History & Marketing Strategies of Manforce Brand

Company Name- Manforce
Founder- R. C. Juneja and Rajeev Juneja

Manforce is a condom brand made by Mankind Pharma Limited Company. It is one of the fastest growing companies, established in 1995. It is a premium condom brand of the group and now it is considered as the flagship of Mankind Pharma.

How It All Started

The company Mankind Pharma was established in 1991; in 1995 the Juneja brothers started working to make the company a complete integrated pharmaceutical firm. The company was started by investing 50 Lakh and employed 20 people in the very beginning. In the first year of operation, they launched the company in two states.

The founder R.C. Juneja started their career as a medical representative in 1975. In the year 1983, he started a BestoChem Pharma with his brothers Rajiv and Girish and business partner Vijay Prakash. 

They firstly traded with painkillers and antibiotics, sourced from contracted manufactures. After focusing on potential market segment they opened their own manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh in 2001.



Manforce condom was launched in 2007 but it initiated its promotion after two years. It is the first brand that promoted flavored condoms in the market, which are manufactured in GMP-Certified units. It got promoted through both electronic and print media.

The company has comprehensive network 61 C&F agents and 6000 stockists, which helps them to operate the company under various divisions.

Manforce’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Success

Product Strategy

Mankind promotes its products under three registered companies named Mankind, Magnet, Lifestar & Lifestar 2. It offers span in anti-fungal, antibiotic, Gastrointestinal, NSAID, Cardiovascular dermal and erectile dysfunction drugs. It has a strong portfolio of products of FMCG brands such as quick pregnancy test kit Prega news, Emergency contraceptive pill Unwanted 72, Addiction deodorant, antacid tablets, and Manforce condoms.

It provided them strategic benefits of integration. Manforce condom has uplifted the brand image by increasing its demand in Tier 1 cities. The brand has been vocal for female perception about intimacy.


Engaging With Rural Market

The manufacturing company of Manforce carefully selects its products for rural markets. They incentivized the distribution channel with schemes and controlled the cost of sales with local hiring. Manufacturers of Mankind condoms introduce a new variant in every six months, which helps to keep the excitement alive.

People of rural areas think that it can hamper their sex life and sometimes they even reuse the old condom, this happens because of a lack of information about the birth control methods and condoms. For these reasons, stakeholders are ready to shake off with many old mores. 


Market Share of the Product

In November 2011, a report of AC Nielson says that the Manforce condom has declared as number one condom selling brand in India and holds a market share of 21 percent. It is maintaining its position in terms of volume and wants its growth in double-digit per year. 

Brand Assurance

The units of this brand are GMP-Certified units and provide numerous premiums, extra dotted and flavored condoms. It helps them to establish a strong market presence in Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. It offers a premium quality of condoms at an affordable price with the help of strong distribution channels and deep-down micro-interior coverage. 

Targeted Audience

The brand targeted people who are unmarried and also married couples. People who are mature enough to know about the condom will definitely use it for protection. It can be used by both males and females. Using it is more important for females for safety and beliefs. It can be used by the youth, aged- 18 and above. It is mostly concentrated on youth to avoid HIV type of diseases by using it.   

Promoting Strategy

Manforce adopted a distinguished style for its promotion that shows a woman talking about her fantasies and desires. They signed Bollywood celebrity to endorse the first-rated condom in television. Campaigns help to spread awareness among the people for doing safe sex. The campaigns include print ads, television commercials, etc.


Manforce Campaign

Manforce launched this campaign to promote its products. The campaigns are as follows;


A study shows that many couples record their private moments in their smartphones, which leads to hazardous results. With this concern in mind, mankind has launched an ad campaign which depicts the uncertain outcome of filming and storing those videos in the device. The aim of this campaign was to educate people and indirectly appeal to people not to record their personal moments in their smartphones.

This campaign becomes very much popular among the youth and also become an instant hit on social media. It is a perfect mix of product placement and social message.

Brand Ambassador

The brand signed a Bollywood actress Sunny Leone for promoting the campaign of Manforce Condom. Sunny Leone ad campaign helped Mankind Pharma to increase its business and achieved 3000 crores after the campaign. She has roped in for a campaign of male contraceptive Manforce.

She shot an ad for this in Bangkok and this news spreads like a wildfire in the city. After this news, it is heard that many people are buying the product for safe sex.


Manforce condoms appeal to enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex. It is very much important to educate the people about the benefits of using condoms while having sex, as it helps to protect them by having AIDS and other serious diseases and also it helps in controlling population. Also using it helps in having a more pleasurable experience.

The campaigns of Manforce condoms help people to know the actual advantage of using this product. It has proven itself as a good birth control product. It is very much important to educate village people to use it so that the largely populated states like Bihar, etc can decrease population explosion on their state.

It is important to talk at home about the sex-related diseases and birth control products so that the rate of sexual diseases can be low and people can enjoy their sex life with full of excitement for a long time. 


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