History & Marketing Strategies of Pulse Candy

Company – Pulse Candy
Name of the founder: DS group based in NOIDA

Pulse Candy – a product which is a hard candy and is marketed under the umbrella brand called ‘Pass Pass.’ It was originally launched in raw mango flavor and was loved by all. The candy product is filled with spices and salt. The various varieties available include Kachha Aam, Litchi, Orange, Guava, and Pineapple flavors.

How it all started

The formulation of the Pulse Candy was planned in the year 2013. A team under the brilliant supervision of the patron DS group has dedicatedly engrossed in the development of the product. Their activity was continued for a period of two years. The product was launched in the middle of the year 2015. The first product was released in the raw mango flavor. The orange flavor products came by the end of 2016.


Marketing strategies and major reasons behind success

The chief marketing objectives of the company was to increase product awareness among the targeted consumers. The marketing was also aimed in providing information about various features of products and to reduce resistance from the consumers towards buying the product. 

-People have been segmented according to their geographic location, viz., Northern, North-Eastern, Central, Eastern, West and South

-Further segmentation has been made on the basis of demography as well as their earning. 

-The level of concern towards health has also been considered. The rate and frequency of usage as well as the loyalty status have also given appropriate weight. 

-Since raw mangoes are liked by people of all ages and of all geographic location, no particular target group has been made for this item.

-The company is intended to produce soothing candies. India, being a tropical country, people would like to have something with which the saliva can make a go-go.

-Rajasthan and Gujarat have made the testing platforms for the company as people from these areas share similar tanginess in their cuisine.

-People in India were more fascinated over the aspect of flavor over the brand name. Pulse has changed these internally. Impulse has been converted into pulse

-From the beginning, the various products of the company were mostly sold at a value of INR 1. To invite competition, various other companies have started to bring similar products in the market with the same flat prices.  The fluctuation in price index was influenced by cost of raw materials. Currently, around 30-40 percent of the products fall in the price range of 0.50 Rupee. The rest are fixed at above of Re.1

-While the unit price is kept at lower range, the expected sale volume is bound to be large. The raw mango variety has entered the Rs. 100 crores leagues. At the same time, brands like Melody are lagging far behind. DS group has to enter into competition with other reputed brands like Mondelez India, ITC and Perfetti. These companies are holding reputed brands like Cadbury Chocolairs, Alpenliebe and Candyman. 


Campaigns made by the Pulse

The products were launched in just three states named Rajasthan, Gujarat and Delhi. Within six months, the products could extend to pilot parts in Maharashtra. 

The patron company has made almost nil marketing efforts or campaigns for promoting Pulse. The impeccable test has made way for the popularity that has been propagated by words of mouth, as disclosed by the Company officials. 

Only a 10-member team had selectively pushed these into existing distribution network of the DS. It has made further connection with more than 850000 retail outlets throughout the country.

The result of the mouth campaign was enormous. The sales figure had reached the 50 crore figure, as disclosed by the-then business head in the department of mouth fresheners – Mr. C.K. Sharma. 

Of all the products, the raw mango variety has unanimous popularity irrespective of age or gender. Addition of salt and apices will enhance the flavor and would succeed in making the product more acceptable.

One of the reputed Pulse products from DS group, the Pass Pass Pulse, has rolled out the first Television commercial in the beginning of 2017. This brand communication has become popular for the impressive tagline ‘Pran Jaaye par Pulse na jaaye.’ The film was conceptualized by the infame J. Walter Thompson, who has outlined the length to which people prefer to hide the Candy product. It also reflected an idea to which people are willing to extend their hands on Pulse Candy products. 

The second Television commercial on the similar perspective took forward the similar narrative made by the production made the previous year.

The enthusiasm for the branded product has extended to the brand communication. The humorous example regarding the extent of reach of people for their favorite product has served uniquely for making the campaign a grand success.

The VP and Executive Planning Director have rightly commented that the first commercial had established the irrational love for Pulse. In the second one has forwarded the narrative into newer and less life-threatening situations besides keeping the individual craze of the brand alive.



The business of Pulse candy was started with the initiation of a key insight. The market research team has pointed out the fact that salt is highly popular as snacks in major parts of India. They have thus built up a plan to use this fervidness in the candy that has proposed to launch at that time. However, in order to test the validity of the idea, pilot testing of the product had made in specific markets. 

Since the product nature seem to attract the taste bud of children, premium and contemporary attractive packaging have been made. The innovative designs on the packages helped the product escape competition. The people were accustomed in having candy product at 0.50 per piece when the Pulse products came in the market. This could be an issue for many users, but company has successfully predicted that with rising level of earning, the issue would delimitate with time. The pricing strategy helped both top and bottom line for the product.

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