History & Marketing Strategies of Hidesign Brand

Company Name: Hidesign
Founder: Mr. Dilip Kapur

Hidesign is an internationally acclaimed brand based in Puducherry, India. The name was coined with the words hide and design. Their products offerings include leather bags, garments, small leather goods, belts, and various other leather products. Their products are known for their classic yet contemporary designs and innovative approach towards design.

How it all Started

Hidesign started its journey from a two men workshop in a small factory. Mr. Dilip Kapur who was born in New Delhi moved to Puducherry at a young age. After completing his Ph.D. at the University of Denver he started to work at a leather factory. While working there he discovered his interest in leather designing.

He returned to India in 1977 and started Hidesign. In 1982 Hidesign opened its first stores in the UK. Later they developed the concept of solid brass buckles for their leather bags. After years of hard work and passion of one single person, Hidesign has opened its first concept store in Puducherry. 


After starting its journey from a two men factory Hidesign has become one of the most contemporary leather goods brand. Their products appeal to people all around the world and their displays can be found at all the top stores. It has won numerous awards and has opened its first flagship store. 

Their slogan “Real Leather crafted the forgotten way” reflects the brand’s aesthetic value and appeal to the end users. The products are made from real leather with deft craftsmanship and delicate style. Their bags are known for their simplistic design and clean contemporary look and sturdiness. During all these years their brands Virgin, Warhol 02 and Logo have become household names.


Hidesign Marketing Strategy and Reasons for its Great Success 

Hidesign had humble beginnings for a brand with such tremendous recall value. The products have the ability to fit into the contemporary needs of the consumer and with an inspiring design they have created a strong identity for themselves. Here are a few strategies employed by them for better market penetration:


  • Direct Communication with the Customers

Hidesign believes in directly communicating with its consumers through word of mouth campaigning and advertisement. Their stores remain a point of communication with potential buyers. They have direct marketers who spread the message of their brand and help to identify potential leads which can become an exclusive customer base. 


  • Increasing online presence

Hidesign has increased its online presence and is constantly upgrading its social networking strategy to reach out to the consumers. They have designed their own pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest where customers can have a clear picture of their products and accessories. They have multiple angles and zoom view shots that show the intricate craftsmanship that goes in making these products.


  • Creating a Strong Focus Group

Being a niche product that appeals to the upwardly mobile section of the society, Hidesign has been successful in creating a successful focus group for its products. Their target groups are between the ages of 25-40 with a strong sense of independence. They are career focussed and belonging to a high-income group. They are not bothered by changing trends of other brands and wants quality products that have a lasting impression.


  • Strong Distribution Network

Hidesign has a strong distribution channel with presence in every part of the country and also overseas. They distribute through high fashion retail chains in the international market. In India, they have tied up with various retail stores like Westside and Shoppers Stop. They have various franchise outlets as well to market and cater their products. Initially, an export-oriented company Hidesign has now become a conglomerate.


  • Creating New Products and Sustaining Excitement

The success of luxury items depends on the coolness quotient of the product and it’s especially true for leather products. The smoothness and feel of the leather go a long way in making or unmaking of a product. Therefore Hidesign was successful in creating a lot of new products and maintaining a buzz around the brand. They also created distinctive brands like Cathy for women and these were highly affordable.


  • Shifting of Shopping Patterns

Hidesign bags were earlier priced upwardly. In a shift to move towards a more affordable customer base, they have created more average products for the market. These had led consumers to move their interest from cheap China bags to a little bit high priced Hidesign bags. They are working with leading e-commerce brands and have created their own sub-brand to generate a more decisive marketing strategy to sell their products. 


  • Continuous Research and Development

As a leather brand, Hidesign continues to work seamlessly for creating a better brand and upgrading to a high-end luxury experience. They continuously seek out better leather quality and exclusive craftsmanship. Hidesign improvises and innovate on their product which promotes a great value for their brand.


Hidesign Campaigns

Hidesign campaigns address the core lifestyle issues of on the move customers. They have launched their new campaign with its core thought “Taking nature with you wherever you go.” The campaign is contemporary, bright and free-spirited. Their commercials appeal to the young generation and follow the mantra that if you are on the move the bags will be with you.

Their commercials have won numerous awards in the market with their innovative campaign strategies. Their advertisements showcase their brand value and commitment to bringing the best leather to life.  

Hidesign doesn’t believe in promoting their brands with celebrity names. But lately, they have included the famous actress Kalki Kolchin in their list of celebrity campaigners.



Hidesign is a globally recognized brand operating from India. Though they entered the Indian market quite late, they are picking up speed with the little time they had. They are offering a wide range of products for niche customers. Hidesign as a brand is deeply loved and cared for by their customers who swear by its design and craftsmanship.

The brand will continue to prosper and thrive as they are now offering discounts and facilities for the middle category leather goods buyers.  

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