History & Marketing Strategies of Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Company: Maruti Baleno
Founder: R.C Bhargava (Maruti) and Kenichi Ayukawa (Suzuki) (Owners of Maruti Suzuki)

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (Maruti Udyog Limited) is an automobile manufacturer in India. It is jointly owned by Suzuki Motor Corporation and Maruti and is among the most trusted brands of India. It is the leading manufacturer of stylish road cars which is enhanced for every day long performances. 

Due to the collaboration of the Japanese company, the cars of this company offer a classy look. Recently Baleno creates a buzz among the middle-class people for its unique look and superb features.   

How It All Started?

In 1970, “Surya Ram Maruti Technical Services Private Ltd” was established to provide the knowledge about manufacturing, designing and assembling of a “Wholly indigenous Motor Car”. Maruti Limited came up in June 1971 due to the Companies Act. The Company finally incorporated as Maruti Udyog Ltd by Dr. V. Krishnamurthy (also known as the Father of Public Sector Undertakings in India).

The Car Manufacturing Company, Maruti was founded in 1981. The production work started in 1983 with the Car ‘Maruti 700’.In 1982, a Joint venture agreement (JVA) was established between Maruti Udyog Lt. and Japanese Automobile Manufacturer, Suzuki. 

Its headquarters are located in New Delhi, India and have three manufacturing facilities in India in Gurgaon (Haryana), Manesar (Haryana), Gujarat. Baleno is its famous model made in India but was hatch-backed in Japan. In September 2015, unleash of the model was first done at Frankfurt Motor Show. 


The Joint Venture Establishment started with the introduction of the imported SUZUKI SS80 in the Indian Market with the name ‘MARUTI SUZUKI 800DX’ (Maruti 800). Then a number of cars were introduced in the market for the sake of the common people. All of these cars are prioritized to provide a comfortable journey, especially to the middle-class people for their daily use.

‘Maruti Suzuki Baleno’ was the first-ever premium hatchback car launched by the Car manufacturer supremo, Maruti Suzuki India Limited. It was launched on October 26, 2015, with a price bracket of Rs. 4.99 Lakh- Rs. 8.11 Lakh. It was designed by Suzuki style center Turin (Italy). It came into India in 2015 and in Japan in 2016.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS is another hatchback passenger car that was launched by the Maruti Suzuki India Limited on 3rd March 2017. This RS version came with a compact one liter, 3 cylinders Booster Jet which made it sportier compared to the Maruti Baleno. 


Maruti Suzuki Baleno’s marketing strategy and Interesting Reason behind its Grand Success

-Maruti Suzuki has selected the middle-class sector of India as its target market making it among the most economical car manufacturer in India. Baleno is the right solution to this. The car equips with 3 options for powertrain range. They are a 4-cylinder 1.2 L Dualjet Petrol Engine with SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), a 1.2 L Dualjet Petrol Engine and 1.0 L Boosterjet 3-cylinder Direct Injection Turbo Petrol Engine 

-It is modified with Suzuki 1.0 liter BoosterJet K10C DiTC petrol motor for ensuring its performance  

-Baleno has able to create its identity because of its electrically-monitored outside Rearview Mirrors. 

-It is featured with bi-xenon Projector Headlights that makes it suitable to use it at any light condition of the day. 

-This model was undergone for several tests performed by Euro NCAP. In April 2016, it has passed the test with three stars for its quality, performance, and safety.

-It has another version which has been named as Baleno RS. 

-It experiments with innovations and maintains a creative attitude while designing the Baleno.

-The Company has also invested in invention and technology that could be used to upgrade the manufactured vehicles and Baleno is included too in this list.

-The exterior of the car provides a unique head-turning look because of the black alloy wheels, chrome door handles, back door spoiler, and C pillar in high gloss finish

-Baleno provides utmost safety and comfort because its interior is even unparalleled with 60:40 Split Rear Seats, Fog Lights, Luggage Room, Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel, and voice recognition. 


Baleno Campaigns

Maruti Suzuki has a couple of brands under its wing and each one has its own ad campaigns. Here you will be shown why Baleno is most preferable. The unveiling of Baleno was first done in 2015 and that too in Japan. 

In India, it is welcomed in a completely different way. As Baleno is categorized under NEXA brand of Maruti Suzuki two campaigns- Auto Redirect and Shake and Explore Advertising were organized. Auto redirect is the way which takes the viewers to the page of the Baleno via Social Media page and allows them to explore the top-notch look and features of the car. 

The shake banner is marvelous and astonishing. It is used in the category of the display media. There is another strong motto behind this ad campaign. It was especially for the tech savvies who want technological power. This campaign had utilized the Smartphone’s shaking feature to witness the all-new Baleno. 

After a few years, the company redesigns the model and start showing its bolder look to the people via an intriguing TVC. In this shoot, you can see that the car is showing perfectly and edgily mentioning its dominance. 

Maruti Suzuki announced a ‘Service campaign; for all the Baleno customers for a software update. The service campaign took place between Dec 6, 2018, to Feb 14, 2019. The software update was done for free of cost. 



Maruti Suzuki started as a joint venture in 1982 with a Maruti 800 which later went on to become one of the most popular economical cars in India. The marketing strategy of the company worked wonders and it was able to capture most of the target customers making it difficult for its rival companies.

With so many economical car brands, it became the people’s most loved brand. Baleno specifically earns more reputation for the company due to its cool look, performance, and assurance of safety. It helps the company to reach the pinnacle of success with some outstanding features of Baleno. 

Thus, we can say that Maruti Suzuki is a success story which grew up to its gigantic success with the help of clever business strategies. 


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