History & Marketing Strategies of Hercules Brand

Company Name- Hercules Cycle and Motor Company Ltd.
Founder- Harry Crane and Edmund Crane

Nothing can be more relaxing and healthy than riding a bicycle. Have you ever thought about the type of cycles available and the leading companies that manufactures them. Well, one of the leading motor companies Hercules makes the top loved bicycles that are easily available in the market.

The Hercules Cycle and Motor Company Ltd is a British Cycle manufacturing company and was founded in Aston, England. 

How it all started

Previously the founders Harry Crane and Edmund Crane had Petros Cycle Company, which was managing by Edmund’s mother and after sometimes the children also joined the business to help their parents in the age of 14. In 1911, the children Ted and Harry rented an abandoned house in Coventry Street for their business.

Both of them assembled bicycle around Birmingham for its parts but Ted had a problem for doing this as he knew there is competition in the market. Finally, they progressed by trading with low price and high-quality product. Slowly, the brothers were able to create and sell 70 bicycles from 25 bicycles in 6 months.

They again moved on Conybere Street and there they had 10 workers, which helps them to double the production and moved to larger premises in Conybere Street, Highgate.   


The company was founded on 9th September 1910 by Edmund Crane and Harry Crane. It was launched in India in 1949. At that time India Cycle Market was growing because in India it was the main mode of transportation as it is the only transport that is available in an affordable price. 

The brand name ‘Hercules’ was chosen for its robustness and durability. The company has started its life from Birmingham, England.  


Hercules Cycle’s marketing strategy and interesting reasons behind its success

Brand Growth

In 1923, the founder collaborated with an ex-Dunlop factory in Rocky Lane, Aston. In 1928, they started exporting one in five of all British Cycles to another to another place and soon after 5 years, it increased its production percentage to 40 %. It continued for some time and by the end of the thirties, they produced more than 6 million bicycles and become the biggest manufacturer of the cycles in the world. 

Sponsorships of the Company

Hercules involved Eileen Sheridan in 1952 and broke the records of Hercules. In this year the leading cyclist Derek Buttle has approached Hercules to form a racing team and in 1953, the company became the first British cycle manufacturers who run the professional racing team. From this time, they started to manage the road race team and events. The races are managed by Frank Southall, a member of Hercules’ sales staff. He has many records and also rode for Hercules brand as a professional rider. 

Focus on Urban Market

Hercules Brand is basically owned by Raleigh UK. In 1992, a mountain terrain bike was invented named Hercules MTB. It was the first mountain terrain bike of India. Again in 1998-2000 more adult-like cycle was introduced by Hercules MTB. The idea of promoting cycles is for exercise and leisure that makes Hercules bring more new products and value additions. The cycles were more masculine and comfortable.

It manufactures products by focusing on urban market to provide best technology bicycles to their targeted urban audience. The cost of the Hercules new product ‘Hercules Roadeo’ is Rs 8, 000 to 15, 000 per unit, which is affordable only by the urban peoples. 

Major Project

The major project of the brand is “Hercules Roadeo” and was firstly launched in 2010. It has manufactured by targeting 8-14 years old kids. In comparison to another foreign brand, it has shared about 40 % in this segment. Foreign players always bring new technologies, which attracted Indian people and kids.

The Hercules Roadeo is able to prove them wrong. They proof that Indian companies can be better than them. The company is thinking to upgrade the Roadeo to maintain the interests of its targeted audiences. The new Roadeo will feature with better speed gears, light weighted alloy, and front disk brakes. They want to create the new Roadeo that can support better stunts for kids. Kids love this new bike as they can perform superior stunts among friends.       


Hercules Cycles Campaign

“Never Challenge a Roadeo”

Lowe Lintas Chennai has created and conceptualized this campaign. The campaign described the attitude of the youth that posed a challenge with style. The concept of this campaign is based on 8-14 years old urban boys, who want to be better than their friends and also be the coolest one in the group.

The manufacturer wants to connect and engage the teenage boys emotionally with the cycle and hence the thought “Never Challenge a Roadeo was born. The team of Lowe Lintas Chennai has worked hard to understand the mandate and delivering creative and exciting new thoughts that make sure to produce more Rodeo consumers. 

Bikramjeet Ghosh, ECD of Lowe Lintas Chennai shared that the teens of this generation spend most of their time with their devices, which begins a healthy competition between friends. It was tough and also exciting to find a contemporary way to show how a kid can face the challenge and win, with fun. The campaign included a story that captured the interest of kids and able to connect with the heart of brands targeted audience. 

The ad agency of the brand has attempted two passions of the kids, one is bicycle riding and other one is playing video games. It is a campaign that comes after six years. 



Hercules has the elements that kids can face any challenge anywhere and helps them to perform well without any hazard. Hercules has a strong hold on Mountain Bike segment. The powerful symbol of ‘H’ makes the Hercules cycle relevant to today’s generation and evolves many branding programs. The most famous and spirited task was the Herculean task that showcases the hero is encountered with the lion. 

The symbol of Hercules cycle looks like a lion’s head like a warrior’s shield, which gives the confidence to ride cycle worry less. The shield indicates the concept of “Stealth Warrior”. It reinforced that this bike is adventurous as well as reliable. The symbol is the combination of strength and agility.  Hercules always created the designs that include classic and contemporary, which maintain the standard of the bike or cycle as well as of the brand.  



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