History & Marketing Strategies of Ramdev Masala

Company Name- Ramdev Masala
Founder- Hasmukhbhai Patel

Have you ever thought that how our food would have tasted if there were no spices?  Spices are not only meant for taste and flavour but have medicinal values as well. One of the leading spice companies in India that have preserved Indian values in its products is Ramdev Masala.

The company was started in Ahmedabad with a very small unit of products and currently it is a renowned brand of spices in India.

How It All Started

India is being the Queen of the spices from many centuries. Spices have been found 7000 years ago that is in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Arabia, Egypt, Sumeria, and China. In the 90s, the company produced ‘ready to eat’ traditional Gujarati Snacks like Khaman, Dhokla, etc. and also some popular South Indian snacks like Dahi vada, Idli, vada etc. 



It was started in 1965 and because of the pure and fresh quality of the product it became famous all over the country. The first Ramdev masala factory was established in 1972 by Hasmukhbhai Patel.

Now, the directors those are working for the success of the company are Hasmukhbhai R. Patel, Ruchir Hasmukhbhai Patel, Rambhai Patel, Gaurang N. Patel, Pradip N. Patel, and Minaxiben Hasmukhbhai Patel. The company reaches the customer’s heart by providing products of good quality and through its quality the company is able to reach millions of homes all over the world. 

Ramdev’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success


The company has a wide range of distribution network in India consists of C&F agents and company’s owned stores. It has a close working relationship with its expertise. They have a strong supply network that makes the company distribute its complete range of products throughout the country. 

Root of the Company

The production hub and administrative office of the company is located on the commercial capital of Gujarat that is in Changodar near Ahmedabad. The production hub includes India’s finest machines having the processing capacity of more than 60, 000 kilograms every day, which works to fulfill the demand of the global spice market.

A technical team of quality control experts handles the entire process of manufacturing. They bought world class quality control experts for obtaining the process. A strict hygiene process is used for perfect packaging of the products and every pack undergoes with multiple quality checks before reaching the market.

The ultra-hygiene plants of the company are spread over 56400 sq. yards. 


Ramdev has introduced attractive and convenient consumer packs of spices that started a new trend in Indian spice market. The administration has dynamic and young leaders who plan the supply chain of the product, the requirement of the product, procurement, plan the cost of the material and quality control.

The experienced leaders are working for growing the business and able to make it a progressive and dynamic organization. They made it the first spice company in India that is certified with ISO 22000:2005.


Exporting Strategy

Ramdev owns a leadership in Basic spices, blended spices, Indian Groceries, Chutneys, Pickles, Whole and powder spices, Frozen Vegetables and many more. Some of its product items achieved rank for having a nationwide presence in Indian organized sectors. They keep the promise to serve the pure and fresh products to customers.

The aim of the company is to reach customers heart through serving good quality products to the millions of homes around the world. The company export 600 plus products on more than 24 countries across the globe including U. K, China, Japan, Kenya, Qatar, Uganda, Reunion, New Zealand, Canada,  Mozambique, African Regions and many more.


Ramdev Masala Campaign

Ramdev is connected with the millions of people through television, print, Radio, social media and digital media. The social media includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. They also publish news and events related to the company on the newsletter.

Kiran Kher used to be is the brand ambassador of Ramdev Masala. In one of the campaign of Ramdev Masala, Kiran Kher is introducing Ramdev Turmeric Masala and showing how turmeric can be used in various ways. 

‘Tadke Ki Dibiya’

Ramdev ‘Tadke Ki Dibiya’ is introducing ‘Strong Hing’ (Asafoetida). This campaign showcases that Ramdev Hing can attract people easily. It is showing how a family is getting attracted to the food that is made by their neighbor.

Another ad campaign of the ‘Tadke ki Dibiya’ shows a woman is cooking and every people of that place attracted through a smell that was coming from the woman’s house, that was Ramdev Strong Hing’s fragrance. All the people of that locality leave their work and get engaged in woman’s house. This shows how the ‘Strong Hing’ Masala of Ramdev attracts people for food even if they are not interested in that food. The flavour of Ramdev Hing in the food will make the food delicious and appetizing. 

Ramdev Masala Range

This campaign included some masala range that turns every dish into delicious food. The range includes Sambahar Masala, Pavbhaji Masala, Chole Masala, Chat Masala, Kitchen King and Gram Masala. The main thing of these spices is they are instant mix spices, which can be added after cooking the dish to make it more tasty. 

“Ramdev Corporate Film”

A film was also generated on YouTube, named- Ramdev Corporate Film. The film holds the impact of all the products that are coming from very previous days. 

Ramdev Chilli Powder

This campaign shows how ‘Ramdev Chili Powder’ is using by people of many generations. The tagline of this campaign is “365 Din Chili Ka Season”, which shows that Ramdev Chili can be used in every day and in every season.       

Due to the standard of its food quality the company was awarded by an ISO 22000 certification. The company has obtained many other awards, they are; an ‘Outstanding Export Performance’ Award from the Government of Gujarat, a ‘Quality and Environment Protection Measures’ Award from Government of Gujarat, a National Award from the Government of India in 2010 and State Award by Government of Gujarat in 2011.



Ramdev is successful to serve the Indian spices to the millions of homes. They have the philosophy of reaching their customer’s heart through their taste buds. The company is able to established India’s heritage across the globe through Indian spices. The company offers basic food masala’s as well as instant mixes and this made it the pioneer of the spice’s world. The company is also known as Monarch of Spices, in India.

Their mission is to maintain the stronghold on the market of Indian spices across the world. They always use updated technologies and methods to reach the quality spices as soon as possible that helped them to achieve a special place in spice’s world.  


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