History & Marketing Strategies of JBL Brand

FOUNDER: James Bullough Lansing

JBL is an electronics company, which is known for its high-quality audio systems in the media industry. This American company, which produces several kinds of audio systems, which gives heavy emphasis on the quality of the sound. This company has different kinds of products for different purposes. 

Audio systems of this company are preferred by almost every media channel that would have to deal with the music system. The sound clarity of the audio system would allow the music maker to understand and listen to every note of the tune that they are developing or playing. Thus with the help of this high-quality system, musicians are able to make good songs for entertaining their fans. 

How it all started

The JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing along with his partner Ken Decker in the city of Los Angeles on 9th March 1927. At that time the company was known as ‘Lansing Manufacturing Company’. Altec Service Corporation bought Lansing’s company in the year of 1941 and after the expiry of the contract with Altec; Lansing founded another known as Lansing Sound Inc. 

This company was later popularised as James B. Lansing sound or ‘JBL SOUND’. In the year of 1946, JBL made a deal with George Carrington to manufacture their first audio systems which were the model D101 loud speaker and the model D175 high-frequency driver. In the year of 1969, operational rights of the company were handed over to Jervis Corporation, which was later renamed into Harman International.



The market of JBL prospered in the late 1960s after Sidney Harman bought the company under Harman International Corporation. They would soon produce some very popular useful products such as Paragon and Hartsfield. They were also ranked first in an open survey by Billboard. During the years of the 1980s, the company brought new technologies that were related to the application of Titanium in high-frequency diaphragms.

In the 1990s, JBL Engineers were able to develop unique dual voice call technology for reducing the driver weight and at the same time would enhance various parameters of the audio system. They were also able to develop technology to increase power handling and to decrease the power compression. JBL started producing professional Audio speakers using Neodymium Magnet. 

There are two divisions within the company that produces two different kinds of audio systems. One is JBL Consumers and JBL Professional production. The former is responsible for producing products for general products and the later one is for producing professional audio systems. They would manufacture professional equipment for such installed sound, DJ equipment, and sound audio and theatre audio system. 

Marketing Strategy & the Reasons Behinds Its Success: 

Selection of Targeted Audience:

In recent years, the youth of India became self-aware regarding the sound quality. Thus the demand for the better quality audio system increased rapidly among the young Indian generation.

This massive demand was observed by the company thus releasing high-quality headphone under affordable prices. The targeted audiences were young office employees and the college student who like to hear music from their smartphone or apple pods. The sound quality impressed the young Indians thus it became famous through their mouths.


Efficient distribution of product outlets:

Since JBL brand is an international brand, it has a major presence in almost every country. After effective marketing comes the part where the company would have to fulfill the demand of the consumer.

With its physical outlets in every shops and availability in almost every electronics shop boosted the popularity of the brand. This company also marketed its audio system on every famous online shopping platform such as Amazon and Flipkart. The easy availability of the products along with high quality made it a household audio product in India. 


Affordable price range:

As the targeted audience were young people of India, the price range would have to be relatively cheaper. The company was able to develop advanced products that cheaper in price but still retained the quality of the brand.

Young Indian didn’t hesitate to invest in such cheap yet high-quality products that would last for a long period of time. This advantage encourages Indian young generation to buy audio systems of JBL. 


Premium products for professionals:

JBL also lookout for professional musician fields for selling their high-end premium products. They would target rich musical producers for promoting their products. These methods worked in two ways, the first way would be the sale of high-quality audio products would bring popularity among the established musicians.

The 2nd way would be the free exposure of the products that would increase the popularity of the other JBL products. Through these methods, JBL was able to gain immense popularity among both new musicians and general young masses of India. 


JBL campaigns

For brand marketing, this company would collaborate with several sports personality that would target the young audience. Sports personality such as Ben Ferguson and Chaz Ortiz would increase the popularity among the young generation people. It collaborated with several popular musicians such as A. R. Rehman and actors such as Dwayne Johnson to reaching out the large part of general masses 

The company would take active participation in the promotion of its various product by creative ads and punch lines. For example, #CORDFAIL which promotes waterproof and wireless JBL speakers. Another marketing campaign that used #LISTENINCOLOR as a tagline for the ad, which features star basketball player Stephen Curry showing his basketball skills.

Under the same campaign, the company collaborated with soccer star player Jerome Boateng who would use his skills to transform the whole game.  Another campaign titled Block out the Chaos which would emphasize the sound quality of the JBL headphones. 



All products of this brand have been proven to be one of the best and it has a widespread and strong distribution network that includes services of distributors and corporate offices in several parts of the world. This enhanced the popularity of the product and reached almost every corner of the globe. 

This company is constantly trying to improve their products and bring new technologies for the betterment of their products. It is one of the top-most brands in the world of sound systems satisfying its customers for more than three decades.


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