History & Marketing Strategies of Hindustan Pencils

Company Name: Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd
Founder: Harendra Bhaidas Sanghvi, Natvarlal Hiralal Patel and Kirti Bhaidas Sangvi

Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd is one of the largest Pencil manufacturers of the nation catering to the needs of stationeries of about 50 countries across the world. The two brands under the umbrella of Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd namely, Apsara and Nataraj are exported to many countries across the globe and has been the household brand of our nation, India. The non-toxic nature of the ingredients with wood being the main ingredient has made the product reliable and safe. 

Every child who has grown in India have used these pencils as a kid and definitely has fond memories attached to it. That is the essence on which Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd works in India. It is a brand loved by generations of people.

Sharpeners, pencils, erasers, pens and scales are produced in-house to ensure quality standards of each and every product so that exporting them internationally becomes an easy process without any complications.

How it all started

The company was established in the year 1958 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Since then it has been manufacturing writing implements and making student life a more enjoyable one. The company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on March 15, 1955. It is a non- government company with authorized capital amounting to Rs 440,000,000 and with a paid-up capital of Rs. 349,027,008. 

Nataraj was the first brand under Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd and was launched keeping in mind the needs of all and sundries. Thus, it soon captured the value for money image. Apsara was launched in the year 1970 with prime focus on drawing pencils. From 1990 onwards however it also started manufacturing writing pencils and other writing implements under its brand name and became the most sought-after scholastic brand. 

From 2007, Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd added another feather to its wing and started manufacturing ball pens and the black and red designed ball pens became one the favorites among students.


Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd’s Marketing Strategy and reasons behind its success

Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd focusses on quality products and environment friendly ingredients for manufacturing the stationeries. The company makes consistent efforts in meeting all the norms and specifications of international safety so that exporting the materials across the world goes on smoothly. 

The company makes use of natural and non-toxic ingredients with Wood being the main component. To prevent degradation of the environment the company develops wood plantations so that this valuable natural resource is continuously renewed. No forest wood is used for manufacturing the products; instead the urge to use only natural ingredients has compelled the company to develop its own wood plantations.

The Company also procures the wood from those farmers who grow trees independently in their own farm or courtyard. This ensures uninterrupted wood supply of superior quality. It also helps in the maintaining of the ecological balance and protection of bio-diversity. 

The main reason behind the Company’s success is that it uses natural raw materials that are environment friendly and its serious endeavors to switch over formulations that are PVC free. The Company’s commitment towards quality products and its constant efforts to improve the R & D have taken the Company’s success beyond the national boundaries. 

The Company also fulfills corporate responsibility towards the society. They have established various institutions for imparting professional training for the betterment and improvement of life. Teacher training is imparted for the sectors like rehabilitation and paramedicines for areas like mental retardation and cerebral palsy, hearing impairments etc. It educates more than 200 children in their institution in Gujarat.

It also conducts various rural programmes to eradicate diseases like Polio and Rubella to ensure that the future generations are not any more effected by these viruses. Giving back to the society as a brand is very essential and Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd have successfully worked towards the progress of the society.

Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd produces the following products under its brand. 

Under the brand Nataraj, the Company manufactures the following products.

  • Writing pencils for general scholastic purposes.
  • Mechanical pencils for engineering students and engineering purposes.
  • Erasers to meticulously erase mistakes.
  • Sharpeners
  • Scales
  • Mathematical instruments that include protractors, compasses, dividers etc needed for various scholastic and engineering purposes.
  • Color pencils for the little laureates
  • Cutters
  • Kits that includes pencils, scales, sharpeners and erasers so that there is no need to buy them individually.

Under the brand Apsara the Company manufactures the following products.

  • Writing pencils for general writing purposes.
  • Professional pencils for the artists. 
  • Erasers
  • Sharpeners
  • Scales
  • Instrument boxes more commonly knows as Geometry boxes that includes scales, Protractors, compasses, and dividers.
  • Chalks
  • Kits that includes all the above in a compact set so that there is no need to buy them separately.  
  • Color pencils that includes oil pastel colors, poster colors and water colors
  • Art materials that include different colors and brushes
  • Pens of both variety gels and ball pens.



For promoting its products, Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd uses various marketing Campaigns like TV advertisements and posters. There are various advertisements that go on air in between daily soaps and movies. Advertisement is the primary source to get close with the customers and to let them know about the various launches of products. It also uses social media platforms; the Company advertises its various products worldwide. 

Various posters of the products also impart knowledge about the products. Like the poster for Apsara pencils with an extra strong lead showcases an elephant with its head highlighted with a conical cap that resembles the strong lead of the pencils. The campaign for Nataraj with the tagline “Nataraj Phir Champion” is still remembered and did work wonders for the brand.

The Company has its own official website where every single information about the Company and its products are updated systematically so that the customers get every news updates about the Company. The Company also has its Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter handle to get to know the customers more closely and to cater to their changing needs and preferences. 



The non-toxic ingredients and environment friendly products manufactured by the Company have taken the Company to great heights with its various products being exported to various countries across the world. The adherence to the International safety norms has made the export hassle free and added to the growing sales volumes of the Company.

The Company uses latest machinery and technology to increase the sales volume and eventually the profits of the company increases by leaps. It has become the nation’s biggest pencil manufacturing company and also the favorite one among students. The price of the products is also kept within the reach of people. 


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