History & Marketing Strategies of Huggies Brand

Company Name: Huggies
Founder:  John Kimberly

Huggies are disposable baby diapers made for infants. Their additional products include Clean Team which have products like shampoo, soaps, etc. They were first marketed in 1968 by Kimberly-Clark and in 1978 replaced the Kimbies brand. Huggies is a leader in the disposable diaper category and holds 22% of the market share. Over time it has become a pioneer and trusted the global leader in the category of child care brands. 

How it all started

The journey of Huggies started in the year 1978 when they replaced the Kimbies brand. The kimbies brand operated in the market and slowly the Huggies brand gained prominence. Over time it has become one of the leading developers of diapers brands around the world. Huggies has presence all over the world and operates in over 180 countries with a presence in all the sections of the world. 



Kimberly Clark started off their journey as a diaper brand Kimbies and ventured out to test and market Huggies as a diaper brand which is best suited for infants. Over time they have come across with new products and diapers and had ventured into the women’s and men’s category to expand their product base. Huggies has recently launched Little Snugglers nano diapers and Little Movers diapers to bring craft and aesthetics to their diaper category. 

Huggies has recently launched a new diaper for the smallest babies, Huggies Little Snugglers Nano Preemie Diapers. These are made for babies weighing less than 2 pounds. These are also designed to protect the skin of premature babies while promoting overall health and well being of the little ones. 


Marketing Strategy & the reasons behind its success:

Huggies has updated its marketing strategy from time to time which has enabled them to generate unique selling points. Here are a few marketing tricks employed by Huggies to reach out to a wide consumer.

  • Building an emotional connection:

Huggies knows they don’t have direct consumer access to their products. The end users of Huggies products are babies who know nothing about the products. So, they have a built a strong emotional bond with the parents with empathetic commercials which in turn has resulted in huge profit margins


  • Widespread distribution:  

Huggies has its distribution network spread all over the globe through franchises, outlets, and shops. Their products are readily available everywhere and sold in almost every country. They have partnered with reputed medicine wholesalers across the world. They have developed several key distribution centers and have built a wide network of dealers, distributors, and numerous retail partners.


  • Strong Research and Development

Huggies invests abundantly in research and development and has state of the art research centers in and around the USA. As they operate in a very sensitive category they need to ensure the safety and hygiene of the toddlers. So, they take extra precaution in order to make sure that the infants who use the products don’t develop any sort of skin problems because of their products.  They have also diversified their product range.



  • Leading Brand in the Market 

Huggies has been the leading brand in the diaper category for years now. They have built a strong connection with the parents which has helped them to reach out to a wider base of consumers.  Simultaneously they have also expanded their presence in the appliance, water heater, and cooler and purifier segments. They continue to innovate creating a fresh identity for themselves. They have trusted names in the sanitary segments for millions of consumers and continue to thrive with passion and dedication. 


  • Continuous High Rank in the Brand

Huggies continues to rank high in its category and leads the baby diaper segment. They face steep competition from other leading brands in their categories but still maintain the quality and standards expected from one of the leading brands in the market. Huggies continues to hold on its own in this segment due to the sustainability of their products and innovation standards.


  • Powerful & Aggressive Marketing Strategy: 

Huggies has developed powerful business plans to counter its rival brands. They have increased their air time in the commercials and have higher ratings than their peer brands.  They have used print and media to better their marketing strategy. 


  • Strong Brand Recall Value

As a flagship brand of Kimberly Clerk, Huggies has several reputed sub brands under its category. All their products have very strong brand recall across all segments. They have launched several other brands like their new gentle protection for babies diapers which are in resonance with their brand strategy.


  • Continuous Online Presence:

 Huggies has designed and develop a new brand identity for themselves and using the social media platform in a creative manner to market their products. They plan and carefully implement their ideas on social media. They tweet and retweet on Twitter which means they take extremely good care while handling their Twitter accounts.


  • High-Quality Products:

Huggies is known for the qualitative value of its products. They are all about comfort and hygiene which is why they take extremely good care in maintaining the quality parameters of their products. They go for continuous product upgrades and offer fantastic packaging for their products.


Huggies Campaigns

Huggies has thousands of commercials which are aired every day on television. Their commercials are directed more towards establishing their brand identity. Huggies believes in the power of the hug and it helps the babies sleep better, relives their tension and stress. It also focuses on the parents by giving them a brand which they can trust.

Huggies new commercial is based on the idea of a blind mom seeing her baby’s ultrasound image. Huggies commercial envisages a 3D print model of her child who she can touch. Huggies has been the pioneers in developing modern 3d technology commercials which are in perfect sync with the modern outlook of the brand.


Huggies is a globally recognized brand and is well loved by parents. They have developed their brand presence over the years and are known as leaders in the diaper category. Huggies has continued to design hygienic diapers for babies and adult products with zeal and success. Their product development techniques and unique designs have made them a household name. 


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