History & Marketing Strategies of Peter England

Brand Name: Peter England
Founder: Aditya Birla Group

Peter England is one of the best clothing brands in India. It is currently owned by the Aditya Birla Group. Madura Garments, which is also owned by the Aditya group, currently are manufacturing all the clothes of this brand.

At first Peter England was known for only making formal wears for the male population. But now, the brand sells other items such as types of denim, kurtas, and various festive wears, etc.

How it All Started

Peter England was found over a hundred years ago in the year of 1889 named as ‘Old England Brand’. The company started making war outfits for British Soldiers. In 1957, the brand changed its name to its present name. Peter England debuted in the Indian clothing market in 1997. The brand was bought by the Aditya Birla Group in the year 2000.



The very first product made by the brand was Khaki trousers. These products were used by the British Army in the Boer War. After debuting in Indian clothing market, the brand did not get enough success. So, after a few years, Aditya group bought the company. After this, the brand did not take long to become one of the top five clothing brands in India. Peter England was the first brand in India which introduced trousers that featured adjustable waistbands.

Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind Its Success

Product Quality: Product quality is a very important thing for any new product. So, producing more products that are made with high-quality ingredients can help any company or brand to sell its products more. Keeping this in mind, Peter England has always kept a close look towards the quality of the clothing products. Because of the prime-quality products, the brand has gained more trust and popularity than its rival companies and brands.

Wide Range of Variety: Unique designing of the products as well as being innovative has helped Peter England so much. The brand has always tried to bring something new to the clothing market since its inception. Now it offers a large variety of products for its customers. This variety includes T-shirts, tie, denim, socks, shirts, trousers, and, trousers, etc.

The customers usually get bored if a brand keeps releasing the same kind of products. Different kind of products with innovative designing always attracts the consumers more. Peter England has always tried to come up with new clothing items for its customers. The trousers’ range of the brand was released to offer a complete clothing solution for the male population.


Price: The target group of Peter England has always been the middle-class young men. This is why the brand has always maintained a mid-price segment. Peter England also keeps a close look on the pricing strategy of its rival brands and companies. This has helped the brand with pricing its products which have attracted many customers.


Updated: Peter England is always updated when it comes to the latest fashion trend. It follows the market and customers closely to understand their demands. It helps the brand to bring new content in the market much before then its rival brands.


Awards: Since its inception in the Indian market, Peter England has won many rewards. It has won the award of Most Trusted Brand several times. Other than that, the brand has also won the Best Technology initiative in 2015 and Best Performing Brand in Men Formals in 2017. Winning these awards has made Peter England gain more recognition and reputation.


Strong Parent Company: Having a strong parent company can help a brand in various ways. This is evident with Peter England, as after debuting the brand did not get much success. But after the Aditya Birla Group bought it, it became one of the best brands of India in no time. Also, having a renowned company as its parent, Peter England gained a lot of recognition in a very small time which had helped it gain more customers.


Web Presence: Peter England has its website from where the customers can buy the clothing items. The customer care service of the brand is also extremely responsive. They help every customer with all their queries as well as any problem with the products.


Physical Presence: More than 700 Peter England stores are spread all over the country. Also, over 3000 multi-brand outlets sell the clothing items of the brand. Because of this amazing presence in the market, the brand has reached to more customers than any other company or brands in India. Peter England sells more than 6 million products every year thanks to the brand’s strong distribution service.


Discounts: Peter England offers various discounts in the festive season in India. This helps the brand to attract more customers in those times. The brand also provides a unique rewards program. This permits the customers to gain some points on every purchase. With these points, the shoppers can get various kinds of discounts on Peter England products.



In 2017, Peter England released a new campaign with the tagline ‘Be Everything You Love’. With this campaign, the brand tried to encourage the youth generation to try new things and make new life experiences. This campaign gained a lot of recognition with over 7 lakh views on YouTube and Facebook combined. 

In the Diwali season of 2018, Peter England released a new range of shirts with the exotic color combination. To promote this new range, the brand released a new ad campaign with the Chennai Super Kings players. This ad portrays a light-hearted chat between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his teammates where the Captain Cool shows them the Peter England products to impress them.

Other than these, Peter England keeps releasing new advertisements and campaigns to promote its new products.


After debuting in India, Peter England did not take much time to establish itself as one of the most trusted brands. Because of its quality product and affordable price range, the brand has gained many awards. With this progress, it will soon become one of the best brands in the global apparel market.

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