History & Marketing Strategies of Parle Brand

Company Name: Parle Products Private Limited
Founder: –  Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan, Chauhan family 

Parle is an Indian confectionary and food products company. It is the owner of the famous biscuit brand Parle-G, which is also known as the perfect tea-companion for Indians. The Parle name symbolizes quality, nutrition and superior taste.

They have grown to become India’s leading manufacturer of confectionery and biscuits and the largest selling biscuit brand in the world as per Nielsen ratings.

How It All Started 

The company “Parle Products Private Limited” was established in British India in 1929 by the members of the Chauhan family from Vile Parle, Mumbai. They started manufacturing biscuits in 1939. After independence, advertisements were launched to project Parle G as an alternative to biscuits made by the British companies.

As the makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G has an in-depth understanding of the Indian consumer psychology. They have made it a tradition to deliver both health and taste, with value-for-money that allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy Parle products to the fullest. They have developed a marketing philosophy that reflects the needs of the Indian masses.


Parle company was established in the year 1929 and the company started the manufacturing of biscuits in the year 1939. After the success of products, the Parle-G biscuits and the Frooti soft drink, the Parle brand became well known in India.

The original Parle company was divided into 3 separate companies, owned by the different people of the original Chauhan family, with a majority of it owned by Parle Agro products. The 3 companies continue to use the family trademark name “Parle”. The original Parle group was segregated into three non-competing businesses.

They participated in food competition of Monde Selection in 1971, since then brands have received consistently gold and silver Quality Awards at the World Quality Selections.

Marketing strategy and Interesting Facts behind its Success.


Parle brand is one of the most well-known biscuit manufacturing brands in India. Parle G is most famous product though, Parle products offer different options in other categories. It promotes many other products like 20-20, Magix, Krack Jack, Monaco, Golden Arcs, Parle Marie, Milk Shakti, Parle Hide & Seek Bourbon, Parle Hide & Seek Fab, Top, Parle Gold Star, Happy Happy, simply good, Namkeen coconut, Cheeselings, and Parle-G Gold.

It offers products like Melody, Mango Bite, Londonderry, Poppins, 2 in 1 Eclairs, Mazelo, Kismi Toffee Bar, Kaccha Mango Bite in the Sweet confectionery section. In the Snacks section, it provides products like Mexitos Nachos, Parle’s Wafers, Fulltoss, Parle Namkeens, Parle rusk, Parle Cake.

This gives an insight of the Parle marketing strategies. Hence, all the products of Parle are convenient and can be consumed at any point of time by any person. In fact, the biscuits offered cater to all kinds of segment be it lower or upper middle class and are available in different product sizes. Their appeal has been universal in the confectionery segment.



Parle has adopted a low-cost strategy in order to chase and establish a market leader position. This is the major pricing strategy of the Parle brand as a part of its branding. The low price of the Parle products with the promise of high quality depress the competition.

Quality is the main focus of parle, and still has been able to maintain low cost due to the high demand. The starting range of base pack is Rs 2 for biscuits whereas the chocolates range from 1 to 2 rupees.

The pricing strategy of Parle has enabled it to retain its position as a market leader despite several new confectionary brands coming in the market as its competitors. Due to its high volume production, its prices are slightly lower which helps to retain customers and reach maximum audience. 



Parle products are available widely across all states in India. Due to its very strong distribution network, Parle has been able to reach over 6 million retailers all over India. Parle has over 23 manufacturing units which serve to over 1500 wholesalers.

Apart from that, there are depot agents which further help in expantion of the distribution network. This is the reason Parle products are present in every bit and corner, be it large retail stores/chain or small shops or grocery stores.

Restaurants, hotels and even small size restaurant prefer to keep Parle as the biscuit to be served along with tea or coffee. The wide distribution and easy availability of the brand ensures that people keep Parle as their first choice of biscuit over other brands.


Parle brand promotes through all medium like print, TVC, online ads etc. as a part of its promotion and marketing strategy. Parle brand has always incorporated qualities like sharing and caring positive emotions. By sponsoring shows like Shaktimaan where Parle started giving out merchandise for the same, Parle was able to connect with the children very easily. Parle has been active when it comes to TV advertisements or promotions. 

Parle G was a prime product that the company promoted using the logo of a young girl. All the products have distinct and attractive packaging which attracts the target group. Apart from Parle G, all other products of the company are also promoted extensively with innovative marketing campaigns. Parley has practively been involved in press and print media. Hence, this concludes the Parle marketing mix.


Parle Campaigns

Parle-G’s new ad campaign pegs itself as the ‘Unsung Hero of Biscuits’

Pallavi Chakravarti, the Executive Creative Director, responsible for the new campaign said, “Parle-G is a staple. Quite like our rice and pulses. It is like that one person everyone has in their life who has always been there, albeit on the side-lines.

This campaign is a celebration of relationships that we seldom acknowledge but without which life isn’t quite the same. It’s a message that only a brand as iconic as Parle-G can give. Because come to think of it, everyone has eaten one and everyone has a human equivalent, if they just take the time out to think of it.” 

Parle-G’s campaign portrait celebrates relationships. It’s a message that only a brand as sensitive as Parle-G can give. The idea is based on the people’s tendency to take the familiar for granted. This campaign uses this tendency to point out how valuable the familiar in our lives is while making a compelling connection with the brand Parle-G.


Parle is one of the most trusted names amongst Indian brands. According to a recent poll, the company is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of biscuits. Times have changed, but one thing has remained unchanged, and that is the popularity of Parle products.

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