History & Marketing Strategies of Neutrogena Brand

Company name: Neutrogena
Founder: Emanuel Stolaroff

Neutrogena is an American company that produces a wide range of items regarding skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. It is a brand highly recommended by dermatologists all over the world, attaining the no.1 position. Neutrogena is a top brand in the beauty industry satisfying its customers.

Spread across over 70 countries Neutrogena is ever growing. It is the go-to brand when one requires the best hair and skin care. This is one of the most common brands that can be found in every household.


How did this company begin?

Neutrogena was established by Emanuel Stolaroff in 1930. It intended on selling customer packaged goods of clear soap. It was a cosmetics company at that time, named Natone originally. Natone was initially a small firm that grew into a larger business. Gradually, he tried his hand at the retail markets achieving equal success.

In 1954, he chanced upon the Belgian chemist Edmond Fromont, acquired all the rights of patency in the US.  The formula created mild clear face soap, smoothly cleansing dirt without drying the skin. Since then it has been headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Afterward, it was officially changed to Neutrogena by LloydCotsen in 1962.

It was bought over by Johnson &Johnson, a US-based conglomerate in 1994. Neutrogena is one of the many subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson.


The Launching

After becoming the president of Neutrogena in 1967, Cotsen started selling his products through two platforms: dermatologists and luxury hotels. The product of the Neutrogena consists of elements that are essential for creating smoother skin. He went further involving acne and anti-aging goods. This company presently has various kinds of anti-aging products are effective for any kind of skin.

All anti-aging products of this brand contain four essential ingredients which are Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and SPF. Each of the ingredients is approved by the specialist of several hospitals from all over the world. Retinol is applicable for reducing the number of wrinkles and improves the facial texture of the user.  Hyaluronic Acid is able to replenish the skin of the user and also helps in locking moisture in the skin. Vitamin C and SPF are for increasing the brightness of the face and to protect the face from the harmful effects of the sun.

Later, Johnson & Johnson’s take over turned beneficial, boosting both its sales and network. In the year of 2009, Johnson & Johnson decided to launch this brand in India. It introduced at least 22 items at the same time. These products would be available in 20 major cities in more than 10,000 stores in the country.


Marketing strategies and causes behind Neutrogena’s accomplishments

Effective products from the company:

Neutrogena face soap was built for daily usage. Hence, its price was kept to a minimal to be accessed and acquired by everyone. The company gave more emphasis on that their soap does not contain any hardeners and dyes. This soap is full of glycerin which is beneficial of cleanings face.

This company also emphasis on the point that this soap is effective against acne. This strategy left a greater impression on the minds of people who waited eagerly to have clear soft skin. Its consumption rose to the maximum and was bought all over the world.


Emphasis on the medicinal properties of products:

Generally, customers tend to buy products without prior consultation with dermatologists. The company noticed a demand for a beauty product that has the assurance of a medical expert. Sensing this huge demand the company released its beauty products. This company marketed its products like the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Brand

It assured the general masses of India that all products are mild in nature and won’t have any major side effect. The company also claimed that its beauty product could be used for medicinal and general cosmetic purposes. This strategy is further supported by its huge product line for face, body, hair, anti-aging, acne, and sun protection. By highlighting these points, it has gained huge popularity within the general mass of India.


A better understanding of the market:

The target audience of this brand would be generally young adults. In recent years, the general population of India has grown conscious of their personal skincare. The masses of India were seeking for a product that would be able to address issues related to the skin. This growing demand was noticed by this company. 

Thus they released their products as an answer to that demand. This further boosted its popularity. 


Neutrogena campaign

The campaigns feature various popular faces from the entertainment industry. It is very well known for its out-of-the-box advertisements suggesting total care management tips. This brand collaborated with several top models and actress to increase its exposure.

As the brand mainly focuses on the beauty products of women, is associated with campaigns that would encourage the women to chase their dreams. They used the tag “Neutrogena. See What’s Possible” for inspiring the present generation of women. 

For the Global brand ambassador, this company has roped Nicole Kidman. From India, this company has signed Prachi Desai as the brand ambassador. Other than the brand ambassadors this company has promoted its beauty products with several other prominent figures from the entertainment industry. 

Some of the names are Deepika Padukone, Paola Rey, Kerry Washington, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Bella Thorne, Sang In Kim, Kristen Bell, and many other famous personalities. Ad campaigns by these personalities have boosted the popularity of the brand.  


The Conclusion

Neutrogena never compromised with premium quality due to which facilitated its acceptability. Nowadays consumers have grown conscious about good health which comes from healthy skin. Neutrogena provides helpful guides and videos too, leading to its popularity and craze among all.

Its effectiveness makes it the first choice of all. Over several years this brand has fully established itself in the cosmetic market of India. As the leading beauty brand, this company has tried to improve itself to bring new products that would be beneficial to the general masses. 

All products of this brand have been proven to be beneficial to lots of women and men. This helped the brand in earning the trust of the general masses. This, in turn, boosted the popularity of Neutrogena. 


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