History & Marketing Strategies of Lotus Herbal

Company Name: Lotus Herbals
Founder: Kamal Passi

Lotus Herbals is a personal care brand and beauty products company which was founded in 1993 by Kamal Passi. Its head office is located in Delhi, India. It offers a range of beauty and personal care products under various brand names. Lotus has been the preferred choice of women ever since this brand was launched.

Lotus has come up with product innovations over time and continues to maintain its brand quality.

How it all started

Lotus Herbals was founded in 1993 in a small town in Delhi by Mr. Kamal Passi who passed away in 2015. It was named Lotus in relation to the natural products they offer. He registered his company under the aegis of Lotus Herbals Ltd. and began operations.

It has been engaged in the selling of various kinds of beauty products for women. Over time it has widened its product base and is now planning to launch their men segment.


Lotus Herbals started only as a beauty care product for women. Over time it has become one of the leading companies offering products ranging from beauty care products, anti-aging cosmetics to glow skin products. Their products are one hundred percent natural and herbal. They offer a range of 250 skin care products like Lotus Face Scrub, sun care, and makeup products.

Their tagline is Strength of Purity which is a reflection and extension of the brand’s identity. Their slogan combines the purity of nature and the strength of the inner self. They primarily focus on women care products but over time they are venturing inside the men’s grooming segment as well. Their presence is felt in every segment of the market from skincare to cosmetics to beauty enhances and skin glowers.  


Lotus Herbals Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind its Success

There are several marketing strategies which are employed by Lotus to enhance their brand appeal. Few of them are mentioned below

  • Widespread Distribution:  Lotus Herbals has spread its wings on the overseas market. They are eyeing the Pakistan market as well. Lotus markets their products in Europe, the US, Africa and other parts of Asia as well. Alongside this, they are planning one hundred percent export turnover by this fiscal. 
  • Strong R&D: Lotus is focussed and committed to ensuring a hundred percent safety and ingenuity of its products. They test their products thoroughly before packaging. Their products go through various quality checks and measures before they are certified to be used for the human skin. They are also planning to set up a beauty school in the country to teach grooming and care needs and plan to open several locations across metros.
  • Leading Brand in the Market: Lotus focuses on being the leading brand in the beauty care segment of India. Although it is regularly challenged by other competitors from reputed international and domestic brands it continues to hold its place firmly in the domestic market.
  • Continuous High Rank in the Brand Portfolio: Two of the brands Lotus Herbals Safe Sun and Whiteglow are their most popular products and they continue to market these products aggressively. Apart from these two, they are planning to launch mini packs to cater to the small towns. 
  • Company Diversification Strategy:  Lotus has a diverse workforce and offices in almost all parts of India. It has a huge workforce and they work in strengthening the brand name of the company. They plan to diversify the company offices in various other locations in India to increase their presence.  Currently, the company has distribution strength of eighty thousand outlets and hopes to take them to one and a half lakhs. Another strategy is to open franchise salons across the country.
  • High-Quality Products: Their products are highly rated by consumers. They have a very big customer base and they swear by the products brand value. The company claims its products are paraben free and stick to their commitment to the products being of the highest standard.
  • Aggressive and Integrated Marketing Strategy: Lotus has a deep-rooted base with various outlets presence in the small towns as well. Also, they have developed a strong direct marketing campaign to advertise their products through business to business and business to consumer strategy. 
  • Strong online presence: The Company plans to up its online presence through some effective SEO strategy as well. They plan to increase traffic which will eventually lead to increased sales. Also, they plan to improve ranging on various keywords like sunblock cream, dry skin face wash, and herbal skin care among others. 
  • Targeting small towns: Lotus has expanded its base to the small towns by targeting the mid segment men are grooming market. Deep penetration of the small town market helps the brand to widen its base. 



Lotus Herbals Campaigns

Lotus has aired thousands of commercials for the Indian market. It has designed several commercials for specific occasions like Mothers Day among others. It has raised social issues with their advertisements like the issue of abortion and so on. These advertisements have over time reminded the viewers of the presence of the brand in the market.

It has recently launched its special brand for millennials and contemporary women. The brand has begun to target specific advertisement campaigns for men as well and soon will target children as well. Lotus brand stands for style and panache and maintains the challenge among other rivals in the market.

Hume Quersi, an Indian actress is the face of Lotus Whiteglow which she promotes and supports. Actress Shilpa Shetty has also campaigned for the brand.


Lotus Herbals is a globally recognized brand with skincare solutions that everyone wants. Their products are easily and readily available in the market in beauty stores, local stores, and company outlets. Their developmental and research strategies have helped this brand to redesign and renovate their products. Their products are natural so it appeals to every segment of the society. As they are increasing their online presence as well this brand is sure to go far and beyond in the very near future.

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