History & Marketing Strategies of Frooti Brand

Company Name- Frooti
Founder- Chauhan Family (Owner of Parle Agro)

Frooti is the core product and one of the successful mango-flavored drinks produced by Parle Agro. In 1985, the company was launched its first mango-flavored drink in TetraPak package. Progressively, with the availability of rectangular-shaped packs and PET bottles, it has come a long way to make it a grand success. Today, not only in India, but Frooti also becomes the favorite mango-drink in Nepal too. 

How It All Started

In 1984, Chauhan family set its foot into the vast expanse of food and beverage industry with the introduction of Parle Agro. It is a private limited Indian company which is focused on the production of snacks and soft drinks. Gradually, it starts producing different snacks like Bailey brands and Hippo.

Along with them, it produces LMN, Appy, and Frooti in 1985. At first, Frooti was available in the TetraPak which is a rectangular green-colored package. As it was not the first mango drink in the market, the key to success was not so easy. But, the packaging system has a great contribution to its success because; it can be carried conveniently and easily anywhere in any condition.   

The marketing team of GM Menon and Arun Lahori composed the reputed tagline for this famous mango-drink “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy”. In this crisp brief the company is trying to convince the customers to choose this mango drink as it coined by fresh and juicy mangoes which make the Frooti synonymous.  



Frooti is a brand which was launched in 1985 by Parle Agro India Private Limited. The owner-founder of Parle Agro, Chauhan Family thinks to provide the Indian people with such a soft drink which will reign in the heart of all people despite kids and adults for generations. Its logo has been changed multiple times along with varied engineering of PET bottles and rectangular packs for making it more appealing to the people of different ages. It tries to improvise its outlook according to the period but guaranteed to provide the same taste and quality every time.

The brand has extended its presence in other countries too like UAE, USA, Zambia, Japan, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Maldives and so on. In all these countries, Frooti is exported from India. But Parle Agro has made a separate set up for this brand in Nepal. Frooti is produced in that country by Parle Agro Nepal Private Limited.  

Frooti’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success  

-In 1985, Indian people are not so familiar with the cold drinks because they are made from artificial preservatives and flavors. When Parle Agro had decided to enter in the Fruit Beverage entity in 1985, it had chosen Mango. It is because; the chairman of Parle Agro, Prakash Chauhan reveals that he was concerned about the weakness of Indian People on Mango. His challenge was to produce such a natural mango drink which will satiate the cravings of Indian consumer throughout the year. Thus, to meet the monetary demand, the company had collaborated with the DaCunha Communications for the birth of Frooti. 

-The tagline “Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy” is, of course, a hit till date. But according to the chairman of DaCunha Communications, Sylvester da Cunha, the credit of the hit and popularity of Frooti totally goes to the package. Before choosing any package for the launching of this special natural drink, they have a look at the package of other beverages. At that time, the glass bottle is used and that too has to be returned to the shop after consuming the drink. So, they decided to choose such a pack which will bring revolution. TetraPak is such a package system which is completely unknown in this sub-continent. It can be taken to any place so easily and there is no worry about returning the glass bottle.  

-The company has considered the kids as its target audiences. Thus, they focused on providing them the drinks in such a pack and facility which can be consumed on the way. Gradually, they launched the local gimmick in which a straw can be easily punched for the consumption of the contents during walking or rushing for bus or train.    

-To give a cool outlook to its package, Yo Frooti pack had been designed. It is especially for the youngsters and teenagers who always remain in rushing for somewhere. In this pack, the Pull-back Strip can expose the mouth of TetraPak, which can be closed afterward.


Frooti Campaigns 

From TVC ads to package, Frooti always strives to remain creative and innovative. Being the product of Parle Agro India Pvt. Limited, Frooti had been created a separate benchmark for itself. The company tries its best level to keep it refreshing and enjoyable. Thus, starting from the unveiling of TetraPak to PET bottle to TCA TetraPak, there is always a creative approach towards the people. 

For a long period of time, Frooti has no commercial advertisements or brand ambassador. After it has created a historical benchmark, the first commercial ad was filmed in the early 80s. In that film, a few pretty ladies in mini-skirts diving into the Frooti pool. The CG and hula-hoop were also used there. It plays a role in reinstating the cooling factor of the drink.   

When the mandatory of ‘Why Grow Up’ campaign was offered by Creativeland Asia, The Company uses the theme of ‘Why Grow Up’ to embody the mango spirit and its correlation with the childhood and child. It was the most challenging one. At that time, the logo was changed in the contemporary tweak and Mango Emotions were being named as Mangoticons. 

In 2010, the campaign of Mango Surprise is done in which a giant 8-feet mango is dropped and rolled down on the unsuspecting pedestrians. Later ‘Crazy Mango Fun’ and ‘Mango Slam Bam’ was also filmed in respective years. Currently, the brand ambassadors of Frooti are very talented young sensation Alia Bhatt and popular South Indian actor Allu Arjun. 



Frooti has been christened to Magic Frooti, because of its huge contribution in achieving success as a brand. The term Magic Frooti has come from the small pack of it launched in the market in the shape of the triangle. It has increased its penetration to some great extent. Magic Frooti have done magic in increasing the brand sales.

Maintaining the brand contemporary and relevant with time period along with the unbelievable innovations of the convenient package makes it secure the first position in the beverage industry leaving behind the cokes and other cold drinks.   


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