History & Marketing Strategies of Good Knight brand

Company Name – Good Knight
Founder – R. Mohan 

As the leading mosquito repellant product manufacturer in India, Good Knight from Godrej is a trusted company to provide the customers with extensive range of indoor and outdoor repellents. The CEO of Godrej Consumer Products, Sunil Kataria has emphasized on utilizing natural formula in the repellants, be it for fast cards or for liquids or other products.

In order to make India a country free from vector-borne diseases such as Malaria, Chikungunya and Dengue, thereby, reducing the deaths caused by these diseases, the non-toxic and affordable repellants from Good Knight are used by people from all socio-economic backgrounds. 


How It All Started

When the term household insecticide was relatively an unknown topic, Mr. R. Mohan from Godrej came up with the idea of innovating a mosquito repellant so effective that people find no mosquito indoors and so affordable that the middle-class and people with low economic balance could use them.

With such a unique idea, Mohan was called “Good Knight Mohan” according to the first pyrethroid based product –Good Knight. The initial products were the refill machines and coils which were effective enough to challenge the competitor brands. 

In 1994, he started research for the A.I. or Active Ingredients used in these mosquito repellents. The fast cards, patches, roll on, these products power chips, repellant gels etc were launched in the following years and Mohan was a pioneer in bringing them to Indian market.


The electric smoke-free Goodnight Mat was launched in 1984 by TDPL or Transelektra Domestic Products Ltd as the first of its kind in mosquito repellent machine history. A seamless solution from harmful mosquitoes was the Good Knight Refill in 1995 that was supposed to last for 45 days on end.

In 1999, the Jumbo Coils in red color was launched and it was a longer lasting solution as they could last for ten hours but in 3 years, this was replaced by the coils which were designed to last for 12 hours and last throughout the night –a boon for rural Indians. In the following year, Turbo Refills and Silver Mats by Good Knight were launched. 

Following the experiment by Mohan regarding Active Ingredients, in 2007, the Activ+ System was integrated with Good Knight Refills and machines by which users could shift between normal and active modes according to requirement. For conventional users and people from rural areas, the highly efficient coils with low smoke were introduced in 2009, which was a revolutionary milestone. 

2013 was quite a remarkable year as the Advanced Fast Card costing just 1 Rupee was launched as most affordable and most innovative home insecticide. The Good Knight Xpress System in 2014 was regarded as the fastest repellant system in India and it came to market in 2014. 

So long, Good Knight had invested on indoor mosquito repellants but in 2016, the company decided to foray into revolutionary outdoor repellants for personal use. The 100% organic Fabric Roll On was introduced for people of all age group to apply on their clothes and get rid of mosquitoes. The 100% organic Cool Gel and patches were also introduced in the same year. 

Good Knight’s marketing strategy and interesting reasons behind its success

-India being a country where mosquitoes breed significantly during summer and monsoon seasons, Good Knight has tried to introduce newer and effective products in regular yearly interval and that too by using fewer ingredients so that the products are cost-efficient. 

-While people were used to only the less effective mosquito nets, creams and coils, Good Knight increased its marketing of hardware add-ons working as EMDs or Electronic Mosquito Destroyers which were offered with the mats. The products were designed to keep people safe from mosquito-borne diseases. 

-To stay in the leading position against other competitors, Good Knight had its strategy of using powerful Supermats and Jumbo Coils in HI or Household Insecticide category during late 1990’s. 

-The introduction of Silver Mat in 2003 with high-quality contemporary packaging, high decibel campaigning and superior technology was a re-launch of the older version and now it proudly owns around 62% of market share. Similarly during late 1990’s the 10-hour coil and in 1995, the LMD or Liquid Mosquito Destroyer Machine with 3 years of warranty and 24% vaporizer market share were notable marketing strategies. 


Good Knight’s Campaigns

On Mothers’ Day, Good Knight started a campaign with a video showing why a mother knows everything before her family calls out and how they are always in Active Mode. With the tagline of #MomsOnActivMode, the video features two kids saying how their mom is ever so active while the voiceover of their father jovially asks them how they felt about their mom. 

While launching the Fast Card, Good Knight created an advertising to give the idea that these cards ward off mosquitoes in moments and kids can study without the worry of being bitten. The video features two kids studying in front of their tutor and as one boy gets distracted again and again by the mosquitoes and get chided by the tutor, the mother burns the fast Card and restores his concentration. In this campaign, Good Knight also provided a 24×7 customer care number that offers study tips and hold contests for kids to give scholarships for their academic benefits in future. 

The Subah Bolo Good Knight campaign was a significant advertisement to spread awareness of Dengue which is caused from mosquito bites during the daytime. While around 90% Indians are aware of the fact, only 8% use Good Knight repellants and hence the advertisement shows a little kid instructing his elder sister to keep the windows closed and take precautions with Good Knight refill machines.

In Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Kannada and other regional languages, the advertisement campaigns were launched to reach out to core audience. There was Advanced Active+ System campaign showing how a baby sister ruminates over the mosquitoes to be killed with normal and active mode of the machine. There was also a Active+ Complete Protection advertisement where a kid promises to look after his infant sibling by getting rid of mosquitoes with Good Knight repellant. 

There was also the campaign related to Good Knight Advanced Xpress System where a mother is seen juggling between adjusting her son’s fancy dress as Ravana and fumbling with ineffective measures to eradicate mosquitoes. This brought a message that instead of installing repellants in installment, it is better to get the Advanced Xpress once and for all. 



By introducing both electric repellant system for indoor and non-electric system for outdoor, Good Knight has been the trustworthy companion for all age groups. For instant measures from disease carrying mosquitoes there were Power Chip system, Fast Cards and the Power Shots spray, which offers complete solution for up to twelve hours. 

From the low-smoke coil and Jumbo coils to the Express and Active+ Systems, Good Knight has always emphasized on keeping the air clean. With excellent marketing strategy, Good Knight has also invented kid-friendly patches; cool gel and fabric roll-on to keep the mothers worry less. 

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