History & Marketing Strategies of Red Chief Brand

Company Name: Red Chief
Founder Name: Manoj Gyanchandani

Leayan Global Private limited is one of the fast growing leather Industry which was founded in the year 1995. In the year 1997 the Company launched its first ever range of footwears under the brand name Red Chief which soon became one of the leading manufacturers of leather shoes.

It manufactures superior quality leather shoes to meet the changing needs of the modern generation. The shoes are time tested and thus the brand has managed to occupy a significant chunk of the shoe industry of the nation. 


How it all started

Founded in the year 1995, Leayan Group of Industries soon shifted its focus towards superior quality leather shoes, and launched the brand Red Chief in the year 1997. The Company soon established its own tannery and 5 other manufacturing units across the nation to meet the growing demand of the modern generation.

The success of the Company is serving as an inspiration to increase the production capacity so as to capture the entire shoe market of the nation and also worldwide. The shift to innovative technology has also helped the Company to increase its sales. Soon the Company became one of the leading shoe manufacturers.

Red Chief’s marketing strategies and the reasons behind its success

The highly motivated team of experts know exactly what is needed to take the products to greater heights of success. Since its introduction in the year 1997, the Company has been making consistent efforts to acquaint itself to the technology that is required to procure superior quality leather. 

The Company offers a more diversified and unique designs of the shoes that helps the products to stand out in the competition. With this serious endeavor to offer the best the Company has also managed to capture the accessories and apparel sectors. 

A creative and unique design is what that is needed to grab the attention of the customers and to entice the prospective buyers. Therefore, the design team has expert professionals who are continuously making serious efforts in bringing out new creative ideas. They are also backed by a superior design studio that comprises of both national and international designers.

These professional experts are constantly making efforts to make technological advances for bringing out unique and conceptual designs so that they can stand apart in the competition. It constantly updates the CAD CAM software. The team of designers always keep a close eye on the fashion forecasts so that they can readily update any changes in the fashion industry that have taken place recently. Superior materials are used for attaining greater customer satisfaction. 

The company uses the best materials for its product which is synthetic free because they believe in quality. Synthetic leather doesn’t allow your feet to breath and it produces fungi and bacteria on your feet which make bad odour in your feet. That’s why the company uses the best leather for their shoes. The company focuses on the longevity of their product and thus, the marketing strategy of the company rotates over the USP of their product.

The company designs its shoes with the help of professional footwear designer, and they concentrate on the style of the young generation. As a result, it is the preferred brand for the youth across India. The company also has concern for rural India. As a huge amount of Indian consumer preferred slippers for their basic use, Red Chief also produced slippers at an affordable price.

Rockwolf is the best collection by RED CHIEF as this product is designed with a dynamic fit. These shoes provide stability and good support to ankle and the shoes have an inner lining which is sweat-resistant. The main markets of the company are centred in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and U.P.



Leayan Global Private Limited has resorted to various marketing campaigns for promoting its products and to keep the prospective buyers updated about the recent launches of the Company.

The company spends 50% of the total amount in TV advertisements, 30% in billboards and posters and the remaining 10% in digital marketing campaigns. The Company also spends a good amount of money in keeping an expert team of marketers who not only have a great marketing sense but also possess the capabilities to win the customers’ trust strategically. 

The experimental marketing campaign enables the customers to take part in the gradual evolution of the brand. The marketing campaigns of the Company are such that they can easily relate to the youth psychology so that the marketers can easily impart knowledge about the products in the most desirable way.

TV advertisement that go on air in between the favorite daily soaps of the households play a very vital role in winning over the customers’ confidence. Each advertisement also imparts a social message to the customers which is a part of the social and corporate responsibility of the Company.

The tagline of the company is ‘The Power of Real Leather’ which is a hit till today. The company produces their advertisement before the launching of every single product, which helps the company to build a new platform for their new launch. The company preferred newspaper ads, roadside advertisement and TV ads. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of the company.

In 2016 the company launched a new campaign on kulzi by Chirs Chros Films. The wonderful punchline of this TV commercial was ‘Jooton Main Mard’, in this short commercial we see how a little girl saved RED CHIEF shoes.

The latest Campaign of the brand Red Chief revolves around the most sough-after collection of outdoor shoes in the name Rock Wolf. It offers a wide range of genuine leather shoes ranging from smooth suede shoes to grained nubuck shoes. 

The superior quality products used to manufacture the shoes are what that resonates with the brand name. The use of only genuine leather has made the products of the Company so popular nation- wide. The genuineness’ of the leather used in manufacturing the shoes also makes the export of the products hassle free.  The Company adheres to the International safety norms and thus making the export procedures smooth.



Thus, after trying over various ranges of products like apparels and accessories, Red Chief has diverted its main focus in manufacturing genuine leather shoes that marks the epitome of class and sophistication. Leather shoes though they are expensive they are always a good value for money. It will not dissatisfy the customers in whatever ways possible.

The superior quality leather used in manufacturing the shoes are also very delicate to the skin and therefore will not cause any harm like rashes and infection on the skin. The intricate designs of the shoes that suit every occasion be it formal or casual is also a contributing factor to the Company’s success.

Each design is unique and is designed by the eminent designers of the Company and thus there is no chance of any design getting repeated and discarded. 

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