.

-Brand Product strategy: The idea of the brand is to produce the automobile within the reaches of the middle class.  Anyone who wants to shift from a two-wheeler to four-wheelers can opt for Maruti Dzire. The brand reaches the common man. The aam aadmi of the country enjoy the importance given to them by giving different choices of their money. The customers are delighted to see their hard earned money is valued by the brand.

-Swift Dzire is one of the most loved automobiles: This brand is positioning itself on the features like price, comfort dimensions, safety, and mileage etc. It is following a segment-oriented approach with different versions of its brands.

-Pricing: What people look for today is affordable price along with comfort and style. The budget that they have been saving since ages to make their dream come true by owning a four-wheeler. Swift Dzire is very strategic in the fixation of the prices. The price for Dzire is relatively affordable compared to the prices of the competitive brands. 

-Mileage: One of the strategies is gaining the trust of the customers and that is because Dzire offers the best mileage. In the current market with increase in petrol and diesel prices, Suzuki Swift Dzire offers very good mileage to the customers. 

-Durability, Reliability, and warranty: Swift Dzire is winning the customers by providing the durability and a very valid warranty for the customers. This has made the brand very trustworthy. 

Appearance and style: Car is the status of many customers. Swift Dzire strives to win the customers by renovating itself in the style and appearance. Customers always try to get associated with the trusted brands hence Swift offers that change and trust. It already has three generations of design.

-Customer market and research: Maruti the manufacturer of Swift Dzire conducts the surveys and the questionnaires amongst the customers. The feedback provided by the customers is very well considered by the brand. In the next research and the innovation of the brand majorly depends on the feedback by the customers. Customers will also feel extremely honoured to know the fact that their expressions are always valued. 

-Digital and social media marketing: Maruti has lots of online followers for their online and digital society promotion. The youth is easily able to connect to the brand as it the digital and social media marketing is very trendy. 



The advertisement campaigns by Swift Dzire touch are heart touching and is loved by the common man as it mainly projects and depicts the simple pleasures of life. The concept of family is brought very well in all the advertisements. India is known to the world for the values of the family, and Indians can connect such advertisements. With the various brands in the automobile markets, Maruti throws surprises it offers during the major festivals of India. Many celebrities and sports personalities have endorsed the brand. In 2018, the Bollywood heartthrob Varun Dhawan was chosen as the brand ambassador. 

The ad campaigns of Dzire can be seen in the showrooms also where they can have a direct ‘word-of-mouth’ campaign to its customers. The showrooms are famous for the hospitality and the information-oriented talks to the customers. Customer feedback is also considered very valuable. The campaigns by the service centres are also a major trend for the people who are too busy. It can also be notified that Dzire has been people’s favourite with minimum complaints in the service centres. 

Newspaper and radio campaigns are the tools used by Maruti Dzire to be in news almost every day. It is a well-known and old strategy to raise sales in the automobile market. 



Owning a car is everybody’s dream. People give their blood and sweat to buy the car of their dreams. Maruti Suzuki Dzire gets thumbs up from the customers for making their lifelong dream come true. It is creating a huge customer market and must say the customers are happy customers. Suzuki Dzire makes sure to deliver the qualities and values that it has promised to the consumers. It has already reached millions of customers. The zeal to reach a lot more common man is the goal and hope they succeed. 

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