History & Marketing Strategies of Hero Splendor

Company Name- Splendor
Founder- Munjal brothers (owner of Hero)

Hero Splendor is the bike which is manufactured by Hero in India. It is known to be the Successor of Hero Honda Sleek and Hero Honda CD100. These two are manufactured with the inspiration of the series of Honda CB250RS of the 1980s. The engine of this bike is the inspiration of Honda cub C100EX.

It has a tubular dual-cradle frame type with 97.2 cc. Electronic ignition is also there for the better performance of the bike. Since 2009, the model of this type is selling with a rating of 1 million/year.

How it all started 

Formerly Hero Honda, now Hero MotoCorp Ltd. is the famous bike and scooter manufacturer of New Delhi. The Hero is the flagship company named as Hero Cycles and ruled the Indian market for several years with their cycles. The Munjal brothers have started their journey with this product in 1956.

Gradually with the time flow, they let their business and dream, flow with the generation. It was before the 1980s when they have dreamt and shared their vision with the coworkers. 

They have collaborated with the Japanese company and set foot in the world of motorcycles as a Group. This Group was known to rule the country for a long time.  It was in 2011 when the Hero ended up with Honda and establish a separate motorcycle company named as Hero MotoCorp Limited. During the time of CD 100, to compete with then contagious market, the company launched the 1st generation of Splendor in 1994. 


Splendor was launched in 1994 by Hero Honda to compete with the global market of the bike and the technology of CD 100. The introduction of the bike has successfully fuelled the development of the two-wheeler of India. After its 1st launching in 1994, it continues to reign for long years in the heart of the youngsters and even middle-aged people.  

Then in 2004, the company thinks of improving the old model and surprise the Indian Motorcycle industry with the upgradation of it and named it Splendor+. Some new age-related technologies are added to it like new graphics, turning signal lights, tail light, and multi-reflector headlight.  Later in 2007, the Splendor plus has been improvised with the installation of the new alloy wheels and transformation in the body fairings.

The motto of the company is to give it a more cool and stylish look to rock the world. The model was again undergone for better enhancement and this time it has been loaded with the self-started features in 2011. As Hero and Honda Motor Company separated in 2014, Splendor stays with the Hero. Now a completely new model of it was launched by Hero MotoCorp in 2014 and named it as “Splendor iSmart”.     


Splendor’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success  

-Pre-planning product strategy and customer delight are the pivotal facts which bring Splendor to a grand success. The company is focused on the customer aspiration for continuous development for its model.  

-Secondly, the company has checked its marketing value as well as its demand. Then, to meet customer satisfaction, they have come with several other models of Splendor with their more improvement in reliability, fuel efficiency, performance, style, and features. This will not only accelerate the competition of choosing the right one among the customers but also for creating its impact on the market value.

-With the help of the continuous development of the model, the company gained its success. It is the development which is trying to realize the common people that they are there to provide them always the best service at an affordable price. The continuous update is necessary for the huge success of a company. Thus, they have launched other models and names as Splendor with model name. 

-Even the CEO of the company reveals when a company provides services or products for catering the basic needs it returns them through success. Splendor is such a bike which caters all the needs of the people along with changing time. It never ceases the people to feel that they are driving an old-fashioned traditional bike.  

-Improvisation of performance from time to time makes this is one of the best bikes in India. If the performance of the last 5 year can be seen in a graph, it can be easily noticed that Splendor has been improved a lot in many years. The improvisation is not only for its outlook but also in its performance. The other models which have introduced under the category of Splendor possess the almost same feature only vary in performance. 


Splendor Campaigns

As it is one of the traditional bikes of Hero, when it had collaborated with Honda, several marketing campaigns of this bike can be seen. At first, the company logo was double “H”; one in black and the one in red. It was used for representing the first letter of the two companies for their joint venturing.

After getting separated, now Hero has introduced a brand logo which is smartly crafted by Wolff Olins. The first campaign of it was for outdoor prints and the famous actor Pankaj Kapur was acted as a blind father. 

The philosophy was the “blind faith” whose popular tagline was: Kal, Aaj aur Kal. Another campaign was done on the same prospect in which Pankaj Kapur can be seen in a totally new avatar.  Later, it has come up with an advertisement of Hero in which a two-minute anthem of Hero can be heard. Then, the tagline: Hum Mein Hai Hero become popular and even the brand sponsored FIH Road to London, Indian Hockey Tournament and Indian Open Golf Tournament. 

It had sponsored the famous TV program MTV Roadies. With time, Irfan Pathan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Hrithik Roshan had acted for its advertisement. Now, Akshay Kumar has replaced them all. But Viral Kohli is the current brand ambassador of this famous Indian motorcycle company.



After reaching the position of the unassailable pole in the market of two-wheeler in India, still, the company continues to improve themselves in every aspect. The chairman of the Hero MotoCorp ltd., Brijmohan Lal Munjal states that they believe in the continuous transformation of the Indian demographic profile, by focusing on the urbanization.

It can be only done by empowering the families of the rural villages, which will bring a change in the mainstream of the Economy of the country. They have pioneered the motorcycle industry of India and now they want to take the country as well the industry to the International level. 

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