History & Marketing Strategies of Nerolac Paints

Company Name: Nerolac
Founder: Katsujiro Iwai (Kansai Paint Co. Ltd.)

Nerolac is a Decorative Paint Company which is known for its high-quality paints and various coating products. All products of this company are for providing effective paint solutions to customers. This brand has several categories of products which would help the user to protect his or her properties such as houses, automobiles, furniture, and other personal items. These paints are mainly applicable for providing effective and efficient protection against corrosion and other environmental effects. 

Nerolac is the popular choice for many families and individuals for protecting the properties. This brand also provides various colors for paint that would help the user in decorating his or her properties. With the help of these paints, the owners would not only able to protect but would also make them look beautiful. 

How it all started 

This company was launched in the year of 1920 under the name of Gahagan Paints and Varnish Co. Ltd. This company was located in Lower Parel in the city of Mumbai. Initially, this company used to manufacture and sell paints, varnish, oils, pigments, colors coating, etc. this company was the first to introduce phthalocyanine pigments for commercial purposes.

In the year of 1933, this company was acquired by Lead Industries Group thus forming Goodlass Wall Pvt. Ltd. This company later changed its name to Goodlass Nerolac Ltd. In the year of 1983, this company entered into collaboration with the Kansai Paint for strengthening its technological capabilities. In the year of 1999, Kansai Paint was able to acquire the maximum number of shares in the company thus taking the company.

Thus it becomes the subsidiary of Kansai Paint. Kansai Paint decided to change the name of the brand to Kansai Nerolac Paint in the year of 2006.


Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited (KNPL) is the 2nd largest company in India. This company is the leader in this paint industrial segment. This company is also engaged in automotive, powder and industrial coating business.

This brand mainly produces decorative wall paints for both interior and exterior walls of a house. This brand also has paint products for both metal surface and wood surface. The brand also produces automobile coating for protecting various parts of the machine. 

This company has five manufacturing factories in India for meeting its both public and industrial demands. The five manufacturing units are located in Lote (Maharashtra), Hosur (Tamil Nadu), Sayakha (Gujarat), Jainpur (Uttar Pradesh), and Bawal (Haryana). This company also has a state of the art Research and Development facility in the city of Mumbai. This company has also branches in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

Throughout the history of the company, it has won several awards and has several achievements under its belt. In the year 2005, this company has won the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award. This company has also won the Best Vendor Award in the same year. In the year of 2010, the brand won the Product of the Year for Nerolac Excel. Construction World Magazine of ASASPP Media Information Group ranked the brand as the No. 1 brand. 


Nerolac’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

Emphasis on Healthy paint: 

Nerolac gave more emphasis on the healthy paint version of the decorative wall paints. This is done for achieving an edge over its competitors. All products by the brand would provide more focus on them being healthy and eco-friendly.

They promote that their paints are lead-free and thus customer would have no hidden side effects after using these products. These conditions aligned with the growing health-conscious general mass of India thus boosting the popularity of the brand.


Huge verities of services and products:

Like mentioned above, Nerolac has several products under its belt. The products would consist of both decorative and industrial purpose paints. For the decorative paints, they could be put under several categories according to the quality of the product. This is also similar for the case of industrial proposes paints. This brand has also online services such as Paint Calculators for helping the user to know the estimates for using different paints.

Other apps like Colour Picker app, Online Colour Palette and Paint Your Home app also provided. These service and several choices of paint increased the hype within the general mass of India. This resulted in an increase in the popularity of the brand. 


Effective promotion of the brand through various means:

Nerolac has always given more emphasis on advertisements that would increase the exposure of their products. In the city of Ahmadabad, Nerolac came up with “Rang De Patang” campaign on the occasion of Uttarayan. In this campaign, colorful kites were given to the general masses. In another promotion activity named “Paint the Change you want to see,” people were urged to donate the leftover paints.

These paints would be recycled and put into proper use for across the country.  These types of promotional activities gave the brand the necessary exposure to spread its name among general masses of India.


Nerolac Campaigns 

This brand invested heavily for its advertisement campaigns. Nerolac used catchy tagline such as “Jab Ghar Ki Raunak Badhani Ho, Deewaro Ko Sajana Ho, NEROLAC NEROLAC!” and its mascot Goody for promoting itself. In the year of 2003, the brand replaced the mascot with its new brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan. The influence of the endorsement by Big B gave the brand a major boost to popularity.

In the year of 2008, the brand again changed the brand ambassador to Shah Rukh Khan for their new ad campaigns. The brand came up with a new tagline “Kuch Change Karo, Chalo Paint Karo.” Creative advertisements and taglines further boosted the popularity of the brand. 


Nerolac presently is one famous paint company in the country. This brand has always tried to come up with various new products and services that would help customers more efficiently. All these years, Nerolac has focused on manufacturing effective, healthy, and beautiful paint colors for customers. 

Hundreds of families have applied Nerolac paints to transform their home into the house of their dream. The effective and positive results of the products make the brand more popular. This popularity and trust is the result of the continuous efforts of the brand for producing high-quality paints. 


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