History & Marketing Strategies of Patanjali Brand

Company Name – Patanjali Ayurved
Founder – Baba Ramdev, Acharya Balkrishna 

As India’s fastest FMCG Company, Patanjali Ayurveda is one of the well-known companies which offers Ayurvedic and natural products. The company offers a very wide range of products including household, grocery, food, and beverages including clothing.

The company has rapidly acquired a huge share of the market as well as customer loyalty with its revolutionary product and services. It has acquired a greater position within a very short period of time.

How It All Started

The company was founded in 2006, with the futuristic vision of the founders Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna. They initiated this company with a vision to develop rural and urban areas. The company is not precisely a profit-oriented organization.

The founders had begun with a thought of establishing a healthy society by improving the living standard of common people.  Their target is to create revolutionary products, for preventing and curing acute ailments, which is 100% natural. They imported the latest technology and all types of Ayurvedic aid and literature to form the best output from the natural inputs. 

The company makes chemical free herbal products across its different production units. The company made major acquisitions with various companies. Future Group has joined the Patanjali family which has enhanced the company’s overall productivity along with better and sourced logistic system.



Patanjali offers a vast variety of products which ranges more than 900 including all the categories such as personal care, household, groceries, etc. the company also offers cosmetics of around 45 types and 30 different types of beverages products.

Patanjali claims all the good produced by them are 100% natural and chemical free. The products were made to cure health-related issues without causing any side effects.  The company has also launched baby food and beauty products. The company has over 300 medicines at its manufacturing division for producing a range of remedy to cure acute to chronic ailments pertaining to health. 

In 2016, the company entered into the textile industry and launched its textile manufacturing center. The company started manufacturing traditional clothes, kurta, pajama, and also modern western wear. In the same year, Patanjali announced to build the biggest manufacturing unit of Patanjali Herbal and Mega Food Park in Assam. The company invested Rs 1,200 crore in the new unit which produces more 1,00,000 tons of good per year. 

Patanjali Ayurved’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting reasons behind its Success

Product Strategy of Patanjali Ayurved

One of the biggest FMCG Company Patanjali was commenced in 2006. The company has a vast range of diversified products in its product mix. There are more than 400 types of products under major categories cosmetics, food and beverages, skincare, tooth care, households, haircare and much more. The company has also introduced a different for baby products including baby food, healthcare and beauty product for men and women.

Patanjali also offers a huge range of medicines and the company claims that no chemical has been used for the manufacturing of these goods and is free from harmful side-effects. The food and beverage range of Patanjali offers instant noodles, biscuits, cornflakes etc. and its textile category includes traditional wear, western wear etc.

Pricing Strategy of Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved has entered among one of the most competitive segments of the Indian markets that is FMCG. The main challengers in this industry are HUL, Marico, ITC etc.  Patanjali has entered into different segments of the market and thus, the pricing policy of the company is determined after analyzing the competition in the market.

Every product that Patanjali offers has a pre-existing competitor in the market be noodle, toothpaste or cosmetics. Thus, determining the price of the product is one of the difficult tasks for the company.

Positioning Strategy of Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali is known to reach a mass population of the market within a very small period of time. Patanjali has an efficient and effective supply chain management and its merging companies such as future group, Reliance retail etc. stands as major support in the distribution system of the company. The wide reach of the logistic system has enabled the company to make its products available across the different corner of India.

Around 5000 retail stores across India actively promote the brand Patanjali. With emerging opportunities in the e-commerce segment of the market the company also offers its products online through their own and other online stores. Apart from India, the company has made its product available in countries such as Nepal, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.

Promotional Strategy of Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved actively promotes its brands and product through TV commercial and other sources of advertisements. The company uses all the available platforms such as newspaper, magazines, billboards, TC commercials, social media, etc, to create awareness and promote its products. 

Another interesting reason behind the sudden and rapid success of Patanjali is the self-brand created by Baba Ramdev himself. He is a social activist and an all-time yoga practitioner. He has been organizing public Yoga sessions for a mass population which has acquired him, huge followers.


Patanjali Ayurved’s Campaigns

With the tagline, “Prakriti ka Ashirwad” Patanjali believes in acquiring success through customer loyalty. However, Patanjali has launched a number of campaigns, and the core value is adulteration free products. It has emerged and grown manifold in these years along with a loyal customer base.  Let’s discuss a few of them below:

With the launch of the company’s new product, Patanjali also launched a new campaign to create awareness and promote the benefits of their new ‘Atta Noodles’. The company targeted the Indian parents to choose a healthier and safer option for their children by opting toxin free atta noodles. 

The company launched mega fitness festivals in the capital city of the country. The campaign, Mission Fit India was a fitness festival of 120 consecutive days.  It was launched in the presence of founder of Patanjali Ayurveda which is Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna and film star Sunil Shetty. The objective of this campaign was to create awareness among the young to mid-aged people who have a wrong conception regarding the time consumed for staying fit.

Campaign like “Haridwar to Har Dwar” was used to promote the products online. Patanjali has associated with 8 e-retailers and is now available online at a click. To share the news, the hashtag #PatanjaliOnline was used on all media platforms.

From Food to Beauty to Hair care, Patanjali product is everywhere and is available across the market. The health and beauty products are splendid and most of the Indians prefer to use them. The quality and natural ingredients used in the products makes it affordable. From skin care to hair to overall health, Patanjali Ayurvedic is being loved by the consumers.



Therefore, in the conclusion to this interpretation, it can be said that one who takes challenges can acquire success with effective and efficient management skills. Being among the competitive market the company has acquired a huge market share and customer loyalty within a small period of time.

The essence and foundation of the company emphasizes on going back to the roots. It has clicked on all levels, has made its place among thousands of other brands and thus, is here to stay! 

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