History & Marketing Strategies of Lifebuoy Brand

Company Name: Lifebuoy
Founder: Lever Brothers (William Hesketh Lever and James)

Lifebuoy is a leading soap brand that manufactures and sells different products necessary for personal health and hygiene. The company manufactures a different range of products such as bar soap, talcum powder, liquid hand wash, shower gel, hand sanitizers, and exclusive men’s range.

The company introduced a huge line of products for its customers that will suit their needs. The company was initially started in the year 1895 in England when it only used to manufacture perfumed bar soaps. Later on, the company was introduced in India and Unilever Limited took over the company.

Beginning of the company

Lifebuoy was initially and as in history a carbolic soap that contained phenol. The soaps that are manufactured from the brand do not contain phenol. Lifebuoy is India’s first bathing soap and the best product of Unilever Limited, particularly in the bathing segment.

Presently there are different variants of Lifebuoy. The company now manufactures a variety of products apart from soap. It is now manufacturing, liquid hand washes, sanitizers, liquid body wash, shower gel, talcum powder, and different other products. It has a history of over 117 years for giving priority to the customer satisfaction of over 5 million people across the globe by providing them the best quality personal care and hygiene needs.


Launch of the brand

The company started selling its product depending on the promising quality of their products but later on, it became famous among the consumers due to media coverage, so one can easily trust on the quality of the products. The company initially was into the making of bar soaps, but later moved on to the making of different variety of products like shower gels, talcum powders, liquid hand washes, sanitizers as per the consumer demands.

The products are safe to use on every type of skin as the company has since then maintained the quality of the product. This has helped the company in maintaining its consumer base.

Initially when the company just launched in India was not that famous, but later on, with it’s quality and media coverage, the company became quite popular since during that time only a selected soap brand was available in the market. As soon as Unilever Limited took over the company, it showed an amazing turnover. 


Marketing strategies and reasons behind its success


Variety in the product range:

The variety of products from the company was exclusively made for the purpose of maintaining personal health and hygiene. Therefore the company gave significance to the different range of products by maintaining an affordable price range.

They gave special attention to use good quality ingredients to manufacture the products. Each and every product of the company is safe to use. The company recently launched an exclusive range of shower gels and hand sanitizers for the consumer base which became quite popular.


Importance on the choice, quality, and budget:

Most of the customers choose to buy products without having proper knowledge of the ingredients that a company uses. There are many companies that claim using genuine good quality ingredients. But they mostly put harmful ingredients in their products. Lifebuoy gave importance to good quality ingredients by keeping the price point in range so that every person can afford them.

There are many consumers who prefer good quality products for their daily use but at an affordable price. So the company tried to maintain their preference by keeping the quality and the price so that the products can suit a different budget. The company also brought in other range of products in the bathing category since consumers have different needs as per their mood. This strategy of Lifebuoy helped in enhancing the strengths of the company.


The idea about the market:

People these days have become quite alert about their personal healthcare. So the consumers look out for products that will efficiently serve their everyday needs. In order to meet the demand of the consumers, the company came up with a different variety of products that shall match every need of the consumers.

This particular strategy of the company supported it in winning the hearts of its consumers due to which it has gained so much popularity in India.



Lifebuoy Campaigns

The campaign of the company is quite unique from other brands. Since Lifebuoy is all about personal care and hygiene and mostly the kids get more affected from the diseases, so the company tried to put all its focus on the kids and it can be prevented by using the products of the company. The company initially started with the tagline of “Kitanuo Se Asardar Suraksha” and the slogan of “Aaj Lifebuoy Se Nahaya Kya”.

The company then, later on, brought many familiar faces from the entertainment industry such as Kajol and Ajay Devgan in order to increase the popularity of the product among the consumers.

The company, later on, mentioned the use of Active Silver Technology in their products, as they mentioned the use of active silver increases the immunity of the body to fight against the germs. Lifebuoy also used other taglines such Lifebuoy “Hai Jaha Tandurusti Hai Waha” and “Kare Kitanuo Ka Safaya 10 second mai”.

Such unique slogans and taglines of the company have made the company reliable and trustworthy among many consumers. Hence these unique ad campaigns have brought in a huge amount of popularity, thus raising the profit margin rate of the company.


Lifebuoy has reached the popularity level among the consumer base and their requirements. The huge lines of products are widely in demand as the company never compromise with the quality and price of the products. People have become aware of their personal health and hygiene.

Lifebuoy was helpful in helping the consumers to fulfill their requirements. Throughout these years the company was successful in establishing a good image and reputation in the personal care market of India. The company every second is trying to come up with a different variety of products to fulfill the growing needs of the customer base.

The company always tried hard to introduce different product types by maintaining the affordable price range which won the hearts of the consumers. This has helped in increasing the reputation of the company.

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