History & Marketing Strategies of Skinn Perfume

Company Name: Skinn Perfume
Founder: Titan Company (India) Ltd.

Skinn perfume is one of the famous perfume brands known for its perfume line for men. All products of this brand have unique fragrances that would create a long-lasting impression on both its customers and on their surroundings.  Available for both men and women, its special fragrances would elevate the mood of the person to a great level. 

Presently, Skinn perfume has become the favorite perfume brand among the upper class of Indian people. This brand has several perfumes that could be used according to different occasions. Its unique perfume line has added options for men to select their favorite perfume according to their requirements. 

How it all started

This perfume line was developed and launched by the Titan Company which is a joint venture between the TATA group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Titan Group was founded by Xerxes Desai in the year of 1984. This joint venture started by launching Titan watches but later on the company diversified and entered into various fields. 

In the year of 2013, Titan Company decided to enter the unorganized perfume industry of India. Therefore on 16th September 2013, Titan started its perfume line under the brand name of Skinn Perfume. The launch of the perfume line widens the available portfolio of the company under the lifestyle segment. These perfumes were only available in the selected mini and major official stores of the company. 



Under the brand name of “Skinn,” the company released six variants of perfume for both men and women. Its collection of fragrances includes spicy, woody, floral, citrusy, fruity and musky scents. Each of the fragrances of this company is imported from the country of France and market as high luxury products.

This perfume line is the result of the collaboration between the company and six world famous Master Perfumers. They are Michel Girard, Harry Fremont, Fabrice Pellegrin, Oliver Pescheux, Alberto Morillas, and Nadege Le Garlantazec. Each of the six variants of the perfume is developed under the Eau De Parfum (EDP) format. These perfumes are made from the finest and rarest exotic ingredient from various location of the world. 


Skinn Perfume’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success


Foreign Luxury Brand:  For a very long time, people of India have a soft spot for high-quality foreign products. People would always prefer foreign goods for luxury items for under every category. Understanding this point, Titan used the branding of world famous French perfume master to emphasize the foreign origin of their perfume line.

They gave more emphasis on the point that their perfume is made after the collaboration with international personnel and was imported exclusively for the Indian masses. This fact attracted Indian masses thus increasing its popularity. 


Strength of the perfume: Another important feature of the perfume, which makes it popular among the general masses of India, would be its fragrance strength. Indian people especially men like to buy perfumes that would last for a longer period of time and would also fight the smell of the sweat.

The brand clearly understood the mindset of the Indian General mass, thus increased its fragrance strength by 15 percent. According to the company, these perfumes are crafted in a unique way that would last for a long period of time and would also grow pronounced with the time. The company generally recommends its user to apply the perfume on warm spots such as behind the ears, on his or her throat or inside the wrists.  


The theme of the perfume: Another important aspect of the popularity of this brand would be the core theme of the perfume. Out of the six variants, there are three for men and three for women. These perfume line would be the international interpretation of HER and HIM theme.

The line of perfume that represents a woman’s complexities and charms is Skinn Celeste; her sensuality would be in Skinn Mera, and her seduction would be in Skinn Nude. For men, his sporty and active nature would be defined by Skinn Extreme; his power and authority in Skinn Steele; and his masculinity in Skinn Raw. Its unique packing might be another reason its success among the general mass of India.

Bottles are made up of Piramal Glasses that are delivered to the perfume makers for final packaging. Its theme enhanced its luxury feeling that increased its popularity among general masses. 


Perfume for specific occasions: This brand has also emphasized on the usage of its fragrances on the basis of different occasions. This unique approach has attracted the attention of the Indian people.

India is the land of various cultural festival and other special events. The brand marketed its different perfumes for different occasions such as dinner with friends, job interview or first date. The brand believes that body scent would help the user in creating a good impression on the person the user is going to meet. This marketing approach made this brand even more popular among the general people of India. 


Skinn Perfume Campaigns 

The most point of the “Skinn perfume” campaign would be the television commercial that emphasis its French origin. Under the #BornFrench marketing campaign, the brand gave importance to the French connection of the perfume. The ad would increase the curiosity among the young generation of people who like to enjoy their life to their fullest and attract them to check their products. 

Another commercial television advertisement campaign ‘Something special about it’ that shows how the perfume would help the user in their daily life. There are two versions of advertisement film both for men and women.

This campaign would give more emphasis on the invisible traits of the perfume. These marketing campaigns increased curiosity regarding this brand and thus increased its popularity as one of the luxury items among the general masses of India.



Skinn Perfume has already established itself as one of the famous branded luxury company in India. After establishing itself as one of the leading perfume brands in the country, it continues to develop fragrances exclusively for India. Its increasing popularity has increased the trust of the people on this brand. And for maintaining this trust and popularity, the brand tries its best to bring new fragrances for Indian general masses.


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