History & Marketing Strategies of Intex Brand

Company Name – Intex
Founder – Narendra Bansal 

Starting as Intex Technologies in 1996, Intex has its multi-faceted presence in mobile and mobile accessories, Information Technology and consumer durables. Listed among the top privately held companies in India, Intex owes its success to the visions and initiatives of Managing Director and Chairman Mr Narendra Bansal.

Currently the 2nd largest mobile phone manufacturing company in India, Intex strives to make the smart value accessories easily accessible to all sections of the society i.e. people from all social background. The current CEO of Intex is Keshav Bansal and the headquarters are situated at Okhla Industrial Area in New Delhi.   

How It All Started 

Quite surprisingly, the man behind Intex –Narendra Bansal, after his graduation in 1986, decided to spot innovative business opportunities rather than venturing into the grain trading which was his family business in Naya Bazar.

With the initiative to sell affordable cordless phones or mobile phones, Bansal started his shop in Naya Bazar and even offered refund if potential customers were not satisfied with the mobile phones. The current pickup-delivery concept was not there and he promoted his business through classified advertisements on newspapers.

Although the business worked but lacked proper remuneration, which prompted him to sell floppy discs but that too failed due to proper scaling.   

Several trials and errors followed till the year 1996 when Bansal came up with the idea of brand name of Intex for Ethernet Cards in 1996 and in that year, it was able to earn INR 1.18 Crore revenue which was not bad if compared to his investment of INR 20,000. 



Although the initial few years were not very successful, with the launch of Intex Technologies in 1996 opened a new dimension of business and Bansal could no longer remain in the hand-to-mouth situation. In the following years, Bansal launched laptops, computers, inverters and even LED TVs but they were not satisfactorily successful.

The feature phones were launched under Intex in 2007. With a steady network dealers, tie-up with Disney for phone content and advertisement campaign starring the South Indian movie star Kajal Aggarwal, the phones were introduced to the market yet less than forty thousand handsets were sold in 2 years. 

When his family too was not sure about his venture with Intex, Bansal did not lose his passion and concentrated on the fallacy due to which Indian customers including his employees and family were not intrigued with this Indian brand.

Bansal got rid of the old dealer network who were from other sectors having little knowledge about handset marketing and with the new network of dealers, the Intex company earned INR 1000 Crore, 3600 Crore and more than 6000 Crore in the following years 2012, 2015 and 2016 respectively.     

Intex’s marketing strategy and reasons behind its success

-Ethical practices, transparency and fairness in operation are the three core values adhered by Intex throughout the years. Being an Indian brand comes with lots of challenges from the foreign brands and Intex has given its customer centricity its top priority by providing top quality products. 

-Through employee excellence, Intex strives for Organizational Excellence. By treating the employees as valuable assets for the company, Intex abides by the ethical standards as set by the Corporate Governance. Strategic optimization of the resource management is followed by safeguarding interests of the stakeholders. 

-The Research & Development of Intex is part of the Make In India campaign and since 2004, it has been manufacturing its products in the state of the art factories from Jammu and Himachal Pradesh. It has helped the local vendors thrive and youths from hinterland getting training and employment in the factories. 

 -Success achieved through thorough research is what Intex emphasizes on. The in-house research team utilizes Altium PCB designing software and 3D mechanical designing software of SolidWorks AutoCAD 2011. Besides, vendor visits are recorded, any data regarding field failure is reviewed on monthly basis and new products are regularly introduced and tested. 

-Intex has its international lab facility set up in China too and in both Indian and Chinese research facilities, the product designing and development are manned by experienced and qualified team. Annually around forty million handsets, half million LED Televisions and 23 million chargers and mobile batteries manufactured with proper quality management under the Quality Assurance body. 

-Innovation is another reason behind Intex’s success –IDMOS OS for smartphones offer smarter interactive UI,  Saltwater technology in washing machines reduces vibration and noise, UV2A offers virtual alignment on televisions, iRIST with 3G SIM slot is the first Android Smartwatch  etc

-The launching of first Asian Firefox OS mobile, introduction of OGS curved display, introduction of twenty-two Indian languages, introduction of mobile phones for septuagenarian, octogenarians and visually impaired people, providing 14 DVD variants and launching of projector phone V Show has helped Intex to spread its market in India and overseas.   


Intex’s campaigns

The CSR philosophy of Intex has helped in spreading a number of empowerment campaigns, for example, the setting up of Entrepreneur Development Center in partnership with LIFE for youth training, partnership with “Teach For India” NGO to alleviate educational inequality, supporting Behtar India Campaign of NDTV for focusing on Hygiene, Environment and Health, educating 500 underprivileged kids from Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya, collaboration with Jaya Foundation to organize NANHEE (a fundraiser event) and supporting kids fighting Cancer. 

The Advertisement campaign of “Bill Ka Daura” for air conditioners showed how Intex ACs can save upto 30% electricity while offering 15% more cooling. The 4-week campaign over billboards and TVCs for the ELYT DUAL mobile promoted how the mobile can create not only pic (picture) but also make it ‘Epic’.

With editing and VFX, in the TVC of Aqua i7 mobile, farhan Akhter was seen fighting with Ninja and Samurai warriors. The #ProudIndian social media campaign on 2016 Republic Day and the #CloudStringHD with #AwakenSenses engaged more social media users.    



What started as Ethernet card mobile phone manufacturer company, has quickly escalated to extensive ventures like washing machines, power banks, LED televisions, Webcams, UPS, refrigerators and so on. More than 1200 service centers as well as dedicated customer care service PAN India make sure that the valued Intex customers are never left unattended. 

With popular faces like Farhan Akhter and Madhuri Dixit as the brand ambassadors and the 2016 IPL team Gujarat Lions, Intex has climbed up in terms of popularity. 

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