History & Marketing Strategies of Godrej Hit

Company name: Hit
Founder: Adi Godrej

Hit is a consumer durable pesticide killer brand owned by Godrej.  It was founded in the year 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Godrej and is one of the best brands in India in terms of consumer acceptance. Godrej operates several sectors like appliances, furniture, consumer durables, and security products. Hit is a household name in the field of insecticide products. 

How it all started

Godrej started off its journey with appliances and has now spread its wings to other parts of the Indian market.  After Godrej was founded in 1897 they ventured into making Turkish bath soaps, then moving on to build the safest safes in India.

They also ballot boxes for India’s elections. Godrej has also ventured into the appliance market and consumer durable goods. They launched Good Night India’s first mosquito repellent mat and then came Hit the spray that kills mosquitoes fast.


Godrej started off their journey making appliances and soaps and they continue their innovation in this sector. Now it has emerged as one of the best providers of mosquito repellers in the country with their product Hit and the entire gamut of sub-products of the brand. Hit was founded in the year 1991 and there have been no half measures since then.

Hit has come up with unique solutions like deep nozzle which kills cockroaches from even the most hidden areas of your house.

Hit has diversified its product range with its latest launching of Kala Hit with a lime fresh variant. It has introduced various other products in the Indian consumer segment targeted at the Indian household by offering innovative design solutions for its consumers. It has launched a crusade against the disease and threat of malaria and others and is soon launching other products in this category.


Marketing Strategy & the reasons behind its success

Over the years Godrej has adopted unique innovation in its marketing strategy for its brand Hit and continues to develop strong customer satisfaction. Some of these details are listed below:


  • Widespread Distribution Network:

Over the years Godrej has developed its own distribution channels to cater to their huge consumer base. These distribution channels, in turn, build franchises, resellers and other retailers which then help the brand to deepen its distribution base.

  • Socio Corporate Strategy

Hit has been building its social activation channels through various awareness campaigns across its product category. They have undertaken numerous awareness programs in an effort to create public awareness about their product and also to eliminate mosquito born diseases.


  • Creating brand equity

Godrej Hit is continuously ranked high in the list of companies with innovative growth. It ranks 51 in the list of Forbes and has developed a strong brand presence for itself. The brand is ranked 2nd in the most trusted brand category among Indian brands.


  • Diverse customer base

Customers of Godrej are between the ages of 20-60. There is a strong presence or young consumers and they identify strongly with the brand and its products. This strategy of Hit to reach out to customers across a more diversified group with mostly young users has built a strong consumer base for the company.


  • Strong Brand Recall Value

The flagship products of Godrej Hit like Kala Hit and Red Hit has a strong brand recall value across the Indian market. They have launched several new products which have generated exceptional results and durability and the brands are well known and recognized.


  • Continuous online presence

Hit has a strong online presence to reach out to consumers across all segments. It has a continuous presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and continues to attract consumers with their online marketing strategy. They have developed unique chatbots for their sites to ensure timely feedback and query resolution for its consumers.


  • High-quality products

Hit is known for the high quality of its products. They are known for their continuous product innovations and introducing path-breaking technology. They have introduced Hit gel sticks to kill cockroaches at the entry points and various chalks for easy use by consumers. The products are readily available in the market and their high quality ensures they have strong demand among consumers.


  • Strong and aggressive marketing strategy

Godrej has continued to grow with the changing needs of consumers in their retail product category. They continuously invest in promotion and use more advertising space to edge out their competitors. They have wisely used their campaign strategies to better their marketing deployments than their peers.


  • Strong Focus on Research and Development

Godrej Hit continues to innovate and develop new products and standardize their analytical tools. They are focussed on developing and finding cheaper alternatives to the key raw products. They have built their own research and development laboratory which helps in continuous upgradation and innovation of their product. These, in turn, generate strong consumer feedbacks through strong product channels.


Hit Campaigns

Thousand of commercials are aired regularly for their product. They continue to steer consumers in their own direction through innovative designs and developments and ensuring high brand presence. 

Hit has recently hired Lowe Lintas to design their new dengue campaign which is based on the idea that “Kill it before it kills you”. Their aim in their advertisements is to promote the mosquito as the number of the enemy and provide means on fighting it. They have launched “Khatarnakemojis” campaign featuring renowned actress Soha Ali Khan and Divyanka Tripathi which is aimed at creating awareness about malaria. Their new commercial aired on Hit gel stick address the problems of cockroaches and eliminates the fears from the Indian minds.

Godrej has continuously used celebrities to highlight their advertisement campaigns. They continue to grow and apply innovation in their commercials to reach out to a wide consumer base.

Hit has been like a crusader to kill pests and bugs in your room and continues to create social awareness for dengue and malaria. The innovative products of Hit ensure that you fight with the two invisible enemies of your home cockroaches and mosquitoes. Their products are continuously evolving and getting better and it looks they are going to better their promise for a better home without pesticides. 

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