History & Marketing Strategies of Jockey Brand

Company Name: Jockey
Founder Name: S.T Cooper and Sons

Jockey is an international brand having its headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It is a leading manufacturer and retailer of undergarments; sportswear and sleep wear for both men and women and also for children. Jockey captured the market since its invention of men’s Y cut briefs in the year 1934 and since then it has been one of the leading manufacturers of undergarments in the US and recognized as a trademarked Company in over 120 countries.

How it all started

Jockey International was founded in the year 1876 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, US by Samuel T. Cooper and St. Joseph Michigan. It was originally named as Coopers. Inc, and the business was originally focused on Hosiery. Cooper started the business after he came to know that the North American workers of the logging industry were suffering due to woolen socks which were not properly knitted.

It was then in the year 1900 Cooper started his own business of manufacturing undergarments to cater to the needs of the general public. The period 1902 to 1934 went very well for the business but post 1934 the Company began to face hardships caused by the depression which became prevalent worldwide. It was then that Coopers. Inc recruited Harry H. Wolf to reconstruct the Company so that the Company returns to its previous state. 

On 19th January 1935, the Company made its presence felt by selling the world’s first ever briefs at the Marshall Field store in Chicago downtown. It was designed by the famous apparel designer Arthur Kniebler. The comfortable design of the briefs resonated success of the Company. This success made the founders focus on other designs and this led to the invention of yet another undergarment naked Maccky. Maccky briefs resulted in such a growing popularity of the Company that very soon 30,000 pairs of the undergarment were sold within a short span of 3 months.

This was undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of Jockey. This success led the Company to produce more and more undergarments and soon in the year 1938, Jockey took over the undergarments industry in the UK and these undergarments were sold at a very fast pace of 3000 undergarments per week which was pretty much contending. 

In the year 1982 Jockey introduced intimate apparel for women and int the year 1997 Jockey introduced its first female undergarments and sold them under the brand name Form Fit. However, this brand was later on discontinued. 

Since 2000, Jockey has been selling its products via online platform and gaining rapid popularity worldwide with its comfortable and safe to wear undergarments. 

Jockey began manufacturing male line of undergarments under the brand name Lite for Walmart. It also began producing the female line of comfortable undergarments under the brand name Form fit but later discontinued due to some serious marketing issues. 

The first selling wing of Jockey named as jockeyp2p.com came in existence in the year 2005. This independent sales team sells comfortable women undergarments and also includes sportswear, accessories, active wear and outerwear. Soon the Company became one of the most sought-after brands for undergarments and accessories for both the gender. 

Jockey’s marketing strategies and the reasons behind its success.

Jockey international undertook various marketing strategies for capturing the global market. The Company focusses mainly on undergarments where the competition in not as strong as in other fashion clothing. The undergarments are made from skin friendly fabrics and thus ensure comfort. 

The indigenous designs of the undergarments are also one of the factors that contribute to the success of the Company. Even if the products from Jockey are a bit costly than its competitors but each and every product gives a value for money.  Therefore, despite the price factor, customers who prioritize comfort factor do not mind buying products from Jockey. 



To promote its products the Company undertakes various marketing strategies to reach to its customer base worldwide. TV advertisements, billboards, newspapers and posters are the most popular advertisement platforms to let the customers know about the products and their details. 

Nowadays social media play a very important role in marketing products of various companies. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the most used social media platforms that are comfortably used by marketers in promoting their products. Through these platforms the marketers also get in touch with the customers and get to know about the taste and preferences of the customers through the innumerable customer reviews and comments flooding the page of these social media platforms. 

Apart from these the Company has its own official website, where the customers can get detailed information about product launches and recent updates. 

Jockey produces apparels for both men and women under different brand names.

For men the various products produced by Jockey are as follows. 

  • Inner T Shirts, normal vests and sleeved vests
  • Normal briefs, boxer briefs and trunk briefs
  • Jacket, polo T shirt, Tank tops and Muscle vests
  • Track pants, lounge pants and shorts
  • Thermals
  • Various socks like casual socks, formal socks and sports socks
  • Hand, face and bath Towels

The women line of products includes the following.

  • Bras of various designs starting from teenage bras to sports bras to bras for everyday uses etc.
  • Panties of various designs like bikinis, hipster and long-legged panties.
  • Tops and camisoles
  • T shirts and jackets
  • Shorts, capris, leggings, lounge pants and track pants
  • Thermals
  • Socks for casual and formal purposes
  • Face, hand and body towels etc. 

The products from jockey have a worldwide popularity and thus they are perceived in good sense that generates profits for the business.


Though the Company began its business with hosieries, very soon it expanded its business and began producing comfortable apparels for both the gender and also for children. People look for comfort when it comes to clothes, especially if the clothes mean undergarments. Jockey ensures comfort and skin friendly garments that are safe to wear. The fabrics used are anti allergic and thus do not cause any skin rashes and serious complications.


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