History & Marketing Strategies of Royal Enfield

Company Name – Royal Enfield
Founder Name – Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith 

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest brands of motorcycle that has been running from any centuries. It has gained popularity among countries and the first Bullet model is still one the favorites and the long-running bikes of all time.

In India, the company gained its popularity when the Indian government ordered 800 models of bullets for patrolling them on the Indian border.   

How it all started

The founder of The Enfield Cycle Company Limited, Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith, started the brand, Royal Enfield. The parent company was established in 1893 at Redditch. The first bullet motorcycle was launched into the market in 1901. The credit of the actual production and design of the first model of Royal Enfield goes to the Enfield Cycle company. 

Royal Enfield collaborated with India’s Madras Motor in order to form Enfield of India. Since then Royal Enfield has been gradually growing to become one of the luxurious brands in India. In 1962, it started producing the spare parts of the bikes in India itself.

The Enfield of India continued to produce ‘Bullets’ which were then marketed as ‘Royal Enfield’ since 1999.  The series of models that were marketed and produced in India include Café Racers, Retros, Cruisers and Adventure Tourers.


As mentioned in the previous subhead the first model of Enfield motorcycle was built in 1901. The first model of Royal Enfield was a 350cc Bullet. It continued to grow and during the First World War, the company supplied a large number of motorcycles to the British of the War Department, following which, the company acquired contracts for supplying motorcycles for the Imperial Russian Government. By 1921, during the era of Inter-War years, the company had developed a couple of models with greater cc and alluring designs. 

The company also started using improved and better engines and tanks. Before the Second World War, The Enfield Cycle Company was hired by the British authorities for developing and manufacturing motorcycles for military personnel.

Between 1946 and 1954 the upgraded company offered Model G, Ex-military C, Model J, and CO, for sale. Following these in upcoming years the company continued to launch and offer newly upgraded motorcycles to the market.

Marketing Strategy and Interesting reason behinds its success –

Product Strategy of Royal Enfield

In India, after collaborating with Madras Motors it started building motorbikes for army men. Later, with time, the motorcycles captured the overall market. The current president of Enfield of India, Rugratej Singh connotes that, “the customers should struggle to figure out whether they should keep the bikes in the drawing room or ride them”.

Aesthetic being the reason of attraction, the manufacturer focuses on making the design as alluring as possible. The Company is also known to manufacture lawnmowers, bicycles and riffles and stationary engines for other purposes. The portfolio consists of Bullet 350, Machismo 500, and Electra 5S, Classic-500, Battle Green, Chrome, Squadron Blue, and others.  

Placing Strategy of Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has made its presence in India and across many countries around the world such as UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Russia, Netherland and many more. Initially, the spare parts and components of the Bullet model 350cc were imported from the United Kingdom but later by 1962, India started producing the components in the Chennai based plant.

By 2013, a factory located at Tiruvottiyur stood to become the second largest production plant in India. Its availability in among many countries has increased the stocks of its dealer. In India itself there are 394 outlets in each and every state including three Union Territory.

Pricing Strategy of Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield stands unique among its peers because of its centuries-old heritage. It is one of the oldest two-wheeler brands in the motorcycles industry. It not only belongs to the luxury segment of the society but it also symbolizes status of motorcycles lovers.

The company targets the youth and mid-aged generation who have an understanding of purchasing high-quality products of a worthy price. The manufacturer offers high quality, stylish and powerful products which nobody will hesitate to buy irrespective of the asked price.

Promotional Strategy of Royal Enfield

The company has come up with various ad campaigns that are widely launched and shared on different advertising networks such as all the social media channels, TV ads, and Print Media too.

It has also taken being a volunteer among many shows and program to create its brand awareness. Royal Enfield has won many awards and has also been hailed by the former President of Barack Obama as the best bike he has known.


Royal Enfield’s Campaign 

Nowadays, campaigns are nothing but advertisements delivering certain objective of the product and the company. These are few of the campaigns launched by Royal Enfield.

Print Campaigns

Back in 2010, Royal Enfield has launched a print campaign to promote the bikes of its Thunderbird series. The campaign went by the name ‘Leave Home’ to encourage the Indian youth to step outside the house.

Weiden+Kennedy Delhi had created these print campaigns. The campaign was launched as a series of short stories among which three were titled as Case Study, A hero Story, and Screenshot. These comic looking leaflets were intended to inspire people to go on road trips and have fun. The company also came up with the second edition of the same type.

Protective Gear Campaign

Collaborating with the creative agency, Weiden+Kennedy India, Royal Enfield had launched a new ad campaign which promotes the protective riding gears manufactured by the same company. The campaign intended to deliver the benefits of Royal Enfield’s protective gears boosts the confidence of the rider to push their limits and explore the world. The gears were stuffed with safety features to fit in all the climate conditions. 

Conclusion –

The profound brand of motorcycles has made its position among on the leading motorcycle brand across the world. It can be concluded that the product they offer is all about aesthetics and quality, thus, the company has created and launched most of its promotional campaigns on digital media. Therefore, this is the fundamental facts that one would require to know about the Royal Enfield.  

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