History & Marketing Strategies of Honda Jazz

Company Name: Honda Jazz
Founder: Soichiro Honda

Honda is a renowned automobile manufacturing company and the owner of the renowned brand Honda Jazz. It was started in the year 1937 by Soichiro Honda in collaboration with Kato Shichiro. He founded Tokai Seiki also known as Eastern Sea Precision Machine Company. It was once taken over by Toyota and then once again Mr. Honda got his own back for his company. Honda continues to be one of the key players in the automobile category and lead with its flagship Honda Jazz.


How it all started

Honda started off as a piston ring supplier company and then slowly graduated to producing mass rings using an automated process In 1946 Mr. Honda founded the Honda Technical Research Institute. Over the years Honda continued to innovate and upgrade its product base and gained momentum in the luxury category of automobile market segment. According to Honda hydrogen fuel cells will replace piston cars and not battery cars. 



Honda Jazz was launched as early as in 2001 and it has various models under its category. The latest version introduced is Honda Jazz Facelift which is indeed a high-end luxury car in its category. Honda has made its presence felt everywhere with excellent product innovation skills and continues to upgrade its technology and vehicle designs. 

Honda is launching a series of new vehicles in the luxury category. Honda has over ten million units worldwide. The Honda Jazz has undergone innovations and comes will fuel powertrain technology, noise reduction wheels along with Honda sensing.


Marketing Strategy & the reasons behind its success:

Over the years Honda Jazz has made numerous strategic changes which spread the wings of their product and has helped them to cater to a diverse customer base. Let’s look at some of the key features of their marketing strategy:


  • Wide-scale distribution network

Honda is not a top-down company like some of its competitors. Honda has manufacturing units spread all over the world that operates as unique autonomous entities producing vehicles according to local conditions and consumer patterns. Honda has effectively combined its design, engineering and manufacturing innovations which are managed by executives who are miles away from the main unit.


  • Brand recall value

Honda has a great brand recall value and Jazz has pleased consumers worldwide with its great looks and design. Jazz is a flagship brand of Honda and continues to innovate on its design and strategy. It’s a well-renowned brand in the mini hatchback segment and the consumers continue to bet on the innovation of the car. The key features of Jazz are continuously updated and technological changes are simultaneously implemented to keep on the interest of the car enthusiasts.  


  • High-quality products

Honda is known for the quality of its vehicles and strong technological upgrades. They have Honda Jazz which is a sporty hatchback and bold designs and dynamic wheels. They continue to meet their world class standards with great product designs, continuous upgrades, and steadily built reputation. Their world-class vehicles continue to be driven by consumers worldwide.


  • Leading brand in the market

Jazz continues to be the leading vehicle in the market for years now. They have successfully edged out their competition through innovative product marketing and strong pricing policy. Honda Jazz continues to be one of the product innovators through specific improvements in their brand category.


  • Concrete pricing policy

Honda has developed a pricing policy which targets every segment of the market. The pricing strategy is developed keeping in view various parameters like features, segment, and competition. They use economies of scale to determine their policy. Honda has developed manufacturing units in developed countries to meet the growing demands of consumers.


  • Innovative online promotion strategy

Jazz has fine-tuned its promotional strategy and has focused diligently on its advertisement campaigns. It has used hashtags on Twitter to promote its message. They have shown humanity towards their social media campaigns using it as an effective weapon in strategizing and promoting its vehicle.


  • Powerful and aggressive marketing strategy

Honda Jazz continues to edge out the competitors by employing a decisive marketing strategy. Honda deploys direct marketing strategic slogans against their peers through fun commercials and promoting their products by highlighting the durability and precision of their cars.


  • Sustainable growth through green measures

Honda Jazz continues to be one of the best green cars around. It has innovated from the battery segment to fuel cells cars. Honda continues to go green and looks for sustainable alternative options to enhance these features on their vehicles. Honda has realized the long term challenges of the century and is continuously upgrading and innovating on its products.


  • Focusing on consumers behavior

Honda’s main focus is consumer behavior and it rapidly evolves its technology to suit the consumer’s needs. Jazz continues to assess and innovate on the buyers three joys namely joy of creating, buying and selling. People coming in contact with this brand share happiness through their experience.


Jazz Campaigns

Honda Jazz has different commercials which are being aired throughout the advertisement space. They continue to surge ahead of the market and competitions by evolving at a rapid pace.  The brand has developed format breaking advertising campaigns to counter the over-saturated car segment. Jazz has changed the way buyers view car commercials.

Honda Jazz’s new campaign “Sexy in a new light” serves a dual purpose. It features a cat trying to avoid traffic jams to get to his destination is impressed by the Jazz to deliver a stellar experience. Jazz has been successful in creating a dream for its consumers and substantiating it with stellar commercials. 

Honda commercials have featured different celebrities from time to time. They mostly rely on innovation rather than using brand celebrities to advertise on their campaigns.



Honda Jazz is a global brand with a presence all over the world. It has come up with strong technological upgrades and developmental strategies that have helped the brand to come up with unique solutions to address automobile customers. Honda Jazz has created a space for itself in the midsize hatchback segment and is sure to look at new horizons in the years to come.


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