History & Marketing Strategies of Himalaya Brand

‘Khush Raho, Khushaal Raho’

Company Name: – The Himalaya Drug Company
Founder: – M. Manal 

How It All Started 

Mr. M. Manal, the founder of Himalaya, in 1930 was a curious man. Once riding through the forests of Burma saw restless elephants being fed the root of a plant, Rauwolfia serpentina, which helped pacify them. Fascinated by the plant’s effect on elephants, he wanted to scientifically evaluate its properties.

He had no money just a passion which led him to achieve its vision. He borrowed money by pawning his mother’s jewellery to buy a hand-operated tableting machine. He spent his days learning about herbs from local Ayurveda healers and his nights working on the machine to make a few hundred tablets. His vision was to ‘bring the traditional Indian science of Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form’. It took years to get success and it was possible only by his patience, strength and passion.

He felt that if people were provided with safe and effective herbal medicines, the acceptance level will increase on its own and they will use it as a part of routine. He believed that herbal medicines should be assessed on the same quality and effectiveness parameters as conventional medicine. This was possible through actual research. This was a dream with many obstacles. But he continued on despite of the hurdles.


A person’s passion and dedication always brings the positive outcome. After 4 years of rigorous research the herb Rauwolfia serpentina, Serpina®, the world’s first natural antihypertensive drug was launched in 1934. In 1955, Himalaya launched Liv.52, a liver formulation that makes sure optimum liver function.

It is their flagship brand and a top selling herbal medicine. In 1999, Himalaya entered the personal care segment under the brand name ‘Ayurvedic Concepts’. This was unchartered territory which brought with it new challenges and new opportunities for learning.

Starting off operations in Dehradun way back in the 1930s, the company later expanded to Mumbai and across the country. In 1975, the company grounded an advanced manufacturing facility in Makali, Bengaluru, India. In 1991, the company relocated its R&D facility to Bengaluru. They operate in over 90 countries, their products are prescribed by 400,000 doctors worldwide, and millions of customers trust them for their health and personal care needs.


Marketing Strategy and Interesting Facts behind its Success.

Logo: – The Himalaya logo is a visual definition of its brand identity. The leaf that forms the crossbar of the letter H evokes the company’s focus on herbal healthcare. The teal green colour represents closeness to nature. The orange is symbol of caring through warmth, vibrancy and commitment.

Innovation: Bringing ideas out of the lab and into the real world is the kind of innovation they pursue. It motivates them to discover new medicines and develop new products that make life healthier for people. Continuous investments in research & development has resulted in increased productivity and better quality of drugs, medicines, medical instruments, hospital equipment, and other medical supplies used in medical industry.

People: – Himalaya’s founder firmly believed that the success of an organization depends on the quality of its people. With strength of incredible 5,000 employees worldwide, including a team of over 200 passionate and energetic research scientists, Himalaya is creating a perfect work space. They had practiced and promoted non-discrimination. They continue to attract people who are talented, driven and inspired by their vision to bring health and wellness to the lives of the people.

Branding: – 

To focus on launching differentiated products using the company’s herbal positioning. With product trials such as sampling, information dissemination, advertorials and word-of- mouth publicity, marketing is mainly focused on attracting the customers, creating awareness for the products and increasing availability in each corner. All these efforts over the year have made strong brand image and global presence. Himalaya is recognised as pioneer in herbal industry across the world.



Some most eye-catching campaigns by Himalaya

1.Himalaya launched its first brand campaign “Khush Raho Khushaal raho”.

Mr. Philipe Haydon, CEO, The Himalaya Drug Company, said that Herbal brands today are gaining preference, and consumers are increasingly considering herbal solutions as their first choice. With their range of over 500 herbal products, Himalaya continues to win hearts and offer well-being to consumers across all walks of life. They are extremely proud to unveil the first-ever brand film bringing to life the Vision of Brand Himalaya.

  1. Himalaya Lip Care’s new campaign “Ek Nayi Muskaan” helps raise awareness for children with clefts.

Through Muskaan, Himalaya Lip Care has been aiming to raise awareness about cleft lip and supporting free cleft treatment for underprivileged children, in partnership with international cleft charity, Smile Train. Through their partnership with Smile Train, Muskaan aims to help raise awareness about cleft and ensure that more children receive the cleft care they need at a younger age. A smile is an expression of happiness, and with “Ek Nayi Muskaan”, they intend to create more smiles by helping children achieve their dreams and live a fulfilling life.

  1. Himalaya’s New digital campaign #BecauseYouNeedTakingCareOfToo.

It launched digital campaign #BecauseYouNeedTakingCareOfToo for its brand new personal care product line ‘Himalaya FOR MOMS, India’s first herbal mother care range. The products include Soothing Body Butter (three variants- Rose, Lavender and Jasmine), Toning Massage Oil, Anti-Rash Cream and Nipple Care Butter. The video captures the emotions of a mother whose daughter is entering motherhood. The core idea behind the campaign is the insight that once a baby is born, moms have little time left to look after their personal care needs and self-care is neglected. The video is an attempt to emphasize its importance with the help of safe and herbal product range for mothers.


Himalaya has earned the equity and trust of millions of consumers for the last eight decades, Himalaya remains committed to solving consumer problems through its herbal products backed by science and research.

With their range of over 500 herbal products, Himalaya continues to win hearts and offer well-being to consumers across all walks of life. The Himalaya brand represents wellness and care. Their range of head-to-toe healthcare and personal care products spans the entire wellness spectrum, offering gentle, safe and efficacious care.

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