HIstory & Marketing Strategies of Nestle Munch

Company Name: Munch (Nestle)
Founder: Henri Nestle 

Nestle Munch is one of the most popular brand chocolate and category of confectionary that produced an innovative benchmark in the category of coated wafers. It is also the biggest selling SKU in the industry. Nestle introduced a different range of confectioneries under Munch starting from the chocolate coated wafer, munch nuts.

It focused on the increasing demand of the confectioneries of the customers. The company was initially started in the year 1866 when it only used to manufacture condensed milk. Later on, the company was introduced in India where it expanded its business in order to beat other confectionary manufacturing companies.

Beginning of the company

Nestle Munch was initially a chocolate coated wafer which was an innovation in the confectionary history of the brand. Munch is the sister brand of Nestle, particularly in the confectionery category.

Currently, there are different variants of Munch. Munch has gained quite an amount of popularity among kids as well as adults due to crispy, smooth chocolate coated wafers. Since the chocolate gained enough popularity, now due to overwhelming demand, Munch is now available in different packs and sizes.

It is also used in the celebration packs that are available with a bunch of other chocolates from different other companies. It has a history of 20 years for giving priority to the customer satisfaction of the chocolate consumers across India by giving them the best quality confectioneries.

Launch of the brand

Munch was initially being sold solely based on the best in class quality of their products, but later on, it became famous among the consumers due to the eye catchy media coverage, so people can easily trust on the quality of the products. The brand was due to the result of the intense war between KitKat and Perk.

At the time when KitKat was launched in the market, Cadbury immediately launched perk to side its flagship brand Dairy Milk. The tension between KitKat and Perk resulted in the deadlock and the category became stagnant altogether. Soon after that Munch was launched in the confectioneries market as a competitor to the price. During that time the product was being sold for Rs 5, due to which the brand became an extreme blockbuster forcing other confectioneries brand KitKat and Perk to reduce its price.

The products are safe to consume since the company has successfully maintained the quality of the products without increasing its price point. This helped the brand in maintaining the consumer base. Initially, the company was not being able to capture customer attention, but with its unique media coverage strategies, Munch immediately gained extreme popularity.

Marketing strategies and reasons behind its success

Variety in the product range:

The variety of products of the brand was exclusively made by keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the consumers. Most of the consumers look for varieties in the confectioneries section which are of good quality and affordable. Therefore the brand was introduced in the market with the thoughts and expectations of the consumers. 

Special attention was given to use good quality ingredients to manufacture the products. Every product of the brand is safe to consume for everyone and especially for the kids. Munch now is available in different packs and sizes in order as per the consumer demands.


Importance on the choice, quality, and budget:

A lot of customers buy products without checking the ingredients list. There are companies who include harmful ingredients in their products which can cause severe impacts on health in the long run. 

Munch has put all the good ingredients in their chocolates which are safe to consume. Also, the price range of the products is quite moderate so that everyone can enjoy the taste of the products.

A lot of consumers prefer good quality products in an affordable range. So the brand maintains its quality and price so that it can suit every budget. This strategy of the brand helped in highlighting the strengths of the company due to which it has become famous in different age groups.


The idea about the market:

Consumers have become aware of their health. So they look out for such products which are good for health. In order to meet the demand of the consumers, the brand came up with such a variety in the confectionery category that definitely blew their mind. The product successfully matched the requirements of the consumer.

This supreme strategy of the brand supported helped in making a better place in the hearts of the consumers, as a result, it gained huge popularity in India.


Munch Campaigns

Campaign of the company brought many famous faces from the entertainment industry. The theme of the campaigns is quite energetic, funny and peppy. Since the brand makes chocolate products, so they tried to make the advertisements funny and interesting that will easily grab the attention of the consumers. Munch uses the tagline “Can’t stop Munching” in order to promote the extraordinary taste as its USP. 

 Initially, the brand brought Rani Mukherjee as the brand ambassador as she was known for being smart and energetic. A major variant of Munch which was initially introduced was coconut variant which didn’t gain much popularity. Later on, the Pop Chocs variant was introduced which was also promoted by Rani Mukherjee.

Later on, Shruti Hassan and Shankar Mahadevan were also brought in for brand promotion. The then tagline of the brand was “Crunch Machao Munch Machao”. Such advertisements and unique taglines of the brand have made the brand famous and trustworthy among many consumers which gave quite an amount of popularity to the brand.



Munch has gained the popularity level among the consumers as well as their requirements in the confectioneries industry. The chocolates are widely popular and are in great demand as the company never compromise on the quality and price of the products.

Since people have become aware of their health, they try consciously try to choose their products. Throughout these years the company became successful in maintaining a good image and reputation in the food and gourmet market of India. This helped in supporting and maintaining the reputation of the company.


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