History & Marketing Strategies of Prestige Brand

Brand Name: TTK Prestige Limited
Founder: T.T. Krishnamachari

TTK Prestige Limited is a famous Indian brand that manufactures various cookware products and different types of kitchen appliances. It is considered to be one of the oldest cookware companies in India.

The pressure cookers are the most popular product manufactured by this brand. As of 2018, the brand holds the revenue of 1,746.45 crores in Indian rupee. The headquarters of TTK Prestige Limited is located at Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

How It All Started

TTK Prestige started its journey in the year of 1955. It was incorporated under the name of TT Private Limited. One of the first headquarters of the brand was situated at Madras which is now known as Chennai.  The brand became public limited in 1988 and changed its name to the current name in 1994. 



TTK Prestige started making pressure cookers from 1959 after collaborating with the Prestige group of the UK. After its initial success, the brand started launching other products such as gas stoves and various cookware items. Currently, the brand manufactures items like ovens, mixer and grinders, and grills, etc. They also offer various kitchen tools, cook-tops, kitchen hoods, and induction cook-tops.  


Marketing Strategies and the Reasons behind Its Success

Quality and Variety of Products

When talking about the success of a product, the quality of it becomes a big point. Prestige is one of the leaders of the Cook-ware market because the quality of their items is quite amazing. The brand has been in this business for over 5 decades. 

During this time, the cook-ware market has evolved so much and many other companies have entered the market. But because of providing high-quality products to its customers, Prestige has sold more cookware items than any other companies.

Also, as of now, Prestige offers a wide range of products to its customers. Items such as ovens, grills, various kitchen tools, cook-tops, and, mixers, etc are provided by the brand. As the customers are getting so many products from one brand, they are becoming less interested in opting for other companies. 



Price of a product is another thing that can decide whether a product is going to be successful or not. This is another place where Prestige provides better service than any other brand. The brand offers its items at a very reasonable price so that people from every class can afford them. Customers naturally get attracted to a product which demands a lesser price. This brilliant pricing strategy has helped the brand to get many more customers, thus creating a much bigger and better customer base. 



No matter how good a product is, without proper distribution, it will not be able to reach every buyer. Prestige has more than 500 stores all over the country. With this robust distribution network, the brand has been able to reach every household with its products. Prestige also has an online website from where the customers will able to buy all the items they need.


Customer Service

The customer care service of Prestige is very active. Through this service, the brand helps its customers by answering all their queries. Also, if there is any fault in a product has been found, then the customer can change it by contacting the customer service or by visiting the brand’s stores.



TTK Prestige Limited is considered to be the pioneers of the Indian Cookware Market. The presence of the brand has always been very consistent because of its quality products and reasonable pricing. As a result, Prestige has made a huge base of reputation among all the customers in India. This large amount of trust and reputation has helped the brand to get more customers and sell more of its products.


Online Presence

The modern era is known as the era of Social Media. Considering this, Prestige has tried to keep its Social Media presence very strong. Because of having a robust presence on Facebook or Twitter, the brand has reached more and more customers all around the country. 



Through various advertisements, Prestige educates its customer about the specifications to look for in Cookware products. Through these ads, the brand also provides reasons which make its products to be better than the other companies in the market. Also, in the various festive seasons, Prestige provides discount offers on the products which attract the customers more. 



Over the years, Prestige has received many awards because of offering quality products. The brand had received the Marquee Award in 2010. Because of the innovativeness of its products, Prestige has won the CII Design Excellence Award in Pressure cooker category in 2015 and the International Design Excellence Award for Hob top in 2016. Winning these prestigious awards have influenced the brand more to make better products and has helped it to become more famous and renowned in India.   


Prestige Campaigns

One of the most iconic slogans of Prestige was ‘Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Who Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar’. The brand used this slogan in all the advertisements they released before 2001. In 2002, Prestige came up with a new and wide range of innovative kitchen products. to promote these products, the brand released a new campaign with the title, ‘Are you ready for a smarter kitchen?’.

In the year of 2013, the power couple of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan became the face of the brand. After appointing the couple, Prestige brought the iconic slogan ‘Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar’ back. In 2018, the brand changed its tagline to ‘Joh Apnon Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar’. The same year, Prestige revealed Vidya Balan as its new brand ambassador.


After starting its journey, the prestige brand has evolved so much in these five decades. It has come up with innovative ideas and new products while maintaining the prime quality of it. As of now, the company has been enjoying the position of a leader in the Indian Cookware market. The high motivation of the brand will only make them progress so much and one day soon it will dominate the international market of Cookware items.

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