History & Marketing Strategies of Lavie Brand

Company: Lavie
Founder: Part of Planet Retail – Gurgaon

Lavie Bags is an Indian brand that manufactures and sells various accessories, especially bags and shoes needed by a woman for their daily purpose. An exclusive range of handbags and shoes has recently arrived that has a unique colour and texture blend that has made this range extraordinary and popular.

The company has a huge range of products which a woman might need for daily use. The bags have different categories ranging from the office going bags, backpacks for schools and colleges, sling bags for casual outings, clutches and wallets different other varieties. The shoe range has shoes for every occasions and mood. The company was first started in the year 2010.

Beginning of the company:

The company first started in the year 2010. Initially, the company only had a collection of bags, but after the demand from their lovely consumers, the company started to launch its range of shoe collection. The company mostly tried to focus on the spontaneous, potential and independent 21st-century women. The company understands the needs of the consumers, so it provides customers with a huge range of bags to choose from.

The handbag collection of Lavie has satchels, totes, slings, hobos, box bags. They also have a wide range of clutches and wallets thus ensuring the purpose of matching your outfits and various occasions. But an outfit is never complete without a perfect pair of shoes. The company has a shoe range starting from corals to glossy textured shoes. Lavie’s ballerinas, pumps, wedges, stilettos, and other varieties are to die for. They will definitely compliment your outfit and enhance your look.


Launch of the brand:

The company started selling products with the help of the media. The products are completely manufactured in India, thus there is no question on its colour, texture, and quality. The company, later on, moved on to launch an exclusive range of shoes that will match every age group, occasion, and mood. Each and every product of this brand is quite good in terms of quality, and one can easily find something that will definitely serve their purpose.  

The products will definitely compliment one’s personality and style and will maintain the quotient of elegance, classy or peppy depending on mood and choice. The company initially was not that popular among the women, but afterward, the selling margin and the profit increased with the launch of a huge range of other products in the market.

The profit margin of the company soon rose. Due to the demand because of its range, price, and quality, the company became quite famous today. All the products are found all over India in both online and offline counters.


Marketing strategies and reasons behind its success.

Variety in the product range:

The exclusive collection of bags and shoes from the company of Lavie was made for the purpose of daily usage. Hence the focus was mostly given on the range of products without compromising on the price.

The company made sure to use good quality materials for manufacturing bags and shoes. Every product of the company is quite attractive and easy to carry. The company also introduced products for teenagers as well.


Importance on the choice, quality, and budget:

Most of the customers choose to buy products without even understanding what shall match their dress or mood. So the company introduced variety in the range of products. The company kept in mind about the choice of every woman depending on their budget, mood as well as the preference of quality.

A lot of consumers prefer stylish good quality bags, without compromising on price as per their mood. On the other hand, there are others who try to maintain their budget and still wish to get good quality products. So the company tried to maintain the price range as well as the quality keeping in mind the needs of the consumers. This strategy highlighted the strengths of the company.


The idea about the market:

Everybody has become quite aware of the fashion sense today. The trend is changing every now and then. Consumers look for such products that will efficiently match their everyday needs. So in order to meet the demand of the generation, the company has come up with products for every age group and needs.

This strategy helped the company to reach the heights of success due to which it has become extremely famous in India.


Lavie Campaigns

The campaign of the company brought about many famous celebrities from the entertainment industry. The company mainly tried to highlight the modern generation of women who are spontaneous and independent has high ambitions with an energetic spirit. The campaign initially started with the tagline of “Me. Myself. I”. Kareena Kapoor was the first brand ambassador of the company. 

The company then, later on, switched their tagline to “Fickle is Fun”. The brand ambassador of the company was then Kangana Ranaut. The company switched their tagline is in order to convey the message that sticking to one thing is always boring, that is why switching is always fun. The director of the company mentioned that their campaign targets the women of today’s generation who are passionate, ambitious and energetic in creating their own independent future. 

The present brand ambassador of the company is Anushka Sharma where she features the range of bags as well as shoes. Such ad campaign has brought about the huge popularity of the company.



Lavie has reached the popularity level among the different age groups. Since it never compromised with the product quality, the range of products thus reached the popularity level. The consumers today have become aware of fashion and trend. Lavie was quite helpful in guiding the consumers according to their choice and needs.

Throughout these years the company became successful in making a good image in the lifestyle and fashion market of India. The company every now and then plans to come up with a new line of products to meet the changing needs of the consumers. They always had come up with an extraordinary range of bags and shoe collection which has immediately grabbed the attention of the consumers. This has forced in raising the popularity and good image of the company.

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