History & Marketing Strategies of Dabur Brand

Company Name- Dabur
Founder- Dr. S. K Burman

Dabur is one of the leading business organizations in India which produces different products like health supplements, oral and personal care, foods, Ayurvedic medicines, and home care. It is now owned by Anand Burban and the present CEO of the company is Sunil Duggal. Currently, Dabur is handled by the fifth generation of the Burmans since the time of Dr. S.K Burman who founded the company in 1884.

How it all started 

Dr. S.K Burman produced the Ayurvedic medicines for the diseases like malaria and cholera during the 1880s. In the year 1884, he shaped a company in Kolkata naming Dabur to popularize his formulations of the Ayurveda among the mass. This led to the mass production of the formulations. Dr. S.K Burman was popularly called ‘Daktar Burman’. The first syllables of both the words make the name of the company. Dabur had its first production unit in Garhia.


Dabur was initially launched by Dr. S.K Burman himself in a very primitive way in 1884 in the city of Kolkata. In the year 1919, the establishment of the first R&D unit was held by C.L Burman, the son of Dr. S.K Burman. During the 1900s, Dabur solely made the Ayurvedic medicines. It is the only company that provided the health care medicines made with the help of traditional science.

Scientific testing was done on the products for ensuring the safety of the people. Automated production was also ensured right from the time of the inception of the company. By the 1930s the up gradation of the products happened and in 1936, incorporation of the Dabur Pvt Ltd happened. The logo of the company is a fresh green banyan tree. 

Now Dabur has a global presence as a company proving both FMCG products and Ayurvedic medicines.  The company now has branches in Cochin, Kolkata, Ghaziabad, and Mumbai. It also has a global presence as the foreign plants serve in the areas of North America, the Middle East, Turkey, Nigeria, UK, US, and Pakistan.

Dabur’s Marketing Strategies and interesting reasons behind its Grand Success

  • Dabur is a century-old company which has a diversified range of above 250 different herbal and Ayurveda Products. The segmentation of the products is made on the basis of demography and the behavior of the customer.
  • The price for the different products of Dabur is reasonable to the people of every class but the main base of the customers belong to the people of the middle class. The price for the different products of Dabur is reasonable due to the way of segmentation it has.
  • The company separated the FMCG and the pharmaceutical business lately to ensure the success of the market. This discontinued the umbrella strategy of branding that existed before the year 2003.
  • Dabur has a wide number of distribution channels. It covers a large area of the rural and urban market due to the presence of over six hundred distributors all over India. Approximately 2.8 million retailers deal with the different products of Dabur everywhere in India.
  • Optimization of the internal logistics of the company helps Dabur to carry out different proceedings in the internal setup of the company to increase the production.
  • All the products of Dabur are made with natural ingredients as one of the main visions of the company is ‘back to nature’. The brand loyal customer base of Dabur possesses a thought that all products of the company are largely organic in nature. 
  • Sales promotion is one of the major aspects where the company has a placed successful marketing strategy. There are various tools of sales promotion which the company has incorporated so far for different products. Some of the leading tools are coupons, gift packages, refunds on money and festive sales. Merchandising, incentives, and exchange offers are also given to the customers for strengthening the market base.


Dabur Campaigns

Dabur already has an extensive hold on the print media advertising and the television advertising. However, recently the company is up to take over the digital media as the platform of advertising. 

In the advertisement of the Dabur Vatika, hair oil under the brand, the cancer patients are paid tribute as a note of salutation for fighting with the disease. The advertisement is able to intrigue the emotional side of the consumers; mainly the ladies who use the Dabur Vatika can grow an emotional connection with the commodity.

In the case of the Dabur Amla Hair Oil, the company has used Priyanka Chopra as the face for the advertisement. She is seen getting a hair massage from her mother as she asks for a valid justification about the absence of her mother from the various shows that she has.    

The advertisement shows how the mother-daughter relationship is improved while getting the hair massage with the Dabur Amla Hair Oil. 

The advertisement for the Dabur Almond Hair Oil is conceptualized by the renowned advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather. In the ad, the voice-over is accompanied by a number of the shots that helps the consumer to understand the bonding that a girl shares with the hairstyle. The campaign is made for the consumers to understand how the styling in longer hair of the women can be easily done.  The tagline for the ad went, ‘Baalon ka best friend’.

Dabur Fem hair Removal Cream Ad is done by Sonakshi Sinha where she is seen flaunting her spotless skin and getting attention.



Dabur is a major company providing the FMCG and OCT Ayurvedic Medicines in India. It has a global presence in nearly all the continents of the world.

In 2017, Dabur went through a tie-up with the major e-commerce site Amazon. So, the company has got exposure to a marketplace to sell the Ayurvedic products online. Now the company has already launched a laboratory on the wheels to test the major food item like honey to eradicate the condition of adulteration. The CSR campaign is also running with pace for the company now as a center of skill development is made by the company for women.

Dabur is always up to serve customers with authentic Ayurvedic medicines and FMCG products. It is a brand serving the nation for 135 years now. It always takes the initiative to serve the totally organic products that do not contain any harmful chemicals.     

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