History & Marketing Strategies of Gowardhan Brand

Company Name- Gowardhan
Founder – Devendra Shah (Parag Milk Foods Ltd)

Gowardhan brand is of the top brands of India for dairy-based products. This brand gave lots of delicious dairy products after this brand was founded. This brand is presently one of the biggest industries that procure fresh milk from more than 1.25 lakh farmers. The operational quantity of this brand is about 1.2 million liters per day. This brand is fully capable of producing a wide range of dairy products with the help of various kinds of machinery. 

The dairy products of this brand are famous for the freshness and clean taste. The confectionaries made out of milk have already established themselves as the household sweet in every Indian Household. 

How it all started 

Parag Milk Foods Ltd was founded by Devendra Shah in the year of 1992. The company is one of the biggest manufacturers of dairy products. The initial name of the company was Parag Milk and Milk Products Private Limited.

But they changed their name and fresh certificate was reissued with the new name in the year of 2008. Later in 2015, this company was transformed into a public limited after meeting with shareholders.

This company started its commercial production in the year of 1992. Initially, the company started in a small way. In the year of 1998, it commissioned the Manchar Pune Plant for production of dairy products. In the consecutive year, Parag Milk would release various products under various brands. Some of the notable brands of Parag are GO, the Pride Of Cows and Gowardhan. 


Gowardhan brand is the first brand of Parag Milk Foods Ltd. This brand was launched in the year 1998 for the commercial production of butter and ghee. Mancher Pune Plant was assigned for this task.

This plant is located in the Manchar village which is about 60 Km away from the city of Pune. In the year of 2005, the plant was brought by the company for further increasing their productivity. Presently they have about 3000 cows of Holstein Friesian Breed. Each day, a single cow would produce about 23 liters of milk. 

All dairy products of Gowardhan are made according to international standards. This brand had the largest cow plant in the whole of India and has the largest cheese manufacturing in the whole of Asia. This brand has several products that are equally famous within the general masses of India. They usually consist of Milk, Ghee, Dahi, Paneer, Dairy Whitener, Gulab Jamun Mix, and Butter. The motto of the Gowardhan brand is to provide a fresh and clean taste of cow’s milk to every Indian household.

This brand also has flavored which has an extra amount of protein. The name of the product is Topp Up. This milk drink is made out of fresh milk that has a flavor of fruits. The shelf lives of this milk are much longer in room temperature.  In 2017, this brand has won Top Performing Cow Ghee given by Consumer Voice, July and the award of Most Trusted Brand in Ghee given by the Brand Trust Report, India Study.

Gowardhan’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

Over the year this company was able to establish as one of the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. It has been developing and expanding its portfolio by constantly updating their product lists. All products and brands which have been released by the company have put of emphasis on nutrition and health.

This company has huge variety of products which are under the name of various brands owned by the company. Some of the products are ghee, paneer, cheese, whey proteins, sweets, curd, yogurt, and several other dairy products. 

Assurance of high-quality products: The main criteria for dairy products would be the freshness. Gowardhan knew this point, thus they first ensure that their products are manufactured and delivered in the shortest amount of time this would help in retaining the freshness of the products. They research various ways of increasing the shelf lives of these products. For example, when launched their Dahi product, they used the tag “Sabse Thick” for creating the fresh image of Dahi that one would enjoy anytime. 

Perfect timing for releasing the brand: During the launching of the brand, general masses were heavily dependent on the government operated co-operative societies for the supply of basic dairy products. Gowardhan noticed this situation and anticipated a rapid change in the taste of general masses of India. Thus they launched various products that were based on milk such as cheese and butter. The masses who were seeking better quality dairy product quickly accepted these products. This boosted the popularity of the brand. 

Gau Seva: Gowardhan gave emphasis that if the cow is healthy and happy then she would produce good quality milk every day. This would ultimately make end users happier. This company regulates every aspect of the cows. The feed which is fed would have to pass through a stringent quality test before being fed to cows. The daily drinking water is filtered with reverse osmosis technology. This royal treatment cows helped the company in establishing a cow-friendly company.  


Gowardhan Campaigns 

For campaigns, Gowardhan launched many TVC for increasing the popularity of the brand. They use tag line like Your Life, Pure life, Your Gowardhan. The ad would focus on the journey of the Gowardhan ghee from the milk extraction to the table of a happy Indian household. 

Gowardhan has also launched a short series which is known as “Sunheri Kahaaniyan.” This company has many other campaigns such as #CookForHer on the occasion of #WomensDay.



Gowardhan is presently one of the leading manufacturers of dairy products in India. This brand started with gee and butter, but now it is renowned for various high-quality products. This brand has now completely established itself by regularly providing new dairy-based products. Their sweets and products would help to bring more happiness to the general families.

The products of the company are enjoyed by many individuals. They have become an integral part of every celebration. This shows the trust of general masses of India on Gowardhan.


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