History & Marketing Strategies of Frooti Fizz

Company Name- Frooti Fizz
Founder- Chauhan family (Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd)

Frooti fizz is the first fizzy drink which is based on the mango juice. This juice is the combination of the famous Frooti with the flavoring of fizz. This drink is for providing relief to the customers from the scorching heat of the Indian summer days. In this drink, the consumer would be able to taste the freshness of mango juice with the fizzling after taste of carbonated water. 

This drink is the come under the series of Appy Fizz line, which gives more emphasis on the soft fruits drinks. This drink would provide an option to Indian customers who were looking for the alternative to the old carbonated drinks. 


How It All Started 

Parle Agro was established in the year of 1929. This company was an offshoot of the Parle Product which was founded by the Chauhan Family which belongs to the Vile Parle in Mumbai. Originally the Parle Company was divided into three different parts. Parle Agro was then owned by Prakash Chauhan and his daughter. 

Pale Agro started their operation in the year of 1984. They launched their drink Frooti in the year of 1985. Frooti was the instant hit in the markets of India. Presently this drink is the largest selling drink in the country. Later on, the company also released the bottled water in the year of 1993 and plastic packaging in the year of 1996. 

In the year of 2005, the company launched the first drink in the series of carbonated fruit drink. This drink was the mixture of apple clear apple juice and sparkled water. This drink was advertised as the basis of the cocktail drinks.  

This carbonated drink was a huge success commercially across India. After the success of Appy fizz, the company launched Grapy Fizz which is the combination of grape juice and carbonated water. This drink was a commercial failure. Then the company launched the latest Frooti Fizz for as the next installment of the carbonated fruit drink.



Frooti fizz is the newest addition to the long list of drinks launched by Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd. This sparkling drink was launched in March 2017. The main objective behind this launching of this fruit drink was to establish it as an extension line of the legacy brand of Parle Agro, Frooti. The company also want to make Frooti Fizz as the next new successor of the legacy brand. 

This launching of new Frooti Fizz is the first extension in the 32 years history of the popular drink. This drink was launched in the pet bottle and canned form. This drink was launched across 1.2 million outlets. The fruit drink would give the consumers an alternative to the existing synthetic carbonated drinks in the market. 


Frooti Fizz’s Marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind Its Grand Success

The strategic time for launching Frooti Fizz:  For their footprint in the beverage industry, Parle Agro launched its new product at the beginning of the summer. They strategically launched the drink when they notice the change in preferences from cola based drink to the carbonated fruit drink.

With the recent growing trend, Indians are now more inclining towards healthy and natural products. Parle noticing these new trends, gradually shifted their attention from fruit pulp drinks category to the semi carbonated and carbonated fruit drinks. 


The extension of legacy brand Frooti:

Parle Agro used the fond memories of the Frooti to market their new carbonated drink. Frooti is the country’s oldest fruit drink and it is loved by all most every age group of Indian masses. The company successfully revamp the old legacy into the new and funny looks with a taste that matches the current generation.

This aggressive and bold makeover turned the tide making this new drink a new favorite among the general Indian masses. 


The mixture of two successful brands:

After Parle Agro enjoyed huge success on the Appy fizz, they turned their attention to most consumed flavor in India. According to the studies, general masses of India prefer mango flavor for their fruit juices.

Thus, they combine their two top brands for preparing a brand new fizzy drink. This enables the company to reconnect with the younger age group in a much better way.


Effective exposure of Frooti Fizz:

The Company uses various methods for garnering attention to their new drink. They were able to use the optical illusion as the background for providing additional impact on the audience. They were also able to get exposure by sponsoring Bigg Boss and by becoming an associate sponsor for IPL tournament.

The printed media also played a huge part in garnering huge attention to the brand.


Frooti Fizz Campaigns

The target group for this new drink was the 18-year-old and above. The emphasis on the balance that would help them retain them their base among the kids and venturing out to other new adults group. By roping Alia Bhatt as the new brand ambassador, the company wants to put emphasis on trendy, young and playful nature of the new Frooti Fizz. 

The company used the 360-degree campaign for gaining more attention to this new drink in a very short amount. They included TVC, print, outdoor, digital, cinema, radio, and social media for gathering the attention of young Indian masses.  The #FrootiGoFuzzy campaign of this drink brand is all about having fun in life. It represents the quirky and youthful nature of young India and its similarity to the drink.


Frooti Fizz is a newly launched drink which has already made his position within the young masses of India. This move to merge the two popular was not welcomed by many critics. But with excellent marketing strategy and campaigns, Frooti Fizz is now at the top position for the carbonated fizzy drinks. Parle Agro is able to rediscover its new image and successfully implements the new brand image for the all-new Frooti Fizz. 

This drink is loved by both kids and adults. They liked the new taste and new features of this drink thus again making Parle Agro as the number one in the carbonated drink category.   

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