Marketing Strategies of IBall Brand

Company name: iBall
Founder: Sandeep  Parasrampuria

iBall is an Indian consumer electronics company founded in 2001 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company started its operations by selling computer mice. The company also imports computer peripherals, smartphones, and tablets from original equipment manufacturers.

As the company expanded it sold several varieties of consumer electronics product in different categories ranging from speakers, headphones, IT peripherals, tablet PCs, laptops, security/ CCTV to network and routers.

How it all started

Best It World (India) Pvt Ltd operating as iball started its operations in September 2001. It is an Indian consumer electronics company with its headquarters in Mumbai.

iball started with selling computer mice and now its product portfolio includes Smartphone and feature phones, ADSL Routers, Network USB Share, Network  Adapters, Laptops, CCTV which includes CCTV Alloy Video Cable and Camera Bracket, peripherals, gadgets and many more. iBall offers low-mid range of products to meet the specific needs of a particular section of society. 



iBall started functioning from 2001 and initially sold computer mice which gradually became one of the popular electronic companies in India. Since then iBall launched several products like 9-inch pintu Slide i9018 Android Jellybean Tablet just for Rs 9990.

iBall launched the Andi Uddaan Smartphone in 2014 specially designed for women with an SOS button located at the back of the phone sounding like a loud siren and automatically sends text messages to five pre-selected contacts when in need. In the year 2015 iball collaborated with Intel and Microsoft to launch iBall Slide i701.

This strategic collaboration proved to reap great results for the company as it has launched some of the best products since then and continues to do so.


Marketing Strategy and the Reasons behind Its Success


  • Quality Products

Starting out with selling mice in 2001 the company has come a long way with its introduction of 27 products in different categories by 2011. This is possible due to the company’s effectiveness in understanding the pulse of the customer and creating products according to their needs. The products manufactured by iBall are not only of good quality but are also convenient and extremely affordable.

From the launch of world’s First 35 lumens projector phone ‘Andi4a Projector’ to its collaboration with Microsoft and Intel to launch affordable laptops and enabling Digital India with powerful tools iBall has always focussed on empowering new India and also maintaining its quality at the same time.


  • Effective Reach to the Customers

Headquartered in Mumbai iBall has been effective in reaching out to customers almost throughout the country. With its twenty-six branches and the availability of its products in about seven hundred and fifty towns and cities, iBall has a well-developed network for the marketing of its products.

The company with its workforce of about three thousand employees contribute to the very strong distribution network. The sales system is also very rigorous with its effective and well-trained sales force that creates a positive impact on the sales figure.

The availability of the products obtained from either local electronics shop or from retail outlets like hypermarket, superstores, electronic goods outlets, discount stores makes the accessibility easy for the masses. The brand has one hundred and twenty-five service centers all over the country which facilitate after-sales services to its customers.


  • Cost of the Products

iBall is a low budget company and it aims at reaching potential customers with its genuine products and affordable prices. iBall ranked first with the growth of healthy 23% in the year 2015 in the tablet market. With its constant innovation and advancements, the company has earned revenue of over US$170 million throughout the years.  

The price of the products has been kept affordable ranging from low price to mid price so that it is accessible to a larger section of society in a developing country like India. Most Indians belong to the middle-class section of society so to afford an item of luxury they have to make ends meet, but with iBall it is no longer a problem as they can find a wide range of products in a pocket-friendly price. In this way, the company has been able to generate higher sales keeping the profit margin to the minimum. 


  • Promotion

The importance of promotion for any brand is crucial in order to keep its hold firm amidst the nerve-racking competition all around. iBall also with the professional guidance of well-trained advisers has developed a strong promotional strategy to showcase its products to attain maximum impact and higher visibility.

Rigorous promotions are done on television, radio, newspapers and other social media platforms. The company also uses the stardom of celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan for the endorsements of the brand and is seen in several ad campaigns relating to the brand. Some of the slogans of iBall like “sun sunao gun guano”, “your eyeball view. Our technology new.”  are some of the phrases that got really popular with the masses.



iBall starting with a single category of products to have developed such an impressive portfolio points to the groundbreaking success of the brand. With its effective campaigns, the company is able to reach the hands of 60% of the population of the country.

The company with the introduction of all the latest models from phones, tablets, PCs have done effective campaigning and promotions to reach its target customers. Extensive promotions on visual mediums like television, newspapers, and billboard magazine to several social media platforms are done to leave no stone unturned. The faces of renowned celebrities for the ad campaigns strike the right chord when connecting with the masses and iBall has done that effectively and produced desired results.

The brand iBall with a large variety of products has catered to the varied needs of various people effectively in the country. This brand throughout its eighteen years of journey has remained cost-effective without compromising the quality. The company has been through a lot of transformation since it started its journey and continues to evolve and innovate in the coming days as well.


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