History & Marketing Strategies of Garnier Brand

Brand Name- Garnier
Founded in- 1904

With its headquarters located in the country of France, Garnier is a French mass market hair care, skin care and cosmetics brand whose parent company is L’Oréal. The company had originally begun as Laboratoires Garnier in the year 1904 and was acquired by the French company L’Oréal during the 1970s.

Products by Garnier are available in several nations across the globe and are specifically made to suit various cultures and skin types. Back in 2011, the company formed a partnership with TerraCycle for the promotion of upcycling of containers of various products and for introducing biodegradable products. This year saw the sealing of a partnership between Garnier and an environmental group known as GoodPlanet Foundation for the development and creation of a new line of natural and organic cosmetics.

The hair care and skin care products made by Garnier are considered as one of the highest luxury brands in popular use in countries and continents like India, China and Asia. 

How It All Started and the Gradual Growth of the Company-

A pharmacist from the European nation of France, named Alfred Amour Garnier, laid the foundation for the now-popular cosmetics brand Garnier back in 1904. The company was known by the name of Laboratoires Garnier back in the day. Its acquisition by L’Oreal happened in the late 1970s and precisely in the year 1977. It now boasts of its position as the second largest brand that is part of the L’Oreal group.

The first product to have ever been produced and launched by the Garnier Company was La Lotion Garnier, which was a plant-based hair lotion that led Alfred Amour Garnier to secure his first patent rights over the product.

The company, which has stood the test of time, slowly and gradually expanded itself into what it is today and cemented its own reputation as the healthy beauty expert that provides natural and nature-based solutions for combating several skin and hair issues like fatigue, the harmful UV rays from the sun, acne and pollution.

Marketing Strategies and reasons for success of the Company-

The true and honest definition of modern beauty is beauty that looks natural and healthy. Trying and attempting to hide the true nature and self of one is not the Garnier way. The best way to look beautiful, according to Garnier, is to turn to uncomplicated and unadulterated beauty care products that are formulated and produced with natural, active ingredients for truly radiant and alluring skin and hair. 

One of the most interesting things and facts about the company is its ability to provide beauty care to a vast number of consumers on a global basis, without increasing the load on the environment in any way. Garnier boasts of being able to reduce the impact and effect of its products on the ecology significantly. It is committed to sustainable sourcing, reduction of the environmental footprint of its packaging system and improving its ecological profile and biodegradability of its formulae. 

With stiff competition being put up by rival brands and companies like Nivea, Himalaya and Emami, Garnier must keep up its level of marketing strategies in order to stay strong in the ever-changing and difficult market of our time. When it comes to marketing, the company utilizes and makes use of the four P’s in its marketing mix, with the first P being Product, the second being Price, the third being Place and the fourth being Promotion.

Products in the marketing mix of Garnier is one of its strongest selling points and forte as its product portfolio offers products that are variable and suited for the skin types of several human beings hailing from several different regions. Garnier produces items for both men and women that are committed to enriching the underlying and natural beauty of the skin and hair.

The pricing strategy of Garnier is commendable as it follows a ‘value for money’ strategy, meaning affordable prices for good quality products. Garnier has products that range from extremely reasonable to high prices, in order to cater to the needs of people from diverse sections of the society. Its premium pricing policy keeps the standard of living of the middle and upper middle class in mind, while also offering discounts and offer schemes at regular intervals and not lowering the quality and standard of products under any circumstances.

In the 2012 Brand Trust Report, Garnier secured for itself the 73rd rank among the list of the most trusted companies and brands in the Indian subcontinent and subsequently, as per the Brand Trust Report of the following year, it moved way up to the 47th position as one of the most trustworthy brands in the country. However, with 2014 Brand Trust Report, the company lost its position and secured the 83rd rank among the most trusted companies in India.

The place in marketing mix of Garnier plays a very important and vital role in determining how widespread its popularity is among the customers. The company has a distinctive distribution policy that easily and conveniently distributes its products among the common mass. The usual system moves from manufacturers to wholesales, then to retailers and finally to outlets and stores that people buy the products from.


Garnier Campaigns

Promotions and campaigns in Garnier’s marketing mix are dynamic and aggressive to stay in line with and counter the effects of its rivals and competitors and to create and maintain a global consumer base. Television commercials, radio promotions and advertisements in hoardings, newspapers and magazines, in addition to online campaign launches keep the company on the radar.

Popular celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Mandy Moore serve as brand ambassadors and faces of and for the brand. Furthermore, Angira Dhar, Neha Sharma and Taapsee Pannu also endorse the brands in India. Also John Abraham has been seen endorsing Garnier in several ad campaigns.

Garnier has a smart marketing strategy. Innovation comes first with the company constantly launching new products that are mostly nature-friendly, keeping customers interested. Their advertising execution also plays an active role in grabbing attention of consumers by using localized international advertising that is global and yet relevant to the Indian audience.

Even with the presence of celebrities, products always steal the show and become the real stars of advertisements. The brand gets an edge and a competitive advantage over its rivals by its use of universalization, securing a strong hold in the developing nations and a widespread distribution strategy that includes e-commerce websites, retail outlets, distributors and wholesalers, and pops & mom stores.



The international skin care and hair care brand has sub-brands in four separate categories and has expertise in seven different areas. With products that are formulated to meet the distinguishing needs and requirements of every woman and man and everyone else worldwide and globally, Garnier offers affordable and innovative care solutions at the best possible prices and costs.

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