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Rajendra K.Somany

Hindware is a consumer appliance brand owned by HSL with renowned presence and acceptance by consumers. In the year 1960, Mr. Rajendra K. Somany established Hindustan Twyfords in association with Twyfords Ltd. of UK. He intended to enter the sanitary market segment of India with vitreous ceramics. Hindware continues to be one of the key players in the Indian bathroom vanity segment with a strong customer base.

How it all started

The journey of Hindware started when Rajendra Somany collaborated with UK sanitary giant Twyfords Ltd. He got strong family support and gathered technical excellence from Twyfords. He established the Bahadurgarh factory in Haryana which started operation in 1962. Hindware now operates three manufacturing plants in India which produce 12000 units of vanity hardware every day.

The company changed its name to HSIL in 1969 and then to HSIL Limited in 2009.


Hindware started off its journey as a sanitary brand and continues to innovate in this sector. Over the years it has emerged as one of the leading faucet sanitary ware company of India. They have made their presence felt everywhere with excellent quality control and product management. They are bringing superb designs, crafted aesthetics and technologically advanced products into the Indian market segment.

Hindware has one unlikely mascot, the cactus plant which reflects their motto of sustainable development. They have also adopted “Get Charged” as their slogan to focus on the need for personal space in the modern world. It elevates the bathroom from just another room to quickly wash  in Indian concept to a place where one can unwind and relax. It builds on its earlier campaign slogan “Simply Obsessive”.  

It has diversified into the glass industry as well with the acquisition of Associated Glass Industries Limited in 1981 leveraging the power of the brand. Their first store commenced operations under the Evok brand in May 2008. 

Marketing Strategy & the reasons behind its success:

Over the years Hindware has adopted several unique marketing techniques to spread the reach of their products and to develop unique selling points. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Widespread Distribution:  

Hindware has expanded its distribution network by establishing retail outlets in almost all parts of the country.  It has opened three distribution channels for sanitary ware, retails and consumer products. It has several pipeline distribution centers across the country to address key hardware installation issues. It has over 3200 dealers, 340 distributors and numerous retails panels to reach out to consumers.

  • Strong Research and Development:  

The company has invested in superior research and development enabling the highest finish for its sanitary ware and has created the Starwhite which has made the whitest white. Their products go through a lot of quality checks before being introduced in the market. They have also increased their product range and portfolio across their entire units. Their R&D team has helped them file them three patents and elevate design benchmarks to stay well ahead of the competition.


  • Leading Brand in the Market – 

Hindware has been the leading brand in the sanitary and vanity segment for years now.  They are one of the top players in the kitchen chimney segment of India. Simultaneously they have also expanded their presence in the appliance, water heater, and cooler and purifier segments. They continue to innovate creating a fresh identity for themselves. They have trusted names in the sanitary segments for millions of consumers and continue to thrive with passion and dedication. 


  • Continuous High Rank in the Brand

Hindware continues to be among the leading high rankers in the bathroom faucet category in the luxurious bathroom segment. Though there is steep competition in the Indian bathroom segment, Hindware continues to hold on its own in this segment due to its product durability and continuous ingenuity. 

  • Powerful & Aggressive Marketing Strategy: 

Hindware continues to grow and change with the tastes of Indian consumers and employing aggressive strategies. They continue to invest in promotional campaigns higher than their peer brands.  They have employed a judicious use of media and technology to better their marketing strategy. 

  • Strong Brand Recall Value

Their flagships brand continues to enjoy strong brand recall value across the Indian market. They have launched several extensions of their brand like the “Truflo by Hindware their own pipes and fittings business which finds its own consumer base owing to their strong brand acceptance.  

  • Continuous Online Presence:

Hindware continuously searches for a better experience for their end users. This has led them to innovative a more interactive augmented reality experience for their consumers. This helps consumers to guess how a product would perfectly fit their needs. This is what they call the DremBath experience. Moreover, they have increased their presence on e-commerce platforms and leading social media sites so that they can reach out to their customers through both offline and online modes. They continue to provide timely feedback to consumers.


  • High-Quality Products:

This brand is known by the quality of its products. They are reputed for continuous product upgrades through path-breaking technology.  They have household names in their collection like their Italian collection and their innovative bath faucets have enhanced their reputation. Their world class standards and variety of packaging set them apart from their competitors.


Hindware Campaigns

Hindware has aired thousands of commercials for the Indian market.  They continue to grow ahead of the market with new business initiatives to stay significant in their category and moving the consumers in the right direction in this rapidly growing market. Their campaign focuses on using the bathroom as a place to relax and unwinds.

Their latest ad campaign Get Charged aims to build an emotional cord between its brand and consumers. People seem to compromise when designing a bathroom.  They have introduced Indian celebrity superstar Shahrukh Khan to their campaign in their new commercial “Start with the Expert”.



Hindware is a globally recognized brand with sanitary innovations for Indian markets. Their products are highly competitive and readily available in the market. Their developmental strategies have helped the brand to come up with unique solutions to reinvent the bathroom space. Their online presence and upgraded apps have helped them retain the edge over other competitors operating in the market. They have created a niche presence for themselves and will surely go far and beyond with their approach.

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