History & Marketing Strategies of Dr Oetker Brand

Company Name – Dr. Oetker
Founder – Dr. August Oetker

Dr. Oetker is one of the renowned brands originated in Germany. It is a multinational food processing company that produces baking powder, cake decorative, pudding, cornflakes, cake mixes, and various other food pertained products.

The company has a revenue of 10.9 billion Euros which employs almost around 40, 000 working personnel. Since from its commencement, it has been emerging among the top-notch brands from around the world. 

How It All Started?

The company was founded with the conventional product created by Pharmacist Dr. August Oetker. While experimenting and researching in his pharmacy, Dr. Oetker created a formula called Backin, a formula which works as the rising agent while baking a cake. This outstanding formula was so appreciated by the housewives and baker in the area that it laid the major foundation of the business enterprise and the brand Dr. Oetker.

In order to spread awareness about the product and the brand, the company reached out to the world by publishing recipe booklets, featuring advertisement in newspapers and also getting recipes printed on the packaging of the other products.

The objective of the company was to create brand awareness which later ran as a best seller for centuries. After acquiring success with baking powder, Dr. Oetker than continued developing more products such as cake mixes, pudding, packaged cake etc.  


Dr. Oetker was launched in 1819 with the invention of baking powder. As mentioned in the previous passage it undertook several traditional marketing strategies in order to create brand awareness across the globe. However, the company’s dictatorship has gone through many changes since the commencement of the company has gone through many changes.

After the death of Dr. Oetker and later his Son, it was his grandson who dictated the company between 1944 and 1981. With Rudolf August Oetker’s leadership, the company acclaimed the highest positions in its history. 

The company then expanded its availability to different countries across the world. Later when Rudolf took retirement from his position, the fourth generation of their family took over the business on his shoulders. Dr. August Oetker, the great-grandson of Dr. Oetker nurtured the company until 2010, which further expanded the company across many areas such as food, shipping, and brewing. Later, Dr. August Oetker’s brother Richard Oetker took the responsibility of the CEO from 2010.


Dr. Oetker’s marketing Strategy and Interesting Reasons behind its Success.

The company started up with basic and traditional marketing strategy. After created their first product baking powder, the company undertook many promotional activities to create awareness about their product and also their brand. They made booklets of recipes for housewives, published the advertisement in newspapers and also imprinted tips and tricks of recipes various recipes on the package to help all the aspiring cooks. 

These promotional activities were aimed to communicate, reliability and the quality of the product. With increasing demand in the locality, the company grew gradually and opened its first manufacturing unit.

Simultaneously, they expanded their range of products and continue to expand their manufacturing units. The sustainable growth of the company enhanced the confidant of the company to introduce an innovative range of products in the market.


Dr. Oetker’s Campaigns

The company has been coming up with an innovative campaign to introduce the different range of products in the market. Few among many of the campaigns are mentioned below:

  1. Food Mein Dalo Magic

The German-based company has entered the Indian market almost a decade ago. A few years the first campaign that was brought up by the company was ‘Food Mein Dalo Magic’ for its product line FunFoods. This campaign was launched with an objective to increase awareness of the western spread and sauces in India. The first campaign directed to bring live the philosophy of adding fun and taste to the food. The company has announced Indian actress Sonali Bendre as its brand ambassador for the particular brand.

  1. Ghar ka Khana

It is a social media campaign which was launched in social media targeting the Indian market. The objective of this campaign was to change the perception of non-tasty homemade food. The campaign was created keeping in mind the children and youngsters to believe that homemade food can actually be when cooked accordingly. The campaign targeted mothers to opt for the intended product and make kids love homemade food. 

  1. Taste Mein Hero; Fat Mein Zero

The latest campaign launched by Dr. Oetker is entitled with ‘Taste Mein Hero; Fat Mein Zero’. This campaign was targeted for the diet conscious people keeping in mind the barrier regarding high-fat products. The campaign was targeted to introduce the new range of zero fat dressings by FunFoods. This campaign address highlights the key attribute of the Zer0Fat products which low in calorie against a reasonable price. The same was also promoted by the brand ambassador of the company Sonali Bendre and other famous artists.

  1. 2.5 Euro Campaign

Dr. Oetker launched a campaign of 2.5 Euro under its brand of frozen food. It aimed at increasing awareness of their new Quattro Fromaggi toppings and Ristorante. The company’s objective was to encourage new customers to make a purchase decision and acquire repeated purchase by old customers.  They aired this campaign through television, sample test, print, and social media which continued for the same year. The frozen food industry sums up to worth 380m Euro among which Dr. Oetker has captured 15.4% of the market.



Dr. Oetker is a parent company located in Germany and is one of the fastest growing companies among 40 countries across the world. Since the year of its commencement, Dr. Oetker has been leading the among the food industries based in Germany. Being located at Bielefeld it employs more than 11000 workmen with the revenue of 10.9 billion Euros.

The company is growing with an objective of providing a fine quality product for reasonable and affordable price. Therefore, the competitive market needs innovative products and anything that will provide ease to the day to day activity that a person carries out in their daily life.

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