History & Marketing Strategies of Harpic

Company Name: Harpic
Founder: Harry Pickup

When somebody wants to purchase a toilet cleaner, he or she would ask for Harpic. For the urban people, Harpic is synonymous to the toilet cleaners. This solution is very effective for cleaning toilet bowls and its surrounding areas. This solution is would be able to kill about 99.9 % harmful germs that reside in the toilets. 

This solution is the ultimate choice by the housewife and many single people who want to have a clean bathroom. A clean bathroom would help the housewife in maintaining the health of her family. It would help the single person in a similar way.

How it all started 

This toilet cleaner was made by Harry Pickup who used to live on Roscoe Street in the North Yorkshire. This toilet cleaner at that time was launched under the name of Harpic in the 1920s. Presently, this brand is now marketed by under Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc. The solution of the Harpic contains 10% hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is the active component, along with butyl oleylomine and other chemicals into an aqueous solution.    

Reckitt Benckiser Group is a Consumer Goods company which has its HQ in Slough, England. This company is the major distribute and producer of hygiene, home products, and health. This company was established upon the merging of two companies in the year of 1999.

This company was able to acquire Harpic Lavatory Cleaners in the year of 1932. After Harpic was acquired by the group, it markets the solution as the necessary household item.


This brand was launched in India in the year 1984 by the Reckitt Benckiser Group. This new brand released its first product in India mainly for the purpose of cleaning toilets. In the initial year, the idea of the toilet cleaner was new and was not able to garner enough attention from the population of India. This brand was mainly for the effective removal of yellowish stain from the towel bowl. 

Along with toilet cleaner, this brand has wipes, tablets, toilet bowls, cistern blocks, and brush systems. The aqueous solution of Harpic is very thick in nature which would cling with the surface of the toilet bowl for better cleaning.

Products of the Harpic are fully capable of cleaning and disinfecting the toilets of every household. These solutions also come with different fragrances that would fight against the foul odor of the toilets.  

Harpic’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

Identifying the target consumers:

The Company first tried to identify the target consumers for their products. They understood that they have to impress the Indian Housewives to gaining the initial base in the market. In all the commercial, Harpic would put target the housewives, as they are the core of any family.

They tried to provide an easy solution for the hygiene of the family. After the housewives, the company focused on the single, young and unmarried adults. The company understood the necessity and promoted their products for solving the problems of young adults. 


Product Planning:

The shape of the neck in the Harpic Bottle is strategically bent in such a way that would enable users to pour the solution on the deep corner of the toilet rims. This shape of the neck would increase the effectiveness of the solution. Thus it would be able to reach places of the toilet bowl where you would not be able to reach by normal means.

This bottle designing perfectly suits the Indian toilets. This solution would not even affect the septic tank of users. Presently this band is active in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and South Asia.


Creating general awareness among people:

Harpic launched several awareness campaigns for promoting the use of Harpic for cleaning bathrooms. The company took the initiative by discussing the problem with the general masses public. They would put emphasis on the point that having a clean toilet would not only be hygienic but it would also make the household look cleaner.

The company staged performances showing the adverse effects of having an unhygienic bathroom. This regular interaction with the general household would cause the brand to become more popular and increase its band ranking.


Various challenges by the company:

In the process of creating awareness, Harpic launches various types of challenges from time to time. Recently they launched a doorstep challenge where a group of women would come to the home of a person and check if the bathroom is clean or not. This team of women would identify the regular bleach and acid users and would try to make them into users of Harpic by showing a live demonstration of the Harpic.

They would also give the advantages of using Harpic and disadvantages of using acid and bleach. In the state of Kerala, Harpic in an endeavor for educating about the advantages of daily cleaning of toilet has come up with Harpic Fresh Daily Clean Challenge. This challenge helps the company to remain in the spotlight for a long time.

This increases the popularity and the trust of the brand among the general masses of India.


Harpic Campaigns 

The campaigns of the Harpic generally focuses on the advantages of using the Harpic in various conditions. True to its motto, the ads of the company also shows the adverse effects of an unhygienic bathroom.

They would also put the focus on the health hazard that might cause with the regular usage of acid and bleach. In the recent campaign” Naya Bathroom Mubarak Ho” by the new brand ambassador Akshay Kumar, Harpic promises that their solution would be able to remove any stains from the walls and floors of the bathroom. It would be also able to kill the germs present in the bathroom.



Harpic has already established itself as the leading toilet cleaning product manufacturers. This brand is the most popular choice for the housewives for cleaning their bathroom. This brand started itself by launching a single product of toilet cleaner but now it has several other products under the belt. 

As the leading lavcare company, it would constantly try to produce more efficient and effective products. Harpic would create several campaigns and awareness program for benefiting the general mass of India.  

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