History & Marketing Strategies of Maybelline New york

Company Name: Maybelline
Founder: Thomas Lyle Williams

Maybelline is a cosmetic company that is known for its high-quality cosmetic products. All products of the Maybelline brand give more emphasis on providing solutions for every problem for your facial skin. This brand has a large verity of products that would help the woman by providing anti-aging effects. Maybelline also puts emphasis on giving an effective solution to several problems due to the oily skin. 

Maybelline is the ultimate choice for many women to look beautiful and for protecting their skin. With the help of the various products, it helps the woman in the process of taking care of their skin in an effective and efficient way. 

How it all started 

Maybelline cosmetic company was founded by Thomas Lyle Williams in the year of 1915. At that time Thomas was only 19 years old. The first product of Maybelline was the dark eyelashes. The inspiration for this creation came to the young Thomas after observing her sister. She would use a blend of Vaseline and fine coal dust for applying it on her eyelashes for making them look sharper and darker.

Thomas applied a little bit of chemistry to successfully produce his first product called Lash-in-Brow-Line. Later he changed the name to Maybelline for honoring his sister. Then he invented one cosmetic product after another and finally started his company Maybelline. 

In the year of 1967, this company was sold to Plough Inc. in Tennessee. The whole company was moved to Memphis after the deal. In the year 1990, this company was sold to an investment company named Wasserstein Perella & Co. When in the year 1996 L’Oreal acquires this company, it was again shifted to New York City. In the year 2000, the factory of the company was shifted to the city of Brooklyn.


After the acquisition of the company, L’Oreal launched several products for skin care. It includes several foundations, concealers, and powders for giving flawless coverage. These products have additional benefits and have nourishing effects on the skin. The products of this brand are categorized under the different types of skins of the women. 

This company has launched products for Anti-Aging and for oily skin. They have also launched products that would be suitable for those who are super busy. The product was named as Super-Stay. This company is also popular for their Mascara.

They have both waterproof and washable forms. This company has Eye Liner, Shadows, Blushes, and many other products. Presently Maybelline has over 200 different kinds of products. These products are available in around 129 countries. 


Maybelline’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

Affordable products from the brand:

This is one of the major reasons behind the success of the brand. L’Oreal understood that every woman could not afford the high prices of cosmetic products. This would create a huge market for the company to sell their products if the company were to launch cheap cosmetics with better quality.

Thus, the company launched its new products in an affordable price ranges for middle class working women. The high quality and affordable prices made the brand more popular with women. 


Efficient exposure of the brand:

Maybelline uses the various media platform for garnering more attention towards their products. They regularly use print media such as national magazines, newspapers to remain in the spotlight. This company also provides discount offers and promotional newsletter to the subscribers for informing about the new products they would release. This company would also use the 360-degree campaign for increasing its exposure.

It conducts various shows, events, beauty pageants and many other beauty related events globally. From time to time they would use their new tagline “Make it Happen” for ensuring their cosmetic would able to make anyone beautiful. 


Using social media for promotion:

Maybelline has mastered the way of social media marketing. The company noticed the increasing popularity of social media among the general public, especially women. The company used its social media platform such as YouTube and Instagram for spreading words among women. The company would collaborate with young beauty influencers for promoting their products.

They regularly use tags such as #MNYITLOOK for encouraging women to post their pics having after makeup beautiful look on their social media account. This form of influencers marketing made it possible for the company to gain more popularity among young women.


Creating high-quality content to gain attention:

After Maybelline decided to market through social media, it started to create high-quality content for the platform.  The brand has taken a platform-specific content creation strategy for developing high-quality content.

For example, they are using Pinterest and Instagram for delivering makeup advice and different types of informative tips. The strategy of the Maybelline brand was to create effective visual contents. These contents would not only encourage the fellow subscriber to share with their private social network but would also talk about the content with their friends.     


Maybelline Campaigns 

For the campaign, Maybelline uses several famous and beautiful models and actress from all over the world. As the brand mainly focuses on social media, it generally turns the beauty influencers on social media into their brand ambassadors. In India, Maybelline used the face of Alia Bhatt for representing a young and trendy theme.

By using this ad, the brand is targeting the young generation women especially university girls. For the international market, Maybelline is collaborating with famous personalities such as Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and many other famous personalities.

Along with Gigi Hadid, the company collaborates to release #GigixMaybelline products. The company also released similar campaigns with other social media influencers. 


Maybelline has now fully established itself after a long time. This company started with a single and now it has several for all age group of women. This company has always tried to develop new products for women. The brand generally tries to provide affordable skin care products to all women across the globe. 

Thousands of women have liked this product. This has increased the popularity and trust of the women in the brand. This trust and popularity are the continuous efforts of the brand to produce high-quality cosmetic products.


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