History & Marketing Strategies of LOreal Paris

Company Name: LOreal Paris
Founder: Eugène Paul Louis Schueller

LOreal Paris is a personal care brand and company of France. It has it’s headquarter in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine along with a registered office in Paris. Being the leading cosmetics company, it has concentrated on hair care, perfume, makeup, sun protection, skin care, and hair color product.

With time, it comes up with some excellent innovations in the cosmetic world with Modiface, 3D printing of human skin and Episkin.    

How it all started 

The young French Chemist Eugène Paul Louis Schueller of descended of Germany had developed a formula of hair dye in 1909. He had named it as Oreale. Later he had developed much other hair care and styling products by utilizing his own formula and sold them to the Parisian hairdressers.

It was in 1919, he had registered his own company and named it as Société Française de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux. Later various modification models and new inventions of skin care products revolutionized its name as LOreal.  



Being started as the locally formulated hair dye, today it has become the leading cosmetic company preferred by the top-rated celebrities around the globe including many people. Gradually, LOreal Paris owned about 500 brands under its main category for offering various styling, skin care, and hair care kits. It has a large number of acquisitions by owning the shareholder of some famous cosmetic companies in various countries. 

The tagline “Because, I’m worth it” was replaced time with the new launching of the product. The new tagline is “Because you’re worth it”. The new range of Body and Hair products for kids comes with the popular and strong tagline “Because we worth it too”. Now the company markets in every sector like fragrance, hair styling, permanents, and cleansers and lots more.    


Loreal Paris’ Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

There are several marketing strategies of LOreal Paris which incorporate it to become a huge success. Some of them are mentioned below:

Widespread Distribution: As the brand has expanded to 130 countries, it follows a widespread distribution. This leads to maintaining the economic scale and fixed expense sharing such as the cost of factories, warehouses, and others. It allows the company to earn a quick reputation by controlling the cost of the products available in the countries.

Achieve outstanding ratings in the portfolio of the brand: LOreal Paris along with its two other brands- Garnier and Maybelline are considered as the cash cows. These three are the only brands with excellent ratings in the portfolio of the brand. Thus, LOreal Paris able to secure the top position and assists the other brands to thrive and survive too. Furthermore, it is even looking forward to investing time and capital for its further growth.  

Strong Integrated Marketing Communications: Every brand categorized under LOreal Paris is popular for its unique Integrated Marketing Communication. This brand is also exceptionally well for its Purchasing Point at the same time. 

High-Quality Products: Brand Image is something which assists in progressing of the brands and makes a unique and reliable identity. LOreal Paris is like that. Its brand like Garnier, Maybelline, and LOreal Luxe Brands are playing their integral role in the huge success of the brand. Nowadays, most of the people are now assured with the name of the company only. 

Brand Portfolio and fantastic product: LOreal Paris is the all-in-one cosmetic lines for both men and women. It has established various brands for each segment of personal care. Maybelline is focused on various skin care and beautification procedures whereas Garnier is focused on personal care and stronger-colored hair. As every brand is focused on a section for personal care, it is considered as its greatest strength which allows it to taste the success.

Continuous R&D: As a cosmetics and beauty brand, it is important to test the final product before its launching. Only manufacturing in its purest form will not work for the company. Various sciences like sun protection, hair care, skin care, cosmetology, and dermatology must be involved in it. These tests will ensure the safety of using the product on various skin types which makes the brand a huge success. 

Leading beauty cosmetic company: there are many competitors of LOreal Paris but most of them are focused on the product line. But LOreal Paris easily garners a worldwide reputation because of its concentration on its wide ranges of beauty products.     

Diversification of the company: Universalization and diversification are the prime mottoes of the company which leads it to the top of the table. Along with patent 34 brands and 89300 workforces it has created its big web chain. With the 158 nationalities in the product line, it is available over 150 subcontinents. 


LOreal Paris’ Campaigns 

Whenever talking about ad campaign no one can ever beat LOreal Paris in it. It is the only cosmetic brand which has 127 national aired ad campaigns.

With its every segment and brand over 500, in today’s date, the company has 5417 ad campaigns all over the world. It reminds of its presence in every moment and in every form of personal care product despite men, women, and children. 

It promotes separate ad for Maybelline, Garnier, Almey, Revlon and the other brands categorized under it. Though young sensation Alia Bhatt, Athiya Shetty, and glamorous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are seen in various TVC for LOreal Paris Shampoo, Garnier and Maybelline, it has appointed the very talented Deepika Padukone as its global brand ambassador. Only she can promote and endorse any brand of LOreal Paris of any countries.   



LOreal Paris is such a globally recognized brand which has specialized in providing a better solution to take care of skin and hair. Along with its plethora of distribution channels, the products of this company is easily available in perfumeries, hair salons, spa, direct mail, online shopping apps, pharmacies, health outlets, and beauty markets.

Moreover, supermarkets and hypermarkets are also included in it. It even develops 6 Research and Development centers- Japan, USA, Chevilly, Aulnay, India, and China. It has been proposed that the USA will be blessed by the more advanced future facility of the company in New Jersey and Berkeley Heights.


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