History & Marketing Strategies of Jaguar Brand

Company Name: Jaguar Land Rover
Founder: William Lyons and William Walmsley

Jaguar Land Rover is one of the most popular luxury automobile brands that produce premium luxury SUV’s and improved tech sports racing cars. It is also one of the biggest selling luxury cars in the luxury automobile industry. Jaguar Land Rover introduced a different class of luxury cars under Jaguar Cars.

 The company focused on introducing improved tech cars in the automobile market. The company was initially started in the year 1922 as Swallow Sidecar Company when its only use to manufacture motorcycle sidecars and later on passenger car bodies. Later on, the company moved on to make the best in class luxury cars. 


Beginning of the company

Jaguar Land Rover was initially an innovation for making motorcycles and car bodies in the history of the brand. The company initially has the name of Swallow Sidecar Company, but under its ownership, the business made an association with Standard Motor Company.

After the SS Cars named to Jaguar Cars, huge revolutionary changes were brought in the quality of the cars. In the era of ’50s Jaguar was successful in making its image as one of the premium luxury car manufacturers in the world. Later on, the company faced huge mergers and acquisitions in providing Jaguar its real premium status.

Since the company and its cars gained enough popularity, now due to its premium quality cars and overwhelming demand, Jaguar has different car series. Every series has different specifications which make them unique from one another. Jaguar has a history of 97 years for giving importance to customer satisfaction across the globe by providing the best quality luxury cars.


Launch of the company

Jaguar initially being sold based on the best quality cars, but as soon the company merged with other automobile manufacturers it became popular among the consumers due to attractive designs and improved specifications. The company emphasized the design and specifications so the consumers can blindly rely on the class and quality of the products.

The company initially merged with Daimler Motor Company in the ’60s, then with British Motor Company. Later on, the company merged with Leyland. Ford in the year 1990 acquired Jaguar Cars, later on, Land Rover owned Jaguar. Finally, Ford gave up both Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors.

Finally in 2013 Jaguar merged with Land Rover to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited as one single designer manufacture and sales company. This resulted in Jaguar Land Rover to make designs for the global manufacturer as well as the marketing of Jaguar as well as Land Rover Products.

The products of the company served high-quality products as well as services to its customer base without compromising on the availability of the products and its price point. This helped the company in maintaining its reputation. The company made a huge change in its marketing image with popular media coverage strategies. This helped the company to maintain its popularity and demand since its launch in the market. 


Marketing strategies and reasons for the success

Variety in the product range: The variety in the different models of cars was exclusively made by keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the customers. A lot of customers look out for varieties in the model as well as the specification in the luxury automobiles which are improved and provide better performance than other automobile companies. 

Since there are other luxury car companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, and other brands, so the company was launched with the expectations and thoughts of the customers.Attention was given to use improved quality parts for building the cars. Every model of the company is unique from one another and its marvelous designs and proper build quality made it popular among most of the customers.


Importance on the choice and quality: Many customers buy luxury cars without having proper knowledge of the specifications and the improved technologies which the company is using to manufacture its models. Many automobile companies try to sell their products by blindfolding the customers and convincing them about the use of the best quality technology in their models.

Jaguar has always respected the faith that their customers have on them. Also, the quality of the models are extremely good and the best quality.Most of the customers expect the best quality products since they are paying such huge amounts for buying the models. So the brand respects the choice and their customers’ preference. This strategy of the company helped in highlighting the strengths of the company due to which it gained popularity among the customers.


The idea about the market: Customers these days are quite aware of the new models, the improved technologies which the company uses for manufacturing their products. To meet the increasing demand of the customers, the company came up with variety in the models and designs which includes the best quality specifications.

The company made sure that such improved technologies will blow the minds of their customers. This apt strategy of the company helped in making a better place in among the customers, due to which the company became famous globally.


Jaguar Campaigns

The campaign of the company some extraordinary thoughts and imagination which captured the hearts of the customers. The advertisement campaigns brought many familiar faces from the entertainment industry.

Since the company is more popular in the global market, the familiar faces are mostly from the Hollywood industry. The company uses the tagline “Born to perform” which depicts that the products of the company are made to give the best in class performance. Jaguar brought faces like the famous comedian Sharon Horgan where she shows how she does her things in her way.

Another film was made with Jose Mourinho to make the promotion of the Jaguar cars through the film where he features the concept of a shared reputation for being special.


Jaguar has gained a huge popularity level among the customers as well as their needs in the luxury automobile industry. The models are extremely popular and are always in great demand since the company never compromises on the quality of the products. Throughout these years the company became successful in keeping a good image and reputation in the luxury automobile industry.

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