History & Marketing Strategies of SleepWell Brand

Company Name: Sleepwell
Founder: Sheela Gautam (Sheela Group)

Sleepwell is one of the largest and most popular mattress brands in India. This brand is generally known for its high-quality mattress that ensures a good sleep every night. Mattress from this brand is scientifically researched for providing a comfortable night sleep with getting any kind of back pain or strain neck to the user.

Presently this brand is one of the essential household items. This brand was able to give an effective solution for those people who are suffering from various sleep problems. All its mattress are durable in nature and would also provide warranty for a longer period of time.


How it all started

The Sleepwell brand comes under the parent company known as Sheela Group. This company was founded by Mrs. Sheela Gautam in the year of 1971. After the foundation, this company was managed by her son Rahul Gautum. 

Sleepwell is the main brand of this company along with this brand the company also has other business such as manufacturing PU Foam under the brand name of Feather Foam. Under the Sleepwell brand, the company mainly manufactures mattresses and other comfort accessories.

Another brand under which the company produces superior quality polyester foam is known as Lamiflex. This company was launched in the city of New Delhi but later on shifted to the city of Shahidabad of Uttar Pradesh.  



Right after the launching of the group, it launched the Sleepwell mattress brand in the year 1994 as the primary brand of the group. Through the years, this company has launched several kinds of mattresses that would provide comfort to the people. These mattresses have their own characteristic and benefits.

Each of the mattresses from the brand’s manufacturing unit would have to pass strict regulation check before they got packed for the market. This company also manufactures pillows, bolsters, back cushions and other furniture cushioning products. Other 

Other than mattresses, this brand has also several other products under its name. This brand also manufactures bed sheets, blankets, protectors for a mattress and different kinds of pillows.  This brand has over 10 manufacturing units in different states of India and also in Australia. The company also exports its products to several countries that include South Asia, countries of Europe, New Zealand, and the Middle East.    

Sleepwell’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

The increasing rate of urbanization: In the recent few years the rate of urbanization has rapidly increased. The main reason would be the rising Indian population and the expansion of cities. It created a huge demand for affordable but durable mattresses and other comfort accessories for their houses. Understanding this trend, the company focused on exposing itself towards the new urban dwellers.

For this reason, the company introduced low-cost mattresses such as ‘Feather Foam’ and ‘Starlite’ for capturing the attention of the newcomers to the city. The affordable prices of its mattresses made the brand popular among the general mass of India. 


Health conscious target audience: Presently lots of Indian people are getting aware of the effects of sleep on their health. These people understand the importance of the correct selection of mattress for their night sleep. Understanding these new trends the brand launched its special products for the health conscious public of India.

This brand would collaborate with medical scientists to manufacture special mattress such as orthopedic mattress for health-conscious masses of India. The brand has also introduced the ‘Memory Foam’ technology for reducing stress from the body, improves the blood circulation of the body, and for correcting sleeping posture. This brand would also take active participation is spreading awareness regarding the adverse effects of bad sleeping habits. Thus they promote how Sleepwell mattress would help them correct their bad habits. 


Introduction of new technology: Another factor that has made this popular in urban cities would be the constant introduction of new technology. This brand would regularly research or observe the sleeping habits of the Indian general masses. They have introduced Zero Turn technology, which ensures that the user would not have to turn the mattress for avoiding the sagging of the mattress.

Its ‘Health Fresh’ technology would help the user to preserve its hygiene and for eliminating its bad odor. Recently, the brand launched the initiative of a perfect match under which mattress would be made according to his or her body structure and its pressure distribution.


Effective distribution network: High availability of its product is another reason behind the increasing popularity of the brand.  This company has several outlets across the whole country supplying mattresses and other comfort accessories to every small or large city of India. Each of the 11 manufacturing units present in India is capable of manufacturing about 123,000 TPA of PU foam.

Most of the manufacturing units are the close proximity of the large scale cities that ensures the constant supply of mattress for fulfilling the consumer demands. Its readily availability makes it more popular among general people of India. 


Sleepwell Campaigns

Sleepwell has launched several marketing campaigns for exposing themselves to the general masses of India. Under one of the latest marketing campaign, the brand has used the reference of the comfort from the mother’s to the comfort of their mattress. The tagline for this television campaign is “Ek Koshish, Ma Jaisa Aaraam Dene Ki.” From the advertisement, the company wants to emphasize its concern and care regarding the comfortable sleep for every user. 

The brand has used a 360-degree exposure strategy to increase its exposure. It used printed advertisements on newspaper and on other print media. The brand has also placed an advertisement on the popular website for attracting the attention of any possible customers. 


Presently, Sleepwell has established itself in the mattress market of India. After its launch, this company has strived to develop new technology for developing new kind of mattress that would provide extra comfort to people. With the increase of the popularity of the brand, trust of general masses of India on the brand has also increased. And for maintaining this trust and popularity, the company would continue to rediscover and reinvent its products and itself.    


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