History & Marketing Strategies of Havells

Company Name- Havells
Founder- Qimat Rai Gupta

Havells India Limited is the leading electrical equipment company in India. Since its establishment in 1958, it has been specialized in manufacturing myriads of electrical products both for commercial and residential purposes.

It is excellent in producing some prominent electrical gadgets too like capacitors, induction motors, Circuit Protection Switchgear and so on.  

How It All Started 

After being dropped out from the school in 1958, Qimat Rai Gupta had founded his own electrical trading house in the electrical wholesale market New Delhi. Later in 1971, he thinks off buying an electrical brand.

He bought this company from then owner and CEO Haveli Ram Gandhi. Within the next 5 years, he had come up with his first ever manufacturing plant of electrical accessories at Tilak Nagar, New Delhi. 

At that time this plant was only dealt with rewireable switches. On that year, he had set up another plant in Kirti Nagar, close to New Delhi. This plant was for dealing with the changeover switches only. After a few years, the company has experimented in manufacturing electric meters and gets succeeded. Soon after this major success, it has bought Towers and Transformers Limited and receives high profitability as the return. 

After that, it grasps the market of MCB production along with the collaboration of Geyer. Later in 1974, it has shifted its manufacturing plant of changeover switches to Sahibabad in Rajasthan. After full 6 years, i.e., in 1980 it has set up a new plant in Haryana for manufacturing Control Gear Products. In the same year, they set up another plant in Rajasthan for Wires and Power Cables. 

At the end of the year, they form a venture with UK based Crabtree and MCCB producing company Electrium. Gradually, Havells is able to acquire global recognition.      



For more than 40 years, Havells is dominating the Indian market of electrical. Although it has started its journey with the production of small yet essential electrical accessories today it is recognized as the global brand.

It has been recognized for manufacturing LEDs, Fans and other high-end electrical gadgets. 

Havells’ Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

The exciting BEE 5-star fan, CFLs and other lights are launched by this company. In 2003, the company earns a reputation just for its decorative fans with some amazing features. Then another feather added to the crown of this company when it has launched the first-ever world’s brightest LED with LUMENO. 

Currently, the company is a brand for all types of electrical gadgets and manufacture Domestic Water Pumps, electrical wire accessories, water purifiers, water heaters, capacitors, air coolers and purifiers and lots more. Other small appliances with essential electrical spare parts like BCP, MCB and ICP, bulbs, LED lights and motors are also widely available due to this leading electrical company.  

Havells have reached the pinnacle of success a stand-alone company for electrical in the world. The marketing strategies of this company are given below:

Sponsorship strategy: Havells have acquired the chance of sponsoring global events like T20 World Cup, Champions League, Champions Trophy and global Indian events like IPL season 1 and IPL season 2. By sponsoring these events, it has endorsed its brand to reach out to the global audience.  

One-stop shop solution: Havells have set up the Havells Galaxy just to provide the common to shop all necessary electrical from a single shop. It ensures that the customers can obtain the exemplary quality product here.

Establishment of Smart learning solution: Being the leading company, in 2010, Havells have inaugurated the world’s first learning and display center for the students in New Delhi namely Havells World. 

Customer analysis: The Company is aimed to avail its products in the tier-3 and tier-2 cities which will cover the rural markets. It tries to reach customers with high-quality products and premium perception. It caters B2B customers for Heavy Duty Fans, Motors, and Cable in the Industrial sector.

Distribution Strategy: it has been set up the connection to the rural areas with the assistance of 3-tiers of omnichannel. It has hired 580 Channel Partners, 220000 Electricians, 100000+ Retailers, and 7575 Direct Dealers to serve the customers at the remote corners of the country.

Marketing analysis: Several Miro aspects such as the percentage of middle-class people, total population, and infrastructure development via electrification are considered playing a big role in its success. Young demographics that have set foot in this electrical world are also recognized as its factors.   


Havells’ Campaign 

Havells has never failed to create a strong appeal to its customers. With every launching of new products, Havells show their creativity in its advertisements too. When the company launches a wide range of home appliances, the beautiful campaign where the couple shares all the household chores with Havells’ home appliances swept everyone. 

The romantic song in the background was sung by Nikita Gandhi and Amit Mishra clearly represents the tagline- Saath Ki Life, Sukoon Ki Life. The popular ad campaign Wires That Don’t Catch Fires where a father-son’s conversation was depicted regarding the TV news of politician’s speech on the burning issues conveys a strong message. 

The famous TVC in which a woman was standing in front of the shop conversing over the phone and the man besides lighting up shop makes the excellent gesture feeling. The tagline of the ad- Jab Bill Chota Ho Jata Hai, Toh Dil Bada Ho Jata Hai depicts clearly the utilization and benefits of using LED lights. 

Recently, in the advance of the LLyod air-conditioner, the adorable couple of Bollywood- Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been seen conversing with each other about the life before and after marriage. Llyod Wi-Fi enabled AC makes takes care of the people like a husband takes care of his wife is the main motto of the TVC. 

For the Standard part, Havells have signed young sensation and very talented Alia Bhatt as a brand ambassador. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have been selected for the LLyod’s brand ambassadors.  



Havells now becomes the global brand with a number of other subcategories of Indian Brands like Promptech, Standard Electric, Crabtree, and LLyod. Apart from India, it is serving 50 other countries as well with 6000 workers, 23 representative offices and branches.   


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