History & Marketing Strategies of MTR Foods

Company Name- MTR
Founder- Yagnanarayana Maiya

MTR, which is broadly known as Mavalli Tiffin Rooms is an Indian company much known for manufacturing the packaged food as well as running a restaurant. The origin of the company is in Bangalore.  It started its journey in the year 1924. In 2007, MTR Foods was sold to Orkla, a Norwegian Conglomerate company.

MTR food actually acted as a joint stock company belonging to the food industry. 

How it all started

MTR turned into a packaged food brand much later than its inception. In the initial phase it was started as a restaurant (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms) under the proprietorship of Yagnanarayana Maiya. The restaurant still exists with all its glory having 8 outlets in Bangalore only.

Other places where the restaurant exists are Udupi, Dubai, Bangalore and Singapore. The son of Yagnanarayana Maiya, Sadanand Maiya headed the MTR Foods Private Limited till 2007 when it went on to merge with Orkla. By that time MTR had turned into a quite prominent name in the world of readymade foods and spices. There are varieties of products like pickles, sweets, meal mixes and masala pastes which are made by this brand name.

Some other products that MTR also deals with are Vermicelli, Ready-to-cook and snack mixes. Numerous kinds of products fall in all the above-mentioned categories. Drinks like Badam Milk and chocolate drinks are also manufactured by MTR food Private Limited under the ownership of Orkla.


The launching of the MTR happened during the National Emergency in India. The year was 1975. After the Food Control Act was launched in the country, it was mandatory to sell food in lower costs. As a result of this MTR could no further hold its standards in the business of the restaurant. Maintaining the pre-existing quality was becoming tough.

This is the reason why MTR started manufacturing various kinds of instant foods apart from running the restaurant. Sadanand Maiya, started controlling the instant food wing for the MTR brand. In 1984, the company moved out from Karnataka and opened the outlets in the other South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.    


MTR- Marketing Strategies and interesting reasons behind its marvelous success

-Authenticity is one of the main aspects which are mandatorily maintained in all the products manufactured so far in all the packaged food products made by MTR. So, the main market strategy is to deliver the consumers with the instant food products having the exact aroma and flavor. 

-As the company has the history of a high standard eatery, all the products are made with premium quality ingredients. The hygienic atmosphere is maintained in case of making the products. The past of having the standardized eatery makes the brand still credible to the public.

-Expansion of the domestic presence of MTR is one of the greatest marketing strategies taken by the brand. Presently there are outlets of the company in most parts of the country. 

-MTR exports the products in different countries like United States, United Kingdom, Middle- East, Japan, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Mauritius. 

-Apart from the export market, there are MTR super shops which are situated in the different states of India.

-MTR, originating in Bangalore, could understand the need of the packed food among the public properly. They implemented the 4Ps successfully in each product. These Ps comprises of Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

-The total worth of the MTR Company is 700Crore.The CAGR growth percentage is 18%. Most of the sales generally happen in the   states of the southern India. One of the main reasons for which MTR has got so much of market excellence is due to the nominal costs. People from all strata can easily afford the food mixes from MTR. 

-The web portal of MTR enhances the profit for the company as the distribution costs dramatically decreases. Moreover, the incentive of 20% extra product helps to enhance to the market position and the sales from the company.

-MTR, at present have come forward with the desperate marketing strategy to sustain in the reputed position it has earned in all these years. 

-Sampling is one of the major aspects on which the company has put its eye into. In most of the cities, the sampling activity has taken place. All Medias are used by the company to put up the various a advertising campaigns.

-To enhance the brand visibility, MTR recently went for collaboration with Jiggs Kalra, one of the celebrity chefs of the country. The company as also got the ISO 9002 certification in 2002. It has the pride of having received the Technology Absorption Award by the Prime Minister. 


 MTR Campaigns

One of the main advertising campaigns that MTR has launched recently is the 3 minutes breakfast campaign. In this campaign, there are a total of 3 TV commercials and a digital film. The main instant foods that has been taken into account in the camping are Halwa , Oats,  Upma and Poha. 

The aim of the company is clear in case of this campaign that it wants to give the Indians the convenience to have the breakfast in minutes. The ads can give the people a clear picture of how to handle quicker situations in case of having the breakfast.


MTR is one of the most prominent brands which manufacture instant foods under the ownership of Orkla.  Apart from it the restaurant business is also present till date. The products make difference among the public due to the quality and price affordability. The above marketing strategies are the most important pillars upon which the company is standing. 

The customer base for all the products made by MTR is decent because the items belong to their staple diet. Remarkably, the places where these products are exported mainly have prominent South Indian Communities.  One of the main reasons why the company is gaining more importance in the recent years is due to more people gaining interest in South Indian Foods. Quick breakfast techniques are one of the main conveniences for any consumer who does not get much time for making it.

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