History & Marketing Strategies of PaperBoat Brand

Brand Name: Paper Boat
Founders: Neeraj Kakkar and Neeraj Biyani

Paper Boat is one of the leading drink and beverages brands in India. The brand is owned and marketed by Hector Beverages who are also the manufacturers of the products. It is known for making a wide range of traditional Indian drinks such as Aam Ras, Aam Panna, and Jaljeera, etc.

Paper Boat does not use any kind of coloring to its products which has made them more popular. The headquarters of the brand is currently situated at Gurugram, India.

How it All Started

Members of the parent company Hector Beverages, Neeraj Kakkar and Neeraj Biyani first came up with the idea to make a fruit pulp based drink brand. Thus, Paper Boat introduced itself to the Indian Beverage Market in the year of 2013. Through this brand, the company aimed to bring back the traditional drinks, but with a modern twist. 


At first, Paper Boat offered only two items named Jal Jeera and Aam Panna. But gradually, the brand started to expand its business.  As of now, it offers drinks like Nimbu Pani, Sugarcane Juice, Jamun Kala Khatta, Alphonso Aam, Lychee Ras, and, Chilli Guava, etc. The brand also offers various milk beverages such as Butter Milk, Thandai, Neer More and Badam Milk, etc.

In 2018, Paper Boat had launched a new product named Coconut Water.  There are also two seasonal drinks that the brand offers during special occasions such as Ram Navami and Eid. Paper Boat launched its first food product named Peanut Chikki which was a snack.  It was launched in 2016. After this, the brand has released some more food products such as Aam Papad, Namak Para and Shakar Para, etc.


Marketing Strategies and the Reasons behind its Success

Price: Price of any product is the first thing the consumers look for. Products with reasonable price usually attract more customers than the products with a high price range. The beverages of Paper Boat usually comes in different sizes of packs and based on this the price of the products may vary. It does not matter whichever product the customer is thinking to choose; the prices are very much affordable. This pricing strategy has been very effective for the brand as it has been selling more and more products every year.

Product Quality and Variety: Quality of a product is very essential as well as the price of it. Keeping this in mind, Paper Boat has always been very careful about the quality of its products. Also, the brand has more than 14 flavors of drinks available in the market and the range of the products is increasing day by day. Because of this, the general consumers of the brand have always found something new whenever they went to buy Paper Boat products.  

The drinks were released by the brand to create nostalgia among the drinkers. The brand has also launched some other food products like Banana Chips, Gur Para, Bakarwadi, Shakar Para, and Namak Para, etc. Keeping a large variety of unique products has helped the brand to make a large consumer base. Also, maintaining the high quality of the products has helped the company gain the valuable trust of its customers.

No Coloring: Almost every beverage company uses colors to add different flavors to its drinks. But since its inception, Paper Boat has said ‘no’ to any color. This is why the products of the brand do not come with any kind of artificial colors or preservatives. This has attracted a lot of customers who do not like colored drink and helped the company increase its consumer base.  

Distribution: Paper boat has strong distribution facility. Because of this robust facility, the products of the brand get distributed the various stores and malls very quickly. This has helped the company to reach many more customers very easily.

Packaging:  The packaging of Paper Boat products is sleek and very colorful. As children are the main consumers of the products, the attractive packaging has helped the brand to gain much more attention than its rival brands and companies.  

Social Media Presence: As this is the age of Social Media, every brand and company tries to get a good number of followers. Paper Boat has a very strong social media presence. The brand has more than 300 thousand followers on Facebook and over 2 lakhs of Instagram followers. This has made the brand more famous among the consumers of India. 



As a brand which usually produces traditional drinks to create nostalgia, the concept of the ads of Paper Boat usually revolves around childhood and innocence. The debut campaign of the brand was penned by one of the most famous lyricists and poet Gulzar. The next campaign was written by another renowned lyricist Swanand Kirkire. The tagline of the brand is ‘Drinks and Memories’. 

The television ads of Paper Boat were very simple and evoked childhood nostalgia. The brand has also released some short films ‘Waiting for Ma, ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’, ‘Ride Down the River of Memories’ and ‘My Struggles with the Treasure Chest’, etc. These short films aimed to bring out the inner child in every person.

With the help of the ad agency ‘Humor Me’, Paper Boat had released a new short film named ‘Rizwan- Keeper of the Gates of Heaven’. This short film portrayed an old person Rizwan and told the story of his childhood. This film was released in the year of 2016.  


Paper Boat started its journey in 2013 but it did not take them much time to become one of the best beverage brands of India. The brand is very creative when it comes to marketing and promoting its products. It has also started to export its products to different countries such as Malaysia, Dubai, and, various places in the United Kingdom and the USA. This kind of steady progression will surely help the brand to be more successful and one day soon it will dominate the global market of beverages. 


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