History & Marketing Strategies of Ponds Brand

Company Name- Ponds
Founder- Theron T.Pond

Ponds – a brand of health care products is currently owned by the multinational corporation Unilever. Loved across the globe, Ponds is sold around the world with Spain, India, Japan, and Thailand being their strengths.

How It All Started

Scientist Theron T. Pond invented Ponds cream in the United States as a medicine. He extracted a healing tea from witch hazel, with which he discovered he could heal small cuts and other ailments.

In 1886, Pond’s began to advertise under the name of Pond’s Healing until 1910. By the twentieth century, the company’s main strategy was geared toward selling cosmetics products, and so the Pond’s cold cream and vanishing cream was created which marked the entrance of Pond’s products into the facial care industry.  


The first Pond’s product was created in 1846 and from that time the brand became Unilever’s fifth most profitable Personal care product. In 1886, Ponds launched Pond’s extract and in 1914 Pond’s Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream marked themselves as beauty icons.

In the middle of 1920, it was reflecting it’s positioning with endorsements by princesses, society beauties and Hollywood stars. Guarantees of product delivery and an understanding of a woman’s beauty routines and needs underpinned its stylish image. 

Pond’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Innovative Products

Ponds is an iconic and leading brand name. It caters to numerous skin care methods of women and for this reason, it introduced several innovative products for regular intervals to maintain customer’s interest. It has added a range of product for men including solutions for sun damage, pollution, oil control and pimples like Pond’s Men Acno Clear Oil Control, Ponds Men Pollution Out and more. Some of its popular products are- BB Creams, Facial Moisturizers, Talcum Powder, Facial Cleansers and Makeup Removers.

Location Strategy 

Ponds being a multinational company, it started its operations from the United States. Its manufacturing facility was earlier located in Connecticut and its sales office was relocated to New York City. Currently, it has gained an international market for its products and its presence has spread to countries like Thailand, India, Japan, and Spain.

Brand Ponds has taken the help of its parent company and utilizes its distribution network to its advantage. Its channel includes services of wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and warehouses to reach consumers via supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount stores, and convenient stores.

Price Strategy

Ponds have faced stiff competition from numerous rival brands. It has adopted a competitive pricing policy and kept its product prices affordable and reasonable so that it can gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in terms of product prices. It has implemented a promotional policy, which offers numerous incentives at periodic intervals in order to attract a wider consumer market. This helps in bulk sales and greater revenues. 

Areas of Promoting

Ponds have been campaigning for its products since the year 1886 on a national level. In 1910, the company publicized itself under Ponds Healing brand name. The brand has launched several informative and beautiful ad campaigns through an electronic and print medium in popular channels of television, newspapers, radio, magazines related to beauty products.

Its ads are also displayed via social media portals on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. 


Ponds Campaign

Ponds realized if women think they can be more beautiful, they would start using face care products. It has launched campaigns on media, which are mentioned below:

The First Campaign

In 1886, Ponds began to advertise nationally. They advertise under the name of ‘Ponds Healing Cream’ until 1910. By 1910, they concentrated on their vanishing cream (previously Healing Cream), the company began an ad campaign that would become notorious because of the celebrities involved in it. ‘Ponds Vanishing Cream’ and ‘Ponds Cold Cream’ together make sure to explain each cream’s purposes on the ads.

The brand has a particular tag line that is every normal skin needs these two creams. As a result in 1915, “Ponds Vanishing Cream” had a 60% increase in sales and “Ponds Cold Cream” had a 27% increase in sale.

Magazine Campaign

In 1923, Queen Marie of Romania visited the United States and she enjoyed the Ponds product so much that she wrote a letter to company for more supplies. Her letter was in turn, used for advertisement. After this Pond’s company began to place samples of their products at their magazine ads and entice normal people to buy their cream. 


This inspired the Ponds #BeautifulStory campaign. Pond’s capitalized on 17 of the Philippines’ Most Beautiful Faces to demonstrate that beauty transformations are possible. It gathered the 17 celebrities in one film on TV and in one PR launch. In digital, Ponds created 17 shorts that reveal their transformation stories. This campaign was the most viewed campaign in 2014 with more than 1 Billion impressions online and achieved 22% growth in the demand of the product.

#Googly Woogly Woosh

The famous campaign for Ponds Cold Cream is “Googly Woogly Woosh”. It is a beautiful song tuned around these words. The campaign ran for 10 long years. 

Age Defining Complex

Campaign for Age Defining Complex is designed by the Ponds ad agency in 1992, to promote a new anti-aging product. The print stage of this campaign introduced an approach that mimics the glamour of fashion magazines while attempting to hold on to current customers who harbour a mild suspicion of glamour.

The campaign says, ‘Look, we know you do not want to look 12 years old, what you want is to look great for your age.’ This campaign effectively gave Ponds has a scientific image that helps to erase the grandmother image.

 Associated Celebrity

Queen Marie of Romania uses the Ponds products as a regular basis and also was one of the celebrities associated with this brand. Currently, Famous personalities associated with it are Illeana D’ Cruz, Amy Jackson and Miss India Navneet Kaur in India.



Ponds is associated with the FMCG sector as a personal care brand. Pond’s products are differentiated into three platforms skin lightning, oil control, and anti-aging. The main reason for conducting the product is that there are big bulks of the consumers that have misperceptions about moisturizers.

People feel they do not need moisturizers as they are always young, feel it makes their skin oily and they have many other reasons why they choose not to use moisturizer. However, the company has introduced itself like 1 solution to solve five problems so that people can come to know about their skin more and use the product.  

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