History & Marketing Strategies of Dish Tv

Company Name: Dish TV
Founder: Mr. Jawahar Goel (CMD) and Mr. Anil Dua (CEO)

Dish tv India Limited is a public limited Company that provides direct satellite television services in India commonly known as DTH services or direct-to-home services. It is a subsidiary company under Zee enterprises. It is the most trusted brand of DTH services according to the vote contested by the Trust Advisory boards. 

How it all started

Dish TV came up with its first ever DTH services in India on October 2,2003. The Company then focused on providing DTH services to those small towns and regions which did not come under the cable television. The Company did not go in any kinds of competition with the entrenched cable operating services in urban areas.

When the Company started off in October 2003, it hardly had 4 transponders that could only offer 48 channels which were very less as compared to the analog cable services. Analog cable services were offering 60 channels at that time that too at a much low cost. But still people living in small towns welcomed this DTH services as this was the only option available to them at that time. STAR network refused to provide its channels through DTH and so Dish TV tried focusing on cable dry areas rather than in cable rich regions. 

It managed to acquire 350,000 subscribers since its inception in 2003. In the year 2007, Zee and STAR ended their rivalry and began offering each other’s channels and it turned out to be a blessing for Dish TV. By the year 2007, Dish TV began to offer a total of 150 channels which was more than what other DTH services were offering at that time.

On November 11, 2016, the Board of directors of the Company called for a stock merger with Videocon d2h for its entire DTH operation services.  The merger was expected to create the largest DTH provider of the nation with a total valuation of 17,000 crore at that time. The merger entity was supposed to be given a separate name called Dish TV Videocon Limited.

Dish TV was supposed to hold a stake of 55.4% in the merged entity and Videocon was supposed to own the remaining shares of the new merged Company. However, things did not go as expected. In the year 2018, the merger faced some kind of uncertainties. This made Dish TV reevaluate the merger as some of the lenders of the Videocon group petitioned to open insolvency cases against the Company. 

However, the merger was completed on March 22nd, 2018 which gave birth to an entirely new merged entity which became the nation’s largest DTH services provider. It has about 17.7 million subscribers in India and generates a total revenue around 1.1 billion US dollars which is approximately 8077 crores in Indian currency. 

A new subsidiary company called Zing Digital was launched by Dish TV in the year 2015. The aim was to provide access to several regional channels in a package to South India at a much affordable cost. The South Indian states of Kerela, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, along with Maharashtra, West Bengal and Orissa get the services. It was the nation’s first stb which offers packs for only a selected number of channels that too at a much affordable rate. 

Dish Tv’s marketing strategies and the reasons behind its success

More than just a service connection, Dish Tv reshapes how the customers view television. It has emerged to be the largest DTH service providers with over 10 crore Indians happily viewing it without any complaints. The major reasons of the success of the Company is that it has the caliber of providing the maximum entertainment with the minimum cost which makes it unique in its own way. It has emerged to be the nation’s most trusted DTH service brand. 

The price of DTH value packs starts at Rs 85 which is very much low as compared to the analog cable services. Thus, the viewers get to enjoy the maximum entertainment at the lowest possible prices. 

Dish Tv now comes in HD that offers the maximum clarity in the pictures which adds to the growing success of the Company. Dish HD+ offers 5 times picture clarity which is good for the sensitive eyes of the kids and the elderly people. 

Dish Tv has launched set top boxes with an added USB feature that enables superior quality recording. This feature is for the very busy Indians who have literally no time to sit and enjoy what is happening in the Tv. So, they can record that particular program that is going on air at that particular time and watch it later at their own convenience. 

The instant recharge facility is also one of the contributing factors to the Company’s success. Online recharge made the services more convenient even an extra 3 days’ time is offered to the viewers beyond their due date. 

The relocating facilities is another factor that contributes to the success of DTH services as when the viewers relocate the Dish Tv also relocates with the viewers which lessens much hassles. 


Dish tv Campaign

For promoting the services, DTH mainly depends on TV advertisements. This is the best possible media platforms that incite the customers and gives all the daily updates about the Company, its new launches and the facilities that it provides to the viewers.

It also has a 24 x 7 customer service that is dedicated to the help of the viewers. Customers can get all the detailed information by just messaging their queries and they will get an instant reply within 15 minutes or less.


Since its inception to the entertainment world, DTH has been providing it viewers the sanctity of watching various entertainments at a much low cost. The availability of the services in small towns which have no other options is a contributing factor to the Company’s success. The multilingual facilities of the Company enable the views to watch their favorite programs in their own known language. 

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