History & Marketing Strategies of Kohler Brand

Company Name: Kohler
Founder: John Michael Kohler

Kohler is an American based company that primarily manufactures supreme quality bath and kitchen fittings. This brand is chosen by many customers all over the world because of its quality and collection. Kohler is a top brand in the industry of bath and kitchen fittings that undoubtedly is satisfying its customers throughout the world.

Famous across a lot of countries, Kohler is a growing company. It is the most preferable brand when it comes to the best quality bath and kitchen fittings. It is the most common bath and kitchen fittings brand most found in every house.


How did the company begin?

Kohler was founded and established by John Michael Kohler in the year 1873. Initially, the company started manufacturing cast iron and steel farm implements, castings required for the furniture factories and iron pieces, mostly the ornamental iron pieces such as cemetery cross and settees.

Later on in the year 1933, he invented the first bathtub by putting enamel to cast iron horse trough. But in the primary stage, the company was involved in plumbing and this is the reason it is famous for plumbing fixtures. During the early phase of the 20th century, he made drinking fountains with “bubbling valve” which poured out water vertically. Today Kohler has become one of the largest and famous baths and kitchen fittings sellers in the world.


The Launching

After launching the brand Kohler in the market, Kohler primarily started to sell a different kind of products that include products required for the industrial purpose. The products of the Kohler are made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a person for daily use. He further moved into making accessible bathtubs that are easier to use than the original bathtubs. This particular range was special for the people those who are disabled.  

Initially, Kohler manufactured gasoline engines, but after owning the Italian company Lombardini, now the company manufactures diesel engine as well. The power of the engines provides various ranges of devices starting from water pumps to off-road vehicles. In the year 1920 Kohler was first who provided residential backup generators. 

In the year 1984, Kohler owned Sterling Faucet Company. A new name was given to the company as Sterling Plumbing Group Inc. This brand got combined in the Kohler family and its products. Later on, Kohler expanded the sterling product line that added faucet line, shower doors, sinks, toilets, and various other accessories.

Later on, the company kept on increasing its market in the areas of furniture, cabinetry as well as tile in the consumer market. It also manufactured engines and generators for the industrial purpose. These products are available in every hardware store throughout the country.


Marketing strategies and reasons behind its success


Effective products from the company:

  • Kohler products were built for everyday purpose. Therefore the price of the products was important to be kept minimal. The company emphasized the fact that their products are durable and water and scratch resistant which helps in maintaining the quality and durability of the products.

The company also gave importance to the unique and trendy designs that everyone would love to decorate their bathroom and kitchen with. These strategies helped in building a good impression on the minds of people who wanted to spruce up their kitchen and bathroom. The profit margin of the company rose to result in a firm impression on the minds of people.


Importance on the range and functionality of the products:

Often customers tend to choose products for their bathroom or kitchen without even having proper knowledge about the colour, quality and the proper match. Hence the company noticed a demand in such a range of products that will be easy to install in bathrooms and kitchens irrespective of the background colour or even the size.

The company marketed its product with the tag of “Be Bold. Be original. Be You”. It made sure that all the products will suit every personality, choice. This strategy further supported the company to introduce huge bath and kitchen fittings by highlighting the fact that it will match with any bathroom and kitchen.


Understanding the market:

the target audience of this brand would technically be each and every consumer since these are the necessary item for daily use. Recently everybody knows about designer bathroom and kitchen. So they tend to install designer bath and kitchen fittings in order to make it look classy and elegant.

Since everybody will not be able to afford every range, so the company also has an affordable range of products as well. This further boosted the popularity of the company.



Kohler Campaign

The company features a popular face from the entertainment industry. It is quite famous for its unique advertisements suggesting the enhancement of cooking and bathing space. The brand collaborated with Twinkle Khanna to raise its exposure.

Since the brand focuses on the bath and kitchen fittings, is related to the campaigns that would help in the enhancement of your space where hygiene and minimum decoration needs to be maintained.

When it comes to the global level, the company, the company focused on the excellence, artistic craftsmanship as well as heavy-duty performance. The company went for no stock image, photographer Mark Hothusen crafted themes which are basically inspired by the design and feel of each Kohler product.



Kohler always maintained the premium quality of their products which helped the masses ion accepting it. Consumers today have become quite conscious about the decoration and maintenance which definitely can be achieved by the designer bathroom and kitchen fittings. Kohler definitely gives helpful guides as well as videos that lead to its popularity among each and every consumer.

The design and build quality made it the most preferred choice everywhere. Over several years the brand became successful in establishing itself in the bath fittings market in India as well as overseas. Being the leading brand, the company tried to improve itself to bring a new range of products that will help the consumers in choosing from among the different range of products.

All the products of the company are quite helpful in giving a whole new look to the bathroom as well as your kitchen. This helped in achieving the trust of the consumers. This boosted the popularity of Kohler.


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