History & Marketing Strategies of Cycle Agarbatti

Company Name– NR Group
Founder– N. Ranga Rao

Cycle Agarbatti, also known as Cycle Pure Agarbatti is an Indian incense stick brand. It is a commodity which is parented by the NR Group, and is a subsidiary company which was founded in the year 1948 by N. Ranga Rao. Presently, it is headed by Arjun Ranga who is the managing partner of the brand.

It is the 3rd generation of the Rao family who is managing the business. The parent company, NR Group is related to the businesses of fragrances, electronics, and essential oils.   

How it all started

The N. Ranga Rao and Sons Pvt. Ltd. had its inception in the year 1948. Since then it started dealing with over 500 fragrances created in-house. It still maintains the library. The company started to thrive as Ranga Rao left the job of packaging the incense sticks and started educating himself about different perfumes and talking to people.

By the year 1950, Guru Ranga the eldest son of Ranga Rao came into the business and made two markets in Chickmagalur and Hassan. Building up a brand identity of a ‘Cycle’ was one of the greatest strategies ever taken by Ranga Rao. The company was set up in Mysore where it has the headquarters even today.    



The launching of the Cycle Pure Agarbatti was done by the founder himself in 1948. This company has been into the business of incense sticks and prayer materials since it was founded. Gradually, the company developed more and the exporting wing came into being.

There is a marketing wing named Rangsons Marketing services Pvt Ltd. It was founded in the year 1983 and is responsible for marketing the Cycle Agarbatti. It also develops the domain products for the company. The personal and air care products are now managed by the Ripple Fragrances Pvt Ltd.

The Cycle brand incense sticks are now one of the best incense sticks in the country. It is also launched in the different parts of the world. The name Cycle can be easily pronounced in case of every Indian and foreign language.

Cycle Agarbatti Marketing Strategies and interesting reasons behind its Grand Success

-Since the initial days, the company has sustained on the brand mark that is a bicycle. It is one of the greatest marketing strategies of the company that was made by the founder of the company himself.

-The Cycle Pure Agarbatti holds upon the message that goes- ‘everybody has a reason to pray’. This tagline is responsible for the connection of the customers.

-Cycle Pure Agarbatti always tries to use the perfect blend of the natural aromatic elements and the chemicals. The incense sticks under the Cycle brand always help to give that heavenly feeling to your prayer room or house. 

-The digital media marketing strategy is one of the main aspects in which the Cycle brand outstands. It looks forward to maximum audience engagement taking help from the social media.

-The content mix strategy is one of the main marketing push-ups taken by the brand in case of digital media. A number of hashtags were implemented in case of the brand.

-The targeted audience for the company is the middle-class people who use the incense sticks. All the advertisements in the audio-visual medium are made like that. 

-The #CallingGOD strategy taken by the company is one of the most successful marketing means ever taken. It increased the brand identity of the Cycle Pure Agarbatti to a decent level.

-The #CycleCricketQuiz is another most important marketing strategy where the youth was incorporated into the brand. So the prayer material like incense stick brand came into the knowledge of the generation youth more. It happened because the company was able to connect the gen-y factor setting up a cricket quiz. 

-The company always focuses to the cricket as the country like India always unites in the name of it. In terms of the marketing strategy, this always takes the company to the utmost success.

-In terms of the physical feature, the Cycle brand pure Agarbattis always comprises of a distinguished aroma. It carries the brand identity for the product.


Cycle Campaigns

The order of campaigns made by the company is diverse. Some major campaigns have always helped the company to go forward in the market without any devastating drawbacks. Apart from a number of TV commercials and printed ads, the company is full of digital media campaigns.

In case of the brand ambassadors, the company outstands as it has put on some ads with Saurav Ganguly and Amitabh Bachchan. Taking these eminent personalities as brand ambassadors, the brand opposition of the company has improved a lot. 

As the fan base of both these personalities is high, a number of audiences get attached to the advertisement and the profit base of the company gets high.

The digital media campaign of the company has helped increase in the customer based. Today, apart from the country market the fragrance of the Cycle brand has foreign incorporations too. The foreign market is basically on the roll due to the extensive digital marketing.        



As a leading brand for the incense sticks in India, the Cycle brand stands apart. The reason for the outstanding market base in the country for Cycle brand is due to the quality of commodity it delivers. The brand loyal customer base in the country helps to carry good profit. Even after being a company exclusively producing incense sticks, it is stable and economically balanced.

The good quality product has more burning time, thus most of the customers feel the worth of money buying the product.

The best tagline that goes with the success of the company is obviously “Bhagwan hai!”. It is only by the God’s grace and immense love form the customers why the company is getting to move with such ease in such a competitive market. Another reason for the success of the brand is due to the reasonable price. Since its inception, the incense sticks carry the price which the common mass of India can afford.

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